New Clip For Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Showcases The Woodcutter’s House

Nintendo has unveiled another new clip for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It contains about 40 seconds of gameplay footage that showcases the Woodcutter’s House, which Link can visit to pick up the handy Woodcutter’s Axe – an in-game weapon that can be used to chop down trees. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is scheduled to launch sometime in 2017 for Wii U and Nintendo’s NX.


    1. Just what I was thinking!
      Or maybe that tree was just completely rotten already. Who knows, maybe it was Ganon’s master plan to make all the trees in Hyrule rot!

  1. Just wondering, I know this vid was just posted but… its almost entirely old footage. The only new thing was that house, which was really underwhelming. Wondering why this is worth a click…

      1. Its just a house. Its the definition of underwhelming. Why bother releasing a 40 second promo video with mostly old footage where the only new thing you see… is a one story log cabin? The woodsman wasnt even in it! Sorry, its just boring. Not news worthy IMO.

      1. I wasnt expecting anything, I was expecting Nintendo and Mynintendonews not to make an entire post about Link entering a house. Whats next, Link standing next to a tree we havent seen yet? Wow, what a cool tree. So glad I clicked on this link.

        1. Its strongly likely Nintendo will do just that :/ considering the trickling recycled things they had at e3. Could they show actual towns villages and other domains. Hell even hyrule castle itself m

    1. You clicked. You tell us.
      It’s funny, because I was thinking how cool it was he cooked on the fire and that there was a woodsman house, which will likely have some story to it.

      Of course you’re welcome to your opinion and you certainly don’t have to buy it. Vote with your wallet!

        1. Ah. I don’t surf the Web much, and don’t even see everything here, and I could look at Zelda footage all day!

      1. Hey thanks for letting me know Im entitled to my opinion, I dont think I would have known that if you hadnt said anything. Also, thank you for the over the top sarcasm and back handed/not-so-subtle belitting of that opinion, that you say Im entitled to. I wasnt complaining about the game, I was complaining that MNN is covering such a mundane and unnecessary “news” story.

      2. Breaking news! Heres a video of link using a sword! Isnt that exciting?! Nothing ordinary or monotonous about this post! Just another action packed news day for Nintendo fans! Coming up next, we have a video of Link walking around the same environment you’ve seen 100 times at E3! You dont want to miss it.

  2. Releasing short clips of content is the kind of marketing you’d do WHEN THE GAME IS ABOUT BEING RELEASED. Not like 8 months before it could possibly be released if the nX isn’t delayed over and over again. And ppl like me are sitting there, staring on the YT-preview image, telling themselves ‘not gonna click the play button. nope. no spoilers. not gonna happen’ shivering with cold sweat.
    Seriously, they shouldn’t waste too much hype potential so soon.

  3. I’ve seen somewhere comments about the game not having extra Heart Containers. However, the Enduring Mushroom Skewer increases Stamina Limit but also recovers, apparently, 10 Hearts (the first heart on the info seems to have a little “5” on the bottom right).

    Another detail that only the final release will answer…

  4. While seeing more of the house would have been nice & even seeing the woodcutter him/herself, I still enjoyed the video since I didn’t watch anything of the Treehouse crap so this was all new to me, so I sympathize with people enjoying the video & people upset we didn’t see anything brand new that wasn’t part of the E3 showing.

    That aside, if the game really does have voice acting, I’d like to see a video clip of that. Preferably of Zelda talking. I really want to know what she’ll sound like. If she was the one talking at the beginning of the E3 2016 trailer, I’d like to hear more of it since that little bit from the trailer isn’t enough to gauge the entire voice or the actress herself.

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