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Europe: There Are Bonus My Nintendo Missions Available For Gamescom 2016

European My Nintendo members have something else to look forward to during this year’s Gamescom. Nintendo of Europe has added bonus Gamescom missions for My Nintendo, similar to the missions that were available in North America during E3. The missions promote My Nintendo members to visit Nintendo Germany’s Gamescom 2016 website. The missions are only available in Europe. The missions added are as follows:

  • Find the Sheikah eye on – 10 Platinum Coins
  • Find the splat on – 10 Platinum Coins
  • Join us live on – 20 Platinum Coins



  1. Yay! More My Nintendo points that will expire long before they have anything WORTH getting on there! /s

    1. They expire :0?
      I really never noticed because I hardly visit the site due too the boring rewards

      1. ||They expire 6 months after receiving them…||

      1. ||Remember, if they call the NX the Nintendo Commander, you’ll know who will be directing the path of power…||

    1. Unless they are going to vastly improve the damn thing once the NX releases, they should have just kept Club Nintendo up & running. Least the bonus points didn’t expire after only 6 fucking months on there!

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