Build-A-Bear Is Getting An Adorable Eevee Plush Later This Week

Following in the footsteps of the Pikachu plush, comes the adorable Eevee version that will be available in Build-A-Bear Workshops later this week.

The 14-inch plush will be available on its own for $28.00, and will also have an online set available which includes a sleeper, cape and a sound chip for $62.00. If you’re wanting to buy the Eevee plush in store, you’ll be able to purchase the sleeper for $12.50 but the cape is exclusive to the online package.

Eevee will be available to purchase as of September 1 in the US, UK and Canada.




  1. ||Disgusting when the human filth put clorhing on other species…||

      1. I think we can all agree that the clothes on this particular Eevee are the worst.

      1. *Separates from body…body getting over it and the object…*

        ||I don’t see your point human…||

    1. I actually agree (although, I wouldn’t go as far as it being “disgusting”…)

      For as long as history can tell, they don’t need clothing like humans do (especially when it comes to winter), so putting clothes for them is completely unnecessary.

      1. yea but if the winter is bad anuf they STILL FREEZE so we invented clothes for dogs and cats and not bears and foxes and wolfs and others that may need it cause we only feel bad for the dogs and cats MUAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. I like the hooded cape one. Although, I’m not too fond of how dark Eevee is. Or are these pictures just terribly saturated?

          1. Ah. Think it’s evolving into Umbreon. *uses own headcanon* Unless they are near a special ice or grass rock placed in an inconspicuous spot. No. Eevee is clearly evolving into Glaceon so this should be brighter, like ice. (lol)

              1. Still trying to catch them all, eh. Just short of 4 Mythical Pokemon to complete the Pokedex in Omega Ruby.

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