Pikachu Will Be Available In Build-A-Bear Workshop Next Year

The Pokémon Company will be collaborating with the Build-A-Bear Workshop to allow you stuff and dress up your very own Pikachu plushie.

It won’t happen until next year, but the plushie will be available in the Build-A-Bear Workshop stores and online in North America, Europe, and Australia. Pikachu can be dressed up in a Poké Ball Hoodie and if you order online you will also have the option of a Charizard Costume. Pikachu will also come complete with his very own sound chip, and you’ll receive a special promo Pokémon Trading Card with your purchase.

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    1. great and i thought my job couldn’t get more annoying we got those damn bronies now we got the 30+yo poke nerds that’s fan fucking tastic

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