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Super Mario Maker Is Coming To Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo of America has confirmed today that Super Mario Maker will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS. You’ll be able to get your hands on the title this December as it launches on the 2nd.


  1. I saw it coming lol. Nintendo has all but abandoned the Wii U so they’re resting all of their hopes on the 3DS until the NX arrives. The 3DS will undoubtedly be the money maker for Nintendo this holiday season

    1. ||Expect to see more Wii U weaponry turned into 3DS ones with extra features in the next Direct…||

  2. Bullshit, they should’ve done a mobile version like I suggested with hyrule Warriors, where it was a new game built up for mainly handheld titles, like super Mario land, Mario deluxe, etc.

  3. Hahaha. I’ll pick it up when it’s $20 on the 3DS. I wonder if 3DS games will be transferable to the NX.. Hmm…

  4. What the fucking FUCK! Why does the 3DS need to get so many Wii U exclusives?

    Y’know, I’m beginning to think Nintendo never cared about the Wii U at all, even from launch.

    Wii U owners best be able to get this version 75% off or something for supporting the console one.

  5. Think Nintendo missed a trick here, why not launch it nearer to the launch of the Wii U game and have it as a player only (no level creation). Allowing the 3DS to use level codes and mario challenge plus the 100 nintendo designed levels. Doing it this way would still have sold a ton of copies and also raised sales of the wii u/wii u game.

  6. I’m not mad anymore about Wii U losing exclusives. Just move all of them to 3DS & eventually NX to give everyone a reason to never use their Wii U, or buy one if they don’t have it yet, again. So when can I expect XCX, Fatal Frame 5, & other exclusives to hit 3DS or get a NX port?

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