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Europe: My Nintendo Has Been Updated

Today is the first day of September and it’s also the day when the My Nintendo rewards program has been updated. There’s plenty of discounts to be had on a number of top titles including the fantastic Mario Kart 8. If you’ve got enough Gold Points then you can claim the Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 1 which is The Legend of Zelda crossover with Mario Kart 8. Here’s what’s available for you.

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  • Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 1: The Legend of Zelda × Mario Kart 8 – 60 Gold Points until 1st December


  • 15% off Mario Kart 8 – 500 Platinum Points until 1st December
  • 15% off Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. – 200 Platinum Points until 1st December
  • 30% off Nano Assault EX – 250 Platinum Points until 1st November
  • 50% off XType Plus – 150 Platinum Points until 1st November
  • 30% off Super Mario Galaxy – 350 Platinum Points until 1st December

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  1. WTF Nintendo!! Mario Kart in the E-shop is 60€! With the discount using my points, it’s 51€. In MediaMarkt, I can get the game for around 40€!!!! What the fucking fuck NINTENDO.

  2. This new rewards program is so completely worthless that I keep forgetting all about it’s existence. I miss the old Club Nintendo (even though the Japan and European Club Nintendo was SO much better most of the time).

    What I miss even MORE are those cool Power Supplies catalogs that used to come with Nintendo Power magazine. But that’s a different story. It sucks when things from the past are better than things in the present day.

    1. ||I don’t think anyone cares about its existence at its current state, probably not even the civilians…||

  3. So I guess Nintendo’s just given up on Gold Coin rewards. I only barely missed having enough coins for Luigi U, and now I’m regretting that.

    Seriously, discounts don’t work *alone* for a loyalty program, Nintendo. This is the third month in a row without any new digital downloads in NA. I’ve given up now, I guess. Not just on MyNintendo, but also on Nintendo as a company.

    Nintendo has been making non-stop horrendous decisions for the past year now, and it’s starting to wear me down as a fan. For one, Nintendo decided that there should be almost no games for the Wii U or 3DS this year that interest their normal fanbase (Rhythm Heaven Megamix could be counted, but that came out one whole year later in NA). More about Rhythm Heaven Megamix in particular is NoA putting in place a very small team to work on the English version, which resulted in a very lackluster English dub, in terms of the audio especially. You also probably know I hate the poor management Nintendo has given to MyNintendo. Nintendo actively, strongly using their legal powers to take down every fan-game that has time and effort put into it, even when it’s not truly necessary (copyright =/= trademark, which means that they don’t really need to go after fan games to keep their IP, but they do so anyway). There’s even more stuff that I can’t think of right now, but the point is that Nintendo is making almost seemingly purposeful decisions to screw over their fanbase, constantly.

    I never thought I’d say this, but the NX is their last chance for me to remain a fan of Nintendo.

          1. the one thing i will say that is kind of cool is now i can bring my 3DS to work and force my coworkers to play my levels, seeing as not a single person i work with owns a wii u

            1. ||Now Yoshi’s Woolly World too, they are literally destroying the Wii U and its legions…||

        1. well i did all the linking to social media missions and i think i got bonus coins for pre registering for my nintendo or miitomo or something, so basically after playing miitomo for a little bit at night and then the next morning i already had enough coins to get wario ware touched, be sure to always click on the games and read the details, it tells you when each one expires

        1. I would get anything you have slight interest in that you can obtain with platinum coins, they are pretty easy to get just by playing miitomo and logging into the eshop and miiverse weekly.

          1. I also didn’t get WarioWare, since I already have it, but I guess you’re right.

            I honestly don’t feel like playing Miitomo anymore, though. It got stale fast.

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