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Sony’s CEO Said Pokemon Go Is A “Game-Changer”, Company Will “Aggressively” Enter Mobile Gaming

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai recently talked about the company’s mobile plans in an interview with the Financial Times. In fact, not only did Hirai talk about it, Hirai announced that Sony will be “aggressively” entering the business too. He said that “it’s quite a shift from being just a console-based business to being on mobile phones as well”. That wasn’t all, however. Kaz Hirai also gave Pokemon GO credit for the way in which the app worked. Hirai said that “Pokemon Go is a real game-changer. I’m very interested in the fact that it has the potential to really change the way people move, literally”. He also complimented the augmented reality that makes Pokemon look like they’re in the real world, calling it a “great innovative idea that’s going to lift all boats for the video game industry”. It apparently inspired Hirai, because he says he wants AR components to be in Sony’s games.



  1. I actually never thought about Pokemon GO’s success having an effect on the video game market in this way.

      1. ||You two should start to mobilise your forces since yours is more Anti-Sonyan…||

    1. Not even. Sony has been in the mobile gaming market for a while and even has several AR games both on mobile and dedicated consoles (from PS2, PSP, PS3, Vita, mobile).

      It’s weird for him to say what he did considering these facts but whatever. They’ll never succeed the way Nintendo did in the mobile arena because Nintendo just has those IP’s that are major sellers – recognizable franchises with power to attract people.

  2. Ways Sony has copied Nintendo: SNES controller reskinned as the ps1 controller, N64 Analog stick stollen and used on future Sony controllers, Wireless controllers; Sony stole them too, Motion controls? Yeah playstation move/ eye, Nintendo’s mobile gaming success and AR functionality? Yup they wanna get their share of cookies too. I knew this was going to happen months ago. I would bet hard cash if the Wii U’s controller was a success Sony AND Microsoft would surely follow for the sake of money, Nintendo has already proved that they dont steal and follow trends even if that means they might fail, I love and respect you Nintendo and I hope the NX is greater than Wii success by money made, software produced, and legacy…

    1. Why did Nintendo copy Sony by making GameCube have discs instead of cartridges? Ugh…

      Why did Nintendo copy Microsoft and Sony by making an HD console? Standard Definition was perfectly fine. Ugh.

      Why did Nintendo copy Sony and Microsoft by trying to push online gaming? I was perfectly fine calling my friends at 3AM to come and play with me. Uggggh.

      Why did Nintendo copy Sony and Microsoft by making an account system and letting you download retail games? I was perfectly fine only buying all my games from the store.


      1. I wouldn’t call that copying just evolution in gaming.

        Nintendo had created noticeable gimmicks, Sony decided to go after these said gimmicks with their own fling therefore they did indeed copy them love.
        Google products Nintendo did. The Internet is quite telling.

      2. You do realize that there were many systems before the PlayStation that used CD’s…right? You do realize that computers output HD before the systems from Microsoft and Sony…right? It’s hard to “copy” from another company when they themselves had already copied it from others.

      3. I know you were just playfully trolling but actually Hollow…..Sega were the first to use discs with the Sega CD and the 32X and even with the Sega Saturn which came to the market before the PS1. Nintendo technically didn’t copy Sony or Sega any way because they used propiertary optical discs instead of CDs or DVDs

        Sega also created the first gaming home console (Dreamcast) that allowed you to play online multiplayer games

        The move to HD was an evolution as so was having an account system because if that’s the case then Sony copied Microsoft

        Nice try though bruh……you’re improving as a troll though lol ;)

        1. I just don’t understand why people feel the need to put a negative spin on this… He’s giving Pokemon GO a compliment and people are talking about Sony copying. This is why we have console wars. Nobody wants to get along.

          1. Oh no I think it’s great too. I’m glad Nintendo is influencing another gaming company to being more innovative. Sony and Microsoft have gone on record by saying that Nintendo was a huge inspiration for them so I don’t see anything wrong with this. I personally think it’s great that all of these gaming companies are being inspired by Nintendo and that may even Nintendo are starting to be more inspired by some of the things that they are doing. The late Satoru Iwata said that he himself was very inspired by what Apple does with their products. There’s nothing wrong with inspiration or being influenced by a certain company’s ideas, it just upsets me when other people don’t acknowledge what Nintendo has done for this industry. I’m not saying you’re one of those people Hollow, but there are others I’m calling out and you did make a good point about people not wanting to get along but I just think that a lot of Nintendo fans feel that Nintendo doesn’t get enough recognition since the company itself has already caught a lot of hell this generation

            1. Nintendo has definitely done a lot for the industry. I won’t deny that. In fact, they are the ones that got me into gaming. Been one of my favorite gaming companies ever since. But I think Nintendo has fallen quite a lot from what they used to be. Now maybe one reason is because they made games that were so good that they actually spoiled us a bit. Their games like Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, Mario Party 10, Federation Force, etc only further add to the disappointment. But then they show off some games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild that remind us again of just how amazing they can be. Nintendo’s main problem, as usual nowadays, is their decisions with their hardware. That’s why I think a lot of people give them “hell”. Myself included. But not because I hate them. I’d love to see them improve. And I know everyone has different opinions cause I’m sure there’s somebody here that absolutely loves the Wii U. But it could have been handled much better. When Nintendo says that they don’t care about what anybody else is doing, that does not please me. It makes me very, very annoyed. Nobody is saying Nintendo has to become a Sony or Microsoft clone! But they can still learn from those two. I’m really hoping Kimishima can lead Nintendo in a new direction and get the bad reputation off of them. (you know, Nintendo is for kids, underpowered hardware, etc) Or at least some of it anyways. The damage done last generation with the Wii was massive. Even to this day people will still laugh at you if you bring that thing up. I honestly used to be a Nintendo fanboy until the Wii opened my eyes for me. It wasn’t as good as the GameCube and while it did have some gems here and there, overall, I was disappointed. It frustrated me. That was strike one. But I absolutely believed Nintendo when they said Wii U would be better. That they were going after the hardcore gamer and it would get lots of third party AAA titles. Ok… That didn’t turn out so well. And here we are again. I was willing to let it slide. I figured that as long as I could play good Nintendo games, I’d just try and ignore the problems. Doing so only made them even more obvious to me. More frustration. Strike two.

              Ok, I really love Nintendo. I really do. But after what has happened, I question them. Can I really trust them anymore? If I get the NX, is it just going to frustrate me some more? Is there something that I am not understanding here? Am I not the type of person Nintendo is aiming for anymore?

              If the NX doesn’t meet my expectations and I am not impressed with it, maybe I am sadly just not meant to play their consoles. Maybe I’ve got it all wrong. Maybe Nintendo IS doing the right thing and I’m just being too negative.

          2. But this is also why nintendo has kept the lid on the NX…this bullshit right here…

            “He also complimented the augmented reality that makes Pokemon look like they’re in the real world, calling it a “great innovative idea that’s going to lift all boats for the video game industry”. It apparently inspired Hirai, because he says he wants AR components to be in Sony’s games.”

            This is the reason why nintendo didn’t say a word about the NX and why we are up tou our eye balls in rumors.

            1. It’s gonna be pointless in the end, though. Once the NX releases & if it’s gimmick is an actual innovation that will revolutionize gaming, Sony & Microsoft are going to copy it eventually as it becomes an optional thing, not something forced on people like the Gamepad & Wii Motion was. Once Nintendo reveals what it is, it’s done. They’ve claimed stake on it FIRST because they did it FIRST. Just because their rivals will copy it doesn’t change that fact. That’s like pretending the US landing on the Moon first is null & void because someone else did it after them. It doesn’t work that way. It’s not like Sony & Microsoft copy Nintendo immediately after they announced their plans, either. In fact, they wait to see how well the product does for Nintendo before actually copying it. I bet the real truth is Nintendo is afraid their competition is going to do it BETTER than them so they keep it close to their chest.

              And if people want to still whine about Sony copying Nintendo, remember that there were very successful mobile games by successful companies long before Nintendo stuck their noses in it. So Sony will just be copying Nintendo who copied someone else.

          3. I am a Nintendo fan for life. (But I play other platforms as well but Nintendo will always have that special stop) but I totally agree ^^

  3. They tried before with Invizimals, Knack (Bejeweled knock-off), the Uncharted puzzle for mobile and tons of other mobile games, just do a quick research, and it didn’t work.

    1. Yeah. It was weird for him to make those comments considering they have already them. They’ll probably never be on the level of Nintendo’s success in mobile gaming though.

    1. How is Pokémon GO not connected to Nintendo when they help fund and publish the game? Please research before you post a comment

      1. Ah okay. I was not sure.
        I was mostly just wondering.. and thankyou for not responding like a jackass like paidenthusiast did.

  4. Which is why Nintendo cant just make the NX just slightly more powerful than PS4. All they going to do is copy it and make is 2x more powerful.

      1. Hmm so dony could use Invizimalz to copy Pokemon Go. They copied Snash bros, analog, rumble pak, gand held, motion controller, 4 players, Super Mario 64 , Mario Kart. Now Pokemon.

        Sony scared to be innovative on there own. They use Nintendo as wall to lean on. If it fails cancel what Sony had in R&D, if it is a succesd make it more powerful.

  5. ||Not long ago you corrupted Sonyans attacked us with the non-existant Invisimals…||

  6. I just don’t understand why people always tend to respond to “mimicking” in a negative fashion.
    A company is complimenting a competitor on their success with an idea, and then when they state they’d like to see the feature on their products, 90% of people lash out at them for it.
    At least they’re displaying a sportsmanlike conduct on the matter and not berating or belittling their progress.
    There’s nothing wrong with a person being inspired by another person’s idea.

  7. The main thing that made Pokemon Go a Success, is the Brand Recognition in Pokemon. Kids and Adults that were Kids when Pokemon first popped up, recognize Pokemon and gave it a go. Had the same Gameplay Concept been used for a different Franchise that isn’t Pokemon, then it wouldn’t have been as big of a Success as it actually is.

  8. Well, Sony, the thing is Nintendo has popular IPs that would get a ton of attention in the mobile market, I can’t confidently say casual folks will jump for something like a Ratchet & Clank mobile title. Personally I think the hardcore gamers is your strong suit, let Nintendo continue to fish for their casual gamers, and put your attention to the ones that deserve it.

  9. Not saying this is a bad idea for Sony (but it is from my experience as Nintendo has been sucking ever since they started targeting casuals with Wii) but shouldn’t Sony focus on fixing issues with their non-gaming divisions before starting up an entirely new gaming division?

    That aside, why are people whining about Sony copying Nintendo by going into mobile gaming? I ask because Nintendo is copying companies like King who have made millions off of Candy Crush Saga & it’s multiple clones. So if Sony does copy them, it’ll just be Sony copying Nintendo who copied someone else. Not to mention that Sony did what Pokemon GO is doing first with their Invisimals crap. The fact it wasn’t successful like Pokemon GO is doesn’t change that fact. So… who’s really copying who here?

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