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Camelot Is Handling Golf And Tennis In Mario Sports Superstars

One of the interesting announcements to come out of the Nintendo Direct earlier this week is that there’s a Mario Sports Superstars title in the works for the Nintendo 3DS. The game features a variety of different sports including horse riding, baseball and more. Today we have found out that the golf and tennis portions of the game will be handled by veteran developer Camelot, so we could be in good hands.

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  1. Got to agree More golden sun would be great but Nintendo have to milk their flagship fattie like they have to milk Pokemon!

  2. I hope this also comes out on the NX. I love Camelot. I’ll always have respect for them because of the awesome Mario Golf (and Hot Shots Golf) series. I also hope there’s a new Mario Golf, and Mario Baseball on the NX. It’s been FAR too long since we’ve had a major console installment for these great games (even longer for Mario Golf.). Such a shame.

  3. Since Camelot are developing the Tennis and Golf portion, the rest will be developed by Bandai Namco.

  4. While this is good for fans of Mario Golf & Tennis that hate the shitty Mario Tennis: Ultra Trash game for Wii U & the absence of a Mario Golf game altogether, I still can’t help but think about Golden Sun. Is this another RPG franchise that will suffer, the other being Paper Mario, because of the Mario & Luigi RPG series? :/

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