Video: Here’s Plenty Of Paper Mario Colour Splash Battle Footage

The big holiday release on Wii U this year is Paper Mario Colour Splash and it is certainly looking rather pretty. YouTuber AbdallahSmash026 recently had the opportunity to go hands on with the latest Paper Mario game and has produced a number of videos showcasing the ingenious card and battle system. You can check these out above and below. Paper Mario: Colour Splash launches on Wii U this October.



  1. ||This is incredibly dull, even for machines like myself and we are no strangers to monotonic processes…||

    ||A lot of things happening, with zero interaction like a Sonyan weapon…||

          1. ||My opinion always has a point, therefore my opinion and having a point is the same…||

              1. ||The point is that my point regardless of topic always stands because my logic is always undeniable…||

  2. I’m glad they’re taking the “Paper” artstyle to the next level, but the game does look rather bland :/ I’m currently replaying Super Paper Mario, and even here, I’m noticing it: The repetitiveness from previous installments in the series is taken beyond believable. I’m actually bored when I play. And what’s a lot worse, the charm of the original two games, especially the second one, is completely gone.

    Paper Mario is dead.

    1. The problem with SPM is that the story feels too heavy-handed because the gameplay is extremely minimalistic, it’s not a bad game on either count, the story is neat and the gameplay is good, but the combination of both is so unbalanced it makes you bored, the gameplay simply isn’t involved enough to clean your palate between text walls.
      PMSS had the opposite problem, there is no story to it other than “Bowser did something bad, go fix it”, so the gameplay swallows the narrative and thus its flaws, like the lack of a level-up system and the abuse of thing stickers in boss battles, become glaring.

  3. I would not call the ‘Thing-mechanic’ “ingenious…

    It is a horrible decision of an reinclusion, they are (as once again proved by GameXplain’s recent footage) incredibly overpowered and takes bosses down in a matter of a few turns..

    The rest of the game looks decent, but the battle system is atrocious

    1. The problem is not the thing stickers themselves, all RPGs have overpowered attacks, the problem is that the bosses are impossible to beat if you don’t do so with the thing stickers which in turn makes them a breeze.
      So you’re stuck either wasting all your stickers to see if you can get to the halfway point of a battle or defeating a boss in two turns with no effort whatsoever.

  4. I don’t think the combats that bad. It looks simple but it also looks like you could have some fun with it too. Can’t wait until October comes!

  5. I like how this game & Sticker Star are taking the paper graphics into account for the gameplay. Sadly, that’s all these two games have going for them as the partners are gone & story might just be a simple: something bad has happened so fix it. While it’s a nice throwback to the original Mario games, it also doesn’t have what made those games awesome: challenging gameplay. Just another casual entry into the Paper Mario series. :/

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