The Dolphin GameCube Emulator Can Now Play Every GameCube Game

The Dolphin emulator has proved to be a hit with PC owners looking to get their fix of quality GameCube titles in high-resolution with improved frame rates. Today, the team has announced that they have managed to get every single GameCube game working with the emulator. There was one title standing in the way of full completion and that was Star Wars: The Clone Wars and now that is fully working with the emulator.



    1. Emulators aren’t illegal. Illegally downloaded ROMs are. It’s perfectly legal to download an emulator, rip the ROM yourself from the copy you own, and play it on your computer.

        1. Okay? There are plenty of people who do, and you could learn if you wanted. My point was referring to those people.

      1. What? That’s why I said I’m glad they stuck with it; because it wasn’t working and needed more work. They could have easily said “It’s working fine.” and just abandoned the project.

  1. 4 years after the pc fanboys said it could gota love the hype and lies and blatant bs the yt pc elitests come out with

    they now claim wiiu is hacked yet any self respecting person would clearly say maybe in another 3 to 5 yrs it will be


    sick of tearing screens missing effects dodgy framerates being called RUNNING FINE by pc fanboys who seem to be hhypercrites

    if its anything nintendo and runs like shit on pc itS FINE AND SOLID liars pretending there computer was doing shit it clearly wasnt

    no need to lie guys grow up a wii bit hay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Allow me to translate:

      Roughly 4 years ago the personal computer loyalists thus claimed that the dolphin emulator was quite capable of playing every single GCN game ever made, but alas this was a blatant lie perpetuated by false hype and elitism, frankly, I regard such claims as poppycock.

      Flash forward to 2016 and these desktop computer sympathizers make claim that the Wii U can perfectly be emulated as well. Any self respecting person as myself, Bowler AA, can blatantly see that such a feat would take take upwards of 3 to 5 years.
      Thusly, I regard these indivudals who make such claims as donkey-brained.

      Frankly, I am disgusted with the low quality presentation of said emulations while these hypocrites regard these said emulations as adequate. These Microsoft loyalists are perfectly happy lumping Nintendo in with such sub-par trash and I find it sickening.

      I, sir, choose to hold myself to a much higher regard because I believe myself to be Nintendo royalty. So I say unto thee, bow to me you lowly donkey brained peasants, for one day you may have the pleasure to grovel beside my glorious feet!

      1. Maybe not for GCN games currently as they are not sold on eshop yet, but Nintendo still sales old games digitally so any emulated games you can get free you won’t need to ever get from eshop and such. I’m guilty , as I have a snes emulator but every game I have I own on cartridge but those cartridges don’t save anymore so I just play on emulator so I can save my progress.

        1. This is an emulator, not a ROM, though. Emulators don’t hurt Nintendo, illegally uploaded ROMs do.

          Emulators themselves are perfectly legal.

          1. You are right, an emulator that plays GCN games. Perfectly legal on its own but it plays GameCube games meaning i won’t need to buy GCN games should Nintendo decided to sell on eshop . (Of course I wouldn’t get this emulator, just saying)

    1. This in no way hurts Nintendo. They dont manufacture GCN games anymore, or gamecubes for that matter. All these games on ebay and such are being sold by 3rd parties, and nintendo never sees that money.

      1. It may not hurt now in a sense but what if they decide to sell GCN games on eshop in the future? Sorta like why would you need to buy NES or SNES eshop games when you can just play them from emulators pretty easily on PC? Sure no one is making money on the emulated games but it steals potential sales from Nintendo in eshop sales..

  2. Wow you all should be against this the people at Nintendo among other 3rd parties worked long and hard to create GC games and people want to emulate it like its nothing and later complain about it. Emulators in no way support Nintendo GameCube’s are pretty cheap (especially now) and awesome games like Tales of Symphonia can be enjoyed in their original state with a GC controller on REAL hardware thats true to Nintendo and fans…..”but who will listen”…..”probably none” says to self……

    1. What the hell are you on about? They’re not advertising illegal ROMs, they’re just posting about an emulator. Emulators are perfectly legal. It’s only illegal and hurting the company when you turn to the internet to download the games for free. If you rip the ROM straight from your copy, it’s not breaking the law nor hurting Nintendo.

      Ignorance at its finest.

    2. Well, when Nintendo starts putting these GCN games on the eShop, then ill support them. As of now, im not giving my money to some asshole whose over charging online.

  3. i’m happy with my home made gamecube portable 128gb built im memory card and online functionality so i canplay phantasy star online and with the free server i pay nothing

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