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UK: Metroid Prime: Federation Force Enters At Number Fifteen In Nintendo 3DS Charts

Those of you who had high expectations for Metroid Prime Federation Force which went on sale in the United Kingdom last Friday will come away disappointed. The Metroid spin-off title failed to break the top forty all-formats charts and only entered the Nintendo 3DS software charts at number fifteen. Hopefully this won’t have too much impact on the franchise going forwards. Here’s the best-selling Nintendo 3DS games last week.

  1. New Super Mario Bros. 2
  2. Tomodachi Life
  3. Yo-Kai Watch
  4. Pokémon Alpha Sapphire
  5. Pokémon Y
  6. Pokémon X
  7. Pokémon Omega Ruby
  8. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
  9. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  10. Monster Hunter Generations
  11. Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
  12. Mario Kart 7
  13. Lego Star Wars: Force Awakens
  14. Mario & Sonic: Rio 2016 Olympic Games
  15. Metroid Prime: Federation Force


46 thoughts on “UK: Metroid Prime: Federation Force Enters At Number Fifteen In Nintendo 3DS Charts”

  1. Seriously, Who created this belief that Nintendo kills franchises just because one game didn’t sell well? Nintendo keeps localizing Brain Age games, Rhythm Heaven games (Which sell like hot garbage). Hell, none of the Chibi Robo games have got a single game with decent sales and his games keep getting localized. None of the Star Fox games sold well after the N64 title, and yet Miyamoto made Zero. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash had god awful sales and that won’t kill the franchise, at all. Paper Mario Color Splash will bomb, even if it turns out to be decent, and Intelligent Systems will still keep making those games.

    1. Well, Nintendo definitely didn’t do much in the way for marketing the above titles. In this day and age, you can’t just expect everyone to know when you’re releasing a game, or that it even exists.

      Rhythm Heaven Megamix? Practically killed by NoA in terms of sales because they refused to market it, gave the actual localization team only several people, delayed the game a year from its original release, and now made it downloadable only.

      Chibi-Robo never even got a footing in, I think, because the game tended to change genres drastically between games (not to mention most of the games weren’t that good, leaving not many Nintendo fans to even bother), and did Nintendo even market Chibi-Robo once?

      Nintendo did a slightly “better” job in marketing Star Fox Zero because they actually talked about it a ton during development, but the general flop of this game came from the general consensus of the community that it was ruined by motion controls (and review scores).

      Of course, I can already say that Color Splash will bomb because it’s not what the fans want, but everyone probably already know that. Same goes for Federation Force.

      One thing comes in common with most of the games you listed though, and that’s their quality. Every game (minus Rhythm Heaven) that you mentioned is troubled in quality, or at least that’s the general consensus of the community for those games.

      I want to say that Nintendo’s just holding out better titles for the NX, but I honestly don’t know… What I really hope for is that Nintendo would at least try to be competitive, as that’s shown in the past to be the best for consumers (and I’m worried about the 3DS, as there’s no other dedicated portable gaming system out there, which might lead Nintendo to become lazy with it, which I can already see). Anyway, I guess that’s the end of this “rant”, if I can call it that.

      Also, I’m not sure though who said that Nintendo is killing franchises… Other than Chibi-Robo (which sales and reviews could provide that not many care for it already), that’s completely incorrect.

  2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Way too high, needs to fall down into oblivion…||

    ||However, the useless cattle over in the Xbot territory known as NA will prove their intelligence whether they have one or not…||

    1. Most have already added Metroid: Other M into that category so FedshitForce won’t be alone as the only Metroid game in that list.

    1. That’s just some blackmail bullshit people like you make up to manipulate people into paying to play or watch something they don’t want to see or play. “If you haven’t seen Ghostbusters 2016, your opinion is null & void. Go see the movie in theaters first THEN you can comment on it.” But if it’s a total shit fest, we just wasted our money. Sorry but trailers are good enough for people like us to tell if it’s going to be total shit or not.

        1. People can be as judgemental as they damn well please about an object, which is what a video game is, without once touching it. I don’t need to use a gun to know it can kill people. I don’t need to know how to fly a helicopter or plane to know crashing into a mountain is bad. I don’t need to use nukes to know they can destroy entire towns.

          More importantly, you have the gall to get upset about people being judgemental over a video game without playing it first after that “People who think bad about a game that they never played are just mindless retards.” So it’s not fine to be judgemental of a video game, an inanimate object, but it’s perfectly fine to be judgemental of people? Pfft.

            1. Actually, products of entertainment are just overglorified tools. Face it. People hate FedshitForce & aren’t going to play it just because you say their opinions don’t matter if they haven’t played it. But go ahead. I won’t, nor can’t, stop you from expressing your opinion that people are mindless retards for not playing a stupid object.

              1. It’s exactly like many Sonic games. Saying that most Sonic games are bad, but in reality, there’s only 4 or 5 bad ones out of 100+ games. That’s being a mindless retard that just hate the game because someone else says so.

                1. Believe whatever you want. I know what I like & don’t like. I don’t need some white knight defending what I feel is a shitty game telling me how I should “give the game a chance” bullshit. I don’t have to watch, play, or even eat something to know I won’t like it.

                    1. And you are just being a Nintendo fanbitch whining because someone refuses to buy a shitty game because YOU like it! FedshitForce is trash & you wouldn’t know a real Metroid game even if it came & slapped your mother. See? I can be an asshole, too!

                        1. What? If you got the impression I’m basing my opinion on this game because of someone else’s opinion, my mistake. I guess I wasn’t clear about the fact I hate FedshitForce because I, myself, hate it, not because others hate it.

                            1. Here’s my reason. The chibi artstyle doesn’t fit Metroid AT ALL! It’s like making an animated Alien movie with a chibi artstyle. I don’t appreciate Samus being turned into a boss or even being captured. It’s ridiculous that someone who’s destroyed countless bases, some incorporating the entire planet as a single base, getting captured & then brainwashed by Space Pirates. Seriously!? Tanabe needs a good ass kicking if those two things were his ideas. In fact, he shouldn’t be allowed near another Metroid game again if so. Besides, he’s just a producer so his involvement is not necessary since he can be easily replaced with another producer. If he wants to make a chibi FPS party game, let him make his own damn IP and leave established ones the fuck alone. It’s like letting some asshole in charge of the main Spider-Man comics & letting him completely change the entire formula to make it his own. Be original & create your own shit instead of trying to leech off of a famous, established name by using name recognition to sell what should be an original creation. Now if you think my issues with it are null & void because I haven’t bought the abomination, that’s your problem, not mine. I don’t have to buy something to know it’s trash. Like I said in a previous comment, I don’t need to know how to fly a helicopter, or even buy and fly one for that matter, to know crashing into a tree or something is very bad. That entire “You have to buy/pay for then play or watch something to know if it’s good or bad or not!” is such a bullshit cop out to ignore someone’s legitimate complaints. If it was 5 bucks (preferably less), I’d gladly give it a chance then. But for 20 or more? Fuck no!

                                1. Originally, yes. But after playing it, I realized Zelda can be whatever artstyle it wants because the artstyle always reflects the story and atmosphere. Metroid has a specific atmosphere & a chibi style is in complete contrast of that atmosphere. Besides, the franchises are so different from each other that the comparison is stupid. Anyway, I tire of this pointless back & forth. You’re just a troll at this point. In fact, I should have classified you as such from the very start with that “mindless retards” part of your very first comment. Oh well. No point getting upset over time wasted that you can’t get back.


                  1. I wonder if the low sales have anything to do with low stock. I know that its selling badly mainly because of the art style, but in my city there were only 3 copies of the game available that I am aware of and I live in a good sized city. (Duluth/Superior Area). Neither Walmart nor Target were selling the game, at launch anyway, and the 3 gamestops all only got 1 copy. One of which was sold and another I purchased. Idk if Nintendo purposely sent out low stock because of expected low sales or what but that alone worries me. It’s a shame because the game really is a lot of fun. Still think the art style is a bad choice, and it’s very clear the Mechs were an after thought that really don’t fit the design of the game, but I am having a lot of fun with it and in the end that’s what matters.

                  2. Mediocre games get mediocre sales. Kinda hoped they’d get that into their heads after Codename Steam, but maybe it just takes a big IP to get their attention.

                    1. I wonder if that’s why FedshitForce was made to begin with.
                      Unnamed Employee: “Codename STEAM was a failure! We thought we made great gameplay. No! It wasn’t the gameplay that was bad. It was the fact it was a new IP. No one wants a new IP! *ignores the fact Splatoon is being well received*”

                      Tanabe: “I know! Let’s use a similar gameplay for a Metroid spin off!”
                      I was tempted to put a part in for Iwata but that might be too soon.

                  3. #15? So that means it did sell better than something else, right? I wonder what games it managed to actually outsell.

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