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Super Mario Run Won’t Be Released This Year On Android

It looks like Android users are going to have to wait until next year to get their hands on Nintendo’s recently-announced mobile title, Super Mario Run. The upcoming platformer won’t arrive on Android devices in 2016, according to Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto. Super Mario Run will make its debut this December on iOS, where you’ll be able to download a portion of the game for free and unlock all of its contents by paying a set purchase price.


39 thoughts on “Super Mario Run Won’t Be Released This Year On Android”

    1. It’s just timed exclusivity. I’m sure Apple’s paying Nintendo an arm and a leg for it. And Nintendo would be dumb to turn them down, especially considering the majority of Nintendo’s mobile fanbase, if going by Pokemon Go, are on iPhones.

      1. Regardless of the money, they’re alienating the majority of the smartphone market in the world with that move.
        Pokemon fan base is not the same as Nintendo fan base, regardless it was a hit on both OS options.

  1. Can we start a petition or something? Or should we just give up on Nintendo. I am so tired of Nintendo constantly letting me down. Its clear they dont care about the fans and now to do the same to android users is bull.

    1. But to their defence, this is how most app developers are: they go with iOS-first or iOS-only. Why? One reason: more money. And as much as it pains me to say it, I have no counter-argument that works (I can’t even use the “Android has more users” argument). Time and time again, the stats show that iOS apps more more money than all other operating system’s versions combined. Hell, even the ad revenue is more on iOS. Because of that, developers just prefer iOS.

      I just wished that there was some way to convince developers to stop doing that. Then again, I’m not trying to defend their actions on making it iOS-first, but I do realize that, just like pretty much most developers, Nintendo is at that mindset.

        1. Isnt that exactly what you want with your product? Why make something with the idea of not making a maximum profit?

          I get not liking it, I myself am an android user, but if I were a developer I would look into choosing the platform that would bring the most revenue.

          Plus its just a mobile game, thats a clone of a clone. Is it really that important?

          1. Both Android and iPhone have “sheep’s”. Just take a look at the Galaxy phones. It’s an Android, but what does the average person do that is that different from the average iPhone user? They don’t download launchers or icon packs. They don’t root their phone. They don’t usually care about updating to the latest Android OS. features like Now on Tap for example. Who here uses it? I do, but I bet most here probably don’t, let alone know what it is. Some people like to keep it simple with iOS and iPhones and I can’t blame them. Android fragmentation still isn’t fixed. Most people don’t even know what stock Android looks like because Samsung, LG, and others have different UI layered over the OS along with custom features. And because Samsung is the most popular Android OEM, people think everything they do is what the Android experience is like. That’s false. Lol.

            1. That wasnt my point, My point was that sheep follow sheep. And if it makes it easier to round these sheep then why not take advantage. I know both OS’s have “sheeps” but as you said, android users (or sheeps) are fragmented, making it harder to develop for that OS, so why chose that over the easy route? The Apple ecosystem is very straight forward, you dont have to worry about the hundred of combinations of chips and fuckery that all these android phones have. Plus its been proven that most profit on mobile apps comes from the iOS users.

      1. I get that IOS makes more money. But if money is the goal, why not release it on both? 2 platforms is always better than 1 right? Unless Apple is paying Nintendo to wait on the Android version. Also iPhone sales are down it doesnt make since to keep it from Android.

        1. If that’s the case, then they would be doing it to all developers, which honestly wouldn’t make sense, even if Apple has a huge amount of money.

          As for your question, I think it’s more complex then that. The piracy thing with Android is a issue as well and I guess that developers are spooked by it. Then (and I’m not developer so I could be gone about this, but I have friends that are mobile developers and this is what they’re telling me) it just costs more to make two versions and my guess is that they’d want to make it on the one that makes the most money and then do the next version later when they’ve made enough. That’s for small companies; it’s too much time and money for them to do both, so they choose one (either for now or forever). As for large companies, I don’t know; I don’t work for a large company (well… hmm… not as a developer) nor do I know people who work for large companies.

          Finally, as much as I’m an Android fanboy myself (yes, I admit to it, shut up), the “iPhones are down” thing is something that I get slightly annoyed by. I’m not the kind that just says, “Apple is doomed” since it’s a baseless comment. I go by fact and right now, yes, their sales are down (And part of me hopes that it’s a trend. I’m a horrible person for making that statement.), but there are five things:

          1) It’s probably a one-off thing and they’ll be back to breaking records next year or 2018. This looks similar to where they were in 2003.
          2) That drop in sales wasn’t really that big and compared to most of their competitors, it was basically nothing.
          3) The drop in sales didn’t affect the charts that they (and third-parties) making more than Android with sales.
          4) The Apple developer community seems way too big to worry about a drop in sales because of the third reason. Also, when I mentioned to my friends about it, they rolled their eyes because they didn’t see a issues with their own sales.
          5) The mere fact that (at least in Canada) not one trending topic on Twitter was not related to the Apple event for at least two hours (even after the PlayStation Meeting) tells me that Apple isn’t going away in terms of being good at keeping things together any time soon.

          Again, not defending anyone, but I’d rather get into the heart of both sides to see why things happen the way they do.

          I’ll admit something else: I work with data analysts, so this sort of thing comes naturally for me.

        2. This news almost confirms that Apple is paying them for timed exclusivity of the app. They have reason to, what with the success of Pokemon Go (not that I expect this to be anywhere near as successful, but the point still stands).

          1. It might be possible, but I’m having a hard time believing that. If they really were doing that, they we can certainly say that they’re doing it to all developers that plan it on iOS first/only. But because that news would have come out by now with other developers saying it, I can’t see how that makes sense to me. Them being tight-lipped and NDAing this wouldn’t make sense either since, from what I’m seeing in the past few years, Apple can’t even keep secrets anymore.

            I know that Apple does this with music and books often (and sometimes with movies), but for the rest of the media (apps, TV shows), until I see actual proof, I can’t see this as being true; I’d much rather so by what’s the proof instead of theories, heresy, or conspiracies.

            The only thing about this that helps your theory is the “Notify” thing, but then that can easily be used as Apple just adding new stuff in the App Store, so I really can’t pinpoint anything here.

      2. Money isn’t the only reason. With iOS, it can be easier to optimize games on Apple devices. Android has like a gazillion different phones and tablets and I’m willing to bet that they’re working on getting it on all those devices as we wait for it to end iOS exclusivity.

  2. Oh well. Not too much of an issue for me.

    The game looks like it might be interesting, but not so much that I want it now. I’ve got plenty of other games in my backlog.

  3. Personally, I have no beef with this. I’ll play it when it comes to android, but I’m not holding my breath to play it either. As for paying to unlock levels, I like the idea of getting the feel of the game before deciding if I want pay or not.

  4. Why Release it later?
    But I do not care. I would have been so pissed IFT they had done this to Pokemon go buy Mario run… Yeah what ever

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  7. well I am not a mobile gamer and I could say I don’t give a damn but since I put a comment….. Somewhere I care enough to put one.

    So Nintendo decided to go where the money is… yeah…what a shocking news [sarcasm alert], but what annoying me is the fact they deiced to put they IP on mobile and I feel they cracked under the pressure of the shareholder, financial analysts and other financial institutions.

    I feel that if those games are successful the way we used to play game will then change and since I am not a mobile game person I will be left out. It maybe a good thing for company which release a game 20 years ago and never played.

  8. Feels strange to own nearly every Nintendo console and then be locked out of a Mario game due to timed-exclusivity for a phone brand I don’t have. I get it and all and i’m happy to see them succeeding right now but as someone who doesn’t want them to go any more 3rd party than making these mobile games for smartphones it’s strange to see them make a game exclusive to the smartphone OS I didn’t choose.

    I like simultaneous releases from them better, and still would even if this was an Android timed-exclusive instead. Feels a bit more neutral.

    1. That’s not how it works, actually. iPhones usually have really good performance. Even after a whole year, the 6s still matches new Android phones and the 7 pretty much smokes everything at the moment. The high resolution of Android flagships and the fact that iOS versions are usually better optimized (since Apple controls iOS themselves) is a big part of the reason why.

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