Super Mario Run Is Already Being Promoted On The Apple App Store

It was only announced earlier today, but Super Mario Run is already being promoted on the Apple App Store. A screenshot of the App Store was uploaded on Twitter, which shows the game being promoted. In fact, not only is it being promoted underneath the “New Games We Love” category, but there’s a big banner at the top. So if you weren’t already aware of the game’s announcement, odds are you will know through the Apple App Store.

Super Mario Run will release first on the Apple App Store this December.



  1. I hope this game gets multiple paths. Then it could essentially be the Outrun of Mario platformers.

    1. I saw a part in the video where you had a chance to wall jump to a upper path. I assume it is as multiple pathy (if that is even a word) as a standard Mario course, with some branching paths offering more coins for harder to reach areas.

  2. I’ll get it if the price is right. My brother is actually excited for it and he’s long moved on to PlayStation.

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