CoroCoro Leak Reveals Rockruff Evolution And Also New Ultra Beasts

The October edition of Japanese publication CoroCoro has leaked onto the internet ahead of its intended release. The folks over at PokéJungle have translated the scans and the information contained within the magazine provides the following:

  • Rockruff’s evolution is called Rugarugan. It appears that it may change form during day and night, not simply a split evolution
  • Two new Ultra Beasts are revealed, UB-02 Beauty (shown in Pokémon Moon) and UB-02 Expansion (shown in Pokémon Sun)
  • Next month’s issue will reveal the true strength of Type: Null



    1. Jeremy Jackson, Ash was goofy after season four but they still keep that fool in their Po’kemon Origins and Pok’emon Chronicles were amazing as No Ash ! Bring Jimmy or Red in there and the series will be great again.

    2. Ash has officially given up. That defeat probably knocked out any backbone he had left. Why did they include such a stupid pose in the game!? Was it so the anime could have something to narm off of. Screw story, the anime is nothing more than a marketing device, and both it and the game are working hand and hand.

      And Mallow will probably be an Iris 2.0 (a REAL bitch), followed by more filler and stupid moments where Mallow yells at him for not knowing anything about Alola.

  1. Die Ash! Give us a sexy female protagonist and no more of that Loser ass ketchup! Everybody knows it’s Red or Gary motherfucking Oak. But if we are talking babes Shauna for the win.

      1. hell yeah, Women are the supirior species and they make the better trainers. Plus Brandon you forget Kids don’t watch it as much it’s all 30+ adults that haven’t ever got any action and those that do leave their kids to play some shitty ass app on their communications device ( Not a console)

          1. It’s my opinion and my views. I’m not trolling I’m expressing my opinion so stop being a misogynist.

              1. You still think i’m trolling? Look i’ll be honest with you. I prefer Women as i find them more amusing than men and personally better company as friends, saying something like that Trollish behaviour is kind of a dick move.

                    1. It something to satisfy your urge for a female protagonist.

                      Or we can keep Ash (since he once stood for something we believed in, during the 90’s) and sack the people in charge who clearly, do not want Ash to ever win a league and still continue traveling.

                    2. Fuck that! He’s been in the spotlight for too long and if he stays it will be the same generic story. Ash: I’m gonna win to ” so & So leauge and become a Pokemon master. (30/40yo fans jizz their pants/knickers) 60+ episodes Ash gets all the badges but loses again! like he always has done, And your saying you want that on an infinate loop you must have something wrong with you if you want to watch the same thing you’ve seen for all these years when you know the outcome. My reasonings behind a new protagonist is so we get a new face and soembody who will ACTUALLY WIN & NOT SUCK. So take of your nostalgia goggles and realize that Ash Ketchum is the worst example of a Piok’emon trainer. End of Discussion Motherfucker!

                    3. He’s right, though. They are just going to use the same old tired crap with Ash they’ve pulled the last 19 seasons. Either let the poor kid finally become a Pokemon Master or get rid of him. It’s time to spend the next 19 seasons letting some other poor kid constantly lose on their path to become a Pokemon Master. After all of these years, Ash finally deserves to be become the older kid (Brock) helping another on his/her path to become a Pokemon Master. Many older fans of the anime agree and haven’t watched it in years because of Ash always being the focal point. There is only so many times we’re gonna want to watch the same old kid lose time & time again at the Pokemon Leagues. It’s time for some new, fresh blood. After all, it’s called Pokemon, not Ash’s Pokemon Adventures.

                    4. And speaking of new, fresh blood, can we please get rid of Team Rocket!? Meowth can stay, though! He’s the only thing enjoyable about the franchise at this point for some of us.

                    5. And just like that, AMan became the most ignored thing on this site. the lesson to this dont accuse people

        1. No, it was one of the things revealed in the trailer a week ago, along with the Aether Foundation. It’s a bit vague as to what they are exactly, but people have speculated they have some relation to humans, seeing as UB-01 looks quite similar to Lillie.

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