Sci-fi Adventure Puzzler Soul Axiom Arriving September On Wii U

Wales Interactive are proud to announce their sci-fi adventure puzzle game, Soul Axiom, will launch on Nintendo Wii U on 29th September 2016. Soul Axiom will be available for download on the eShop with an exclusive reduced base price of £11.99, $14.99, €14.99.

Further savings are still to be made for anyone who downloaded the E3 Nindies@Home demo. For up to one month after the launch, owners of the E3 demo will receive 15% off the launch price on the Nintendo eShop.

“Two years ago we released Master Reboot on the Wii U and received an overwhelming response from the Nintendo audience. We had a lot of success with our first major title, but we knew it was a rough diamond and by no means perfect. With Soul Axiom, we wanted to show what we’re capable of as an independent studio and explore the concept of digital immortality further. We took the opportunity to offer players 15% off through the Nindies@Home program and now we’d like to take that offer a little further by lowering the base price only on Wii U. Development took a little longer than expected and so we’d just like to thank everyone who’s been waiting patiently for the game. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to bringing our next original title to Nintendo consoles.” – Ben Tester, PR & Community Manager at Wales Interactive.

Soul Axiom is a first-person, story-driven adventure game, set in the beautiful, haunting cyber-world of Elysia. Collect unique hand powers in this compelling cyber-thriller to solve puzzles, manipulate the environment and unlock the path to your adventure. Immerse yourself in a dramatic story with over 20 hours of gameplay, 100 physical puzzles and 40 distinct locations to explore. Choose your destiny and discover multiple endings as you unravel the mysteries of your digital afterlife.

Upload your soul to the latest state of the art Digital Soul Provider, Elysia, a sprawling server where your memories and dreams become reality. You will be taken on an intriguing voyage of discovery, through beautiful, haunting locations, facing challenges that will lead you into danger on your mission to unlock your identity, your story, your mystery.

• Psychological Adventure with Exploration & Puzzle Solving: Interact with over 100 physical puzzles, make psychological decisions and explore memories to unlock the secrets of your identity.
• 20+ Hours of Gameplay: The game is packed full of content with 6 chapters, 40 unique locations, over 100 puzzles and 70 story-driven collectables.
• Collectable Hand Powers: Harness the abilities of Elysia. Discover new powers that will assist exploration and puzzle solving by phasing, building, destroying or corrupting the digital world around you.
• Multiple Story Endings: A tense, but thought-provoking narrative with multiple outcomes, and leaves you yearning to explore all avenues of the lore.
• Unique visual style: There is a beautifully simplistic emphasis on striking shapes, strong colours, and beautiful effects and lighting to elicit a variety of emotions within Elysia.
• Atmospheric soundtrack: 50 original compositions provide the perfect musical backdrop which subtly enhances the game through well-crafted association with the memories you explore.

Source: PR


    1. Is that sarcasm? Beyond the kind of dated graphics I think this looks really great. I’ll give it a try if I have enough between now and color splash.

  1. I played the Nindies@home demo and was impressed, but didn’t think much of it, but I didn’t know it was from the same folks who made Master Reboot. I got a lot out of Master Reboot so I’ll definitely check this out for sure.

    1. Yeah, I think I got it pretty cheap already also. They are just trying to milk the poor souls starving for games on the WiiU-tanic. Shame. WiiU had such potential. I can’t wait for the name “Wii” to get buried!!!
      Why am I scared that Nintendo will still use “Wii” in the name just as a middle finger to me personally? D:

      1. One gen of Wii should have been enough but Nintendo thought they could replicate such a huge success a second time in a row. Maybe if casuals weren’t so damn fickle & cheap, then maybe the Wii U could have captured lightning in a bottle for a second time.

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