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Here’s A Closer Look At The Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo Figures

Monster Hunter Stories is a unique title with regards to the fact that the game has its own set of officially licensed amiibo figures. We have yet to hear whether the game is coming to the west but it seems likely to at some point. Anyway, IGN recently had a chance to get up close and personal with the amiibo figures during the Tokyo Game Show which took place this week. You can check out the figures in the gallery, below.



    1. Because Nintendo and the 3rd parties they are working with are slowly learning what Ammibo collectors want more out of their Amiibos.

      Just look at the upcomming Zelda BotW series.

      Amiibo fans don’t want an NFC item with a cheap figurine attatched. They (we … I have over 20 of them) want an Awesome Figurine/Plushie that also happens to have bonus functionality.

      They are learning … slowly. The production lifecycle on things like this is really long.

    2. Not sure, but do you rememeber the amiibo that ninty showed before they released them? Those were very detailed, the final product not so much.

      Untill i see these in stores, ill hold my breath on wether the final ones are going to look this good. These are probably just prototyoes, unless they released already and I missed the news on that.

    1. I think the site administrators mostly take the weekends off and just post fewer articles, and since we’ve all learned not to expect much, many simply don’t check in to comment either.

  1. I love them! If they don’t bring these and the game here I’ll just import the Amiibo! I’m going to be building shelves for them in November so regardless of whether I’m using them they’ll be on display now. These ones are so detailed, I really like the amount of effort they put into these ones.

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