IGN’s Nintendo Video Chat Bring Up Some Nintendo NX Rumours

We are all anxiously awaiting news of Nintendo’s next platform which is codenamed the Nintendo NX. The system is officially due to be released next March but we all know so far is rumour and speculation. The folks over at IGN have discussed the latest rumours and match them up with what they have heard via various sources. Here’s what they say:

  • Peer is “100% convinced” that the NX will use memory cards (i.e. like 3DS carts).
    NX is a portable device you can dock to your TV and play games (confirmed by their own sources & NX developers)
  • Share button seems plausible
  • They’re really skeptical of the “split d-pad” rumor considering the traditional d-pad has been a focus of their marketing lately and the d-pad is something people love about Nintendo’s systems, but anything’s possible.
  • Detachable controllers are low budget. Very cheap (like the Wii nunchuck). Peer has heard they’re using IR and it’s not your main way of controlling the game (a “travel controller”). Speculates they could make cheap controllers that attach to the system.
  • Peer thinks the 720p resolution for the screen is “very credible” and “very highly likely”.
  • One developer talked to Peer and called NX “a reboot for Nintendo”. Peer says to him it means carts, not having to decide between playing on a console/portable whether going back to the glory days of NES, SNES, and the Wii.
  • They think the SCD with a dock with additional hardware is possible.
    Just Dance on the system means a way to measure what you’re doing while dancing (some sort of hardware).

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    1. NX will not be a Hybrid? That must be why everyone and his mom claims it will be.

      If theres one thing we do know almost certainly its that it will be a hybrid. If its not than it could be anything even a flying dildo so all the mothers will play nintendo again, and commander fantasy rainbow land who thinks he’s a robot can stick it up from behind aswell. ( don’t bother commenting commander I couldn’t care less what psycho’s gotta say)

      1. Okay, give me some solid proof that the NX will be a hybrid…. oh wait, you can’t.
        I can give you solid proof that Iwata mentioned about the NX before he even announced that it was in the works. He mentions that they wanted the unify the handheld and home console to be brothers with a single OS.

        In otherwords, two separate device that shares one operating system.
        And if the NX really is a hybrid but fails at launch… looks like Nintendo will go mobile after all.

        You’re yet another sheep following what the media tells you, how pathetic.
        Also, why would Nintendo be hiring for Handheld and Home Console Marketing if it’s just going to be handheld? Why is did AMD say that they have a 3rd Gaming Design win for a product yet to be announced whilst the others were the Scorpio and PS4 Pro?
        Easy, NX will NOT be a hybrid and if you don’t believe me, look back at the Wii U rumours dating back 2010 before it was even announced in 2011.


        1. All i’m saying is that its very likely if multiple sources mention the same thing. There are more examples that it turns out to be true than than false.

          Perhaps you know this saying :

          where there’s smoke, there’s fire

          Time will tell though, for now its the only plausible info we have ;)

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      3. Actually, Im in the hybrid camp, but we still don’t actually know that for sure yet, so anyones guess is as good as yours. It could be two seperate machines, that are marketed seperately. It could be a hybrid leaning towards handheld, or a hybrid leaning towards console. Reggie called it a home console at the game awards last year. Its never been called a “hybrid” by anyone but the speculators and rumor mongerers. Lets not go around acting like we know stuff. Heres what I “know”. I know its going to use an AMD chipset, not this totally unplausable Nvidia rumor. Boo, Boo Nvidia.

          1. You’re not Paidenthusiast. I can see through your shapeshifting sorcery bruh. Dont mess with me bruh. Sidebar, I agree that it might be an ecosystem of machines, not a single machine. But why is everyone copying paidenthusiast?

      1. why do you say that the “hybrid myth” is busted? From what I see here, it states that “NX is a portable device you can dock to your TV and play games (confirmed by their own sources & NX developers).” That sounds kind of hybrid to me. Then again, these are just condensed rumors, but I don’t see grounds for dismissal until there is word from Nintendo on the actual specs of the device.

  1. All fake, how the NX can be a handheld with Just Dance at launch (i suppose)?
    The cartridges can be good for Nintendo: they are cheap and speed information is much more quickly than blue ray.
    Another thing to consider is the Kimishima words: “The NX is neither the successor to the Wii U nor to the 3DS”.

    Until there we just have to wait and see a tons of rumors… annoying but…

    *Sorry for my poor english.

    1. Even Reggie says this. At this point i only have fear. Lets hope Nintendo makes the right thing this time around. I can’t live a new generation console without Smash, Mario Kart, Mario and Zelda games.

      *Sorry for my bad english.

      1. The rumors hint it being more handheld based with wiiu like power. Large multiplat games will ignore it again, and handheld games don’t quite measure up to full console games.

        Also… You look different….

  2. No going back to the glory days of Wii! Fuck that bullshit! Going back to the glory days of SNES is where it’s at! Most of us all know how the Wii ended up so no thank you.

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