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Super Smash Bros Was The 7th Most Watched eSport Last Month

Super Smash Bros continues to become a popular eSport as recent data reveals that it was the seventh most watched eSport on Twitch last month. Data provided by NewZoo shows that it was the seventh most watched eSport beating the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Smite. The chart below shows the number of eSports hours watched and also the total hours watched which includes Let’s Plays etc. No doubt the ranking will continue to climb in the future.


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22 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Was The 7th Most Watched eSport Last Month”

      1. “Sport: an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.”

        “Sport: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.”

        Video games. Are. Not. Sports.

        I say this as an avid gamer and a chess player. Neither of those are sports.

        1. physical exertion: you need good reflexes with your hands. Not as easy as you may think. skill: need i explain? teamwork: pretty obvious but almost every esport game has teams. You need really good communication for certain games if you want to win. It may lack a little in the physical category, but it takes as much skill and teamwork as any other sport. Its called eSports because it’s not a typicall sport. Still a sport. This argument has been beaten awhile ago. get over it. Chess is also a sport. just because there aren’t any balls to kick doesn’t mean its not a sport

          1. Look up “physical exertion” and come back. Moving your fingers and thumbs in a pattern, no matter how skillfully, does not qualify as “physical exertion”. Multiplayer games and chess are competitive activities. They’re not sports.

            “just because there aren’t any balls to kick doesn’t mean its not a sport”

            I never said anything about “balls to kick”. Swimming is a sport. Track is a sport. Cycling is a sport. Playing video games competitively is not a sport.

            1. I said kicking balls as a general term. Also I said video games are an eSport, not a sport in the same category as football or basketball. If you compare Beethoven to Adele to Tupac, those are not even remotely similar. Thats why they in separate categories such as classical, pop, and hip hop. Video games are nothing like typical sports, so they have their own subsection: eSports.

          1. How exactly does one “look up the wrong definition”?

            Look up “sport definition”. That’s what will come up. And as far as nouns go, that’s the only one that comes up.

    1. But Iwata isn’t here to convince Sakurai to make it like with Brawl and Sm4sh. They happened because of Iwata.

        1. Yeah, of course it depends. I’ve seen more hype Sm4sh matches than Melee, but that is the general sentiment in the community and I get why tbh. I blame Zer0 for being too good though lmao.

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