Amazon UK: New Discount For Prime Members For Physical Video Games

Amazon UK has today announced a new initiative for Prime members in the United Kingdom. Those of you who purchase or pre-order new physical video games from the retailer and are Prime members will receive a £2 discount. Not a bad deal if you’re a Prime member.

There’s a new Amazon Prime benefit that entitles Amazon Prime members to a £2 discount on eligible physical video game orders.

Future qualifying orders must be placed prior to release, or up to two weeks after release. Eligible physical video game titles will include a disc in box and be sold and Fulfilled by Amazon. For more information on this benefit, please visit




  1. … wow
    Still better than nothing I guess.
    The Americans still have the better offer.
    If 20%=2£ then 100%=10£
    And games in the UK cost more than 10£.

    Hardly worth it though

  2. I’m guessing because it matters on the competition. So I’m presuming there’s not much competition for amazon (in gaming) within the UK; hence the cheap deal.

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