Boogie2988 Says He’s Spoken To Two People That Are Familiar With Nintendo NX

Popular YouTuber Boogie2988 has said on his latest video that he’s spoken to two people that have used the Nintendo NX. One of the people in question is from Ubisoft who outlined how the handheld console hybrid can work. Someone else who had played the console for twenty minutes said that it is just as innovative as they had hoped. Now we’ve just got to wait for Nintendo to unveil the platform.

“I’ve talked to two people who have used it. One is from Ubisoft and he said programming for it is actually really nice and Nintendo is working very closely with him and that the concept is great because he said, you could play… Uh, I dunno how careful I should be with it… Let’s say you could play Assassin’s Creed once you have your handheld plugged into your console. And then, you could then detach the thing and take it with you and play the Assassin’s Creed mobile game out of your pocket. And then when you get back home, plug it directly in and now it attaches back to the… That’s brilliant. That’s smart, right? Taking a form of the game with you as you go. So he says it’s a dream to code for. And then somebody I know who’s played on the NX for 20 minutes said… It’s as innovative as they’d hoped and ‘we wish we had done that.'”

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    1. Better than that annoying ass Emily Rogers.

      But if this rumor is the case then Nintendo might as well make it a phone that can dock into a controller. Im a little confused too…. When boogie said ,mobile version, does that mean the devs have to create 2 different versions of their games? One console version and one handheld?
      Or would the console and the handheld share the game cartridge thus allowing you to play on the go?

      Ugh… Im confusing myself…
      Nintendo better market this thing perfect or else it’ll be another WiiU mass confusion.

  1. Only guy from all these rumors you can believe. The dudes credible and anything but a sell out. Respect to him and his achievements.

  2. This is amazing…. I use my phone in the morning, watch tv, facebook, bit of banking, currently watching Mr Robot on the train… the same on my journey on the way home…
    During the evening, I do PS4 Street FIghter V action, go to bed, and use my phone to charm the snake.

    Thats cool right.

    *mother of god

  3. “Taking a form of the game with you as you go”

    This is an interesting snippet from the overall quote. Obviously there are some things left out intentionally. But this… This might tell us something about how it works. Is the handheld experience scaled down somehow? Is the handheld element limited for some games?

    Also the past that says “plugged into your console” and “detach the thing” so that goes to show it is more akin to the wiiU to some degree that the handheld part of the device connects to your TV through more than just a “dock”… I mean I am only trying to decipher his word usage, but that is what it sounds like.

    And… Assassin’s Creed launch title CONFIRMED hahaha

    1. The way I see it, it’s one of two things:

      1. A toned-down of the main game, running at a lower resolution/low settings
      2. An entirely different game more suited for portable gaming. Think Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Deus Ex Go

      Plug and detach can be used with a dock, though. Or the dock itself might have connection ports for the portable to sit in, for example. I wouldn’t read too much on that part.

      1. Sure… that (1.) is definitely possible. I think that is where the innovation will occur. Just how they get around those obstacles for optimum gameplay.

        As far as 2, well he called it a console… So who knows how exactly it will go down… Will there be two versions of the NX, one that is home only and one that is both or that you can buy the handheld attachment later? I mean, at this rate, it could be since we know nothing…

        Speculation is so FUN… thanks Nintendo for showing us nothing!!!

        1. It’s gotta be both in one package. Otherwise, what’s the appeal? Keep in mind that all confirmed games so far are a better fit for a home console than for a handheld, so I don’t see any reason why you would be able to pick a hypothetical “portable-only” NX and be done with it.

          Time will tell, I guess.

          1. No… “console only” but then with the hand held in conjunction if you wanted the more expensive version.

            But the appeal would be if it is more powerful and plays all the AAA games or whatever.

            I don’t necessarily think that is the case but throwing it out there as another speculative possibility.

            Either way… yes, more time

            1. ||Who says it won’t play all AAA-weaponry released on it?…||

              1. Nobody…. In reply to the Strategist who suggested that without the handheld element, what would the draw be, I said that if there were two versions of the system, one that was home only and one that was both handheld and home (that there is a separate hand held part of the system that can be bundled or purchased separate) that the draw without the handheld element would be a more powerful system in general and all the games we are “missing out on”.

                Just some speculation…

                1. ||I see, well the entire formula would be pretty useless then and a failure…||

  4. ||We deny any information tied to anyone that has no business in speaking about it…||

      1. ||You have no idea boy how things have changed since the NX was first mentioned by Lord Iwata…||

        ||I’m not only loyal now but-End transmission||

          1. ||That has nothing to do with the NX little one and fortunately it is only a resource farming site, nothing more…||

            1. It has everything to with the Nx old man. The Nx itself can be a damn phone. With all this mobile shit going around. Can’t wait to see the look on your —— Never mind I don’t want to see such an horrific image. Ew…

                  1. ||Yes, my loyalty is now non-existant and the NX is exposed, there is nothing more to know for any of you now that the truth is out there…||

                    1. ||They will know very soon what we have in store for them all…||

          2. Hate to break it to ya, but Nintendo’s already confirmed that their mobile games aren’t an effort to go full mobile.
            Direct from them, they’ve said that the phone games are designed as smaller experiences, meant to draw phone gamers to the bigger, richer experiences on Nintendo’s consoles.
            And considering how Pokè-GO made sales of the 2&3DS and Pokèmon games in general go up, the plan works.
            And it’ll do the same for Mario on NX once Mario RUN releases.

  5. It’s weird to trust people who can’t be trusted to keep to an NDA that they signed their name to.

    1. but then if they lied they never broke their nda but if they didnt lie they broke their nda so they are not trust worthy. wait this makes my brain hurt

  6. I’m very worried since that piece of information, if proven to be true, means that the controller will necessarily have a screen. I’m 100% against bulky controllers, i.e., the Gamepad — let’s be honest, those people who have small hands cannot handle it naturally. Heck, I’m an average guy, and still don’t like to grip that thing up.

    (Also, the gamepad battery is unacceptably, fully drained after 1.5 hours of gameplay — that’s another story, though.)

    I hope Nintendo releases a traditional controller and ditch asymmetric gameplay forever — it has been proved to be a huge flaw. But that’s me, and when it comes to Nintendo, I know they won’t do what seems to be logic for most of people. So, if there is no traditional controller, I’m pretty sure I won’t be caught by the NX, and will buy it further down the road just to play one or another exclusive titles.

    1. The problem here is that you’re thinking of the NX as a home console with a gamepad-like controller when in reality it’s a portable system which upscales whatever you’re playing though a stationary dock. Besides, there’s no reason for the NX to ditch backwards compatibility with previous controllers (at least with the pro controller), it’s not a hard thing to implement.

      Other than that, you can order an official, large capacity gamepad battery from Nintendo’s site, if you’re interested.

      1. Actually, based on all the new information, it is looking more like the NX has a different relationship with it’s tablet.

        As I am interpreting this information (and I may be wrong), the TABLET is neither the controller, nor the console itself, but instead companion hardware that is just a tablet and only has the power to play Tablet/Phone style games on the go (with optional, detatchable buttons for simpler tradidional, Virtual Console style games), but shares it’s power with the home base when you dock it to play, not “Upscaled” gameplay on the home screen, but actually DIFFERENT gameplay Not Available when undocked at all.

        By this persons quotes, if you owned an NX version of a Hypothetical Assasins Creed game, if you take the Tablet away from home, you will NOT be playing AC6 on the bus, but only AC6-Go minigames, that will then contribute to your progress in the REAL game when you return to dock it again.

        I don’t know. This sounds LESS than amazing and Gamechanging to me. As long as the games you get to play at home are amazing, I’ll buy one and be satisfied … but if all I can do with the Tablet is play things like Mario Run and Pokemon Go, I’ll probably almost Never Undock it … Ever. Phone/Tablet games SUCK. I say that typing this on my Galaxy tablet, which I do 90% of my computer activity on, but have ZERO games installed to, because trying to play games on it, even ones that run well like Crossyroad, Minecraft, Angry Birds, etc … Just. Isn’t. Fun. (IMHO)

        I will reserve judgement until I ACTUALLY SEE what the relationship is between the tablet and home base from Nintendo themselves, and find out what I will or will not be able to play on an un-docked tablet. Sounds underwhelming so far though.

      2. If the NX happens to be a portable system, things are going to get worse and worse for me. I lost interest in handheld gaming due to the intrinsic shallowness observed in mobile games, specially during the 3DS era. I see no way to balance a home-console experience with a handheld-console experience. Therefore, my reasoning is that Nintendo will adopt the handheld mechanics and approach for all titles, which will end up lacking traditional home-console hallmarks which I appreciate.

        (They’ve been done this already — just see the amount of party games on the Wii U.)

        Also, if the portable system is intended to be played on the go, this will imply the controller to have a screen, whatever one sees how the system is built around — the controller or the supposedly dock station.

        This scares me to death.

        1. There’s no line of complexity separating handheld games and console games, that’s always blown away by technological advancements. The PSP and 3DS completely obliterated that line a long while ago. I’d say the root of the problem has more to do with Nintendo not making the games you want, and I don’t think that has anything to do with handheld or home console game design.

          Case in point, party games have always been a staple of home console devices.

          1. Yes, there is a line separating both kinds of games since handheld ones are intended to play on the go — that is: more linearity + shorter stages = less complexity. There is no need to elaborate further on this topic since I don’t agree with your statement, and neither you nor me will make each other think different.

            And on Nintendo not making the games *I* want: I made it crystal clear previously. This is the very reason I’m moving away from Nintendo.

            Party games themselves did not ruined Wii U’s reputation — the lack of immersive, deep titles did. There was an imbalance between the two types of titles like I’ve never seen before.

            1. There is a need to dwell deeper into that, if only to make you see that you are really in the wrong there. On the portable side of things, at least. Just take a look to Monster Hunter, Xenoblade Chronicles and the myriad of RPGs that plague the 3DS’s catalog.

              If there’s a large amount of games that cross that line both ways on a regular basis, then there’s no line, period. I should know, I’ve been looking for pick-up-and-play, arcade-like experiences everywhere on the 3DS catalog. There are simply not there.

              And out of curiosity, on the home console front: what do you consider deep, immersive titles?

              1. No, there isn’t any need of that nature, Marce. I’ve known you long enough to know that you are fond of coercively forcing your truth down other’s throats. So I won’t waste my time trying to justify my reasoning to you.

                1. He just gave you a nice little list of console-grade experiences on the 3DS, and you’re gonna pull BS like that because you don’t want to admit there’s no line?
                  Good lord, dude.
                  It’s a FACT that there are plenty of deep and complex experiences on handhelds, and many made by Nintendo.
                  Fire Emblem alone is a deep and complex game, and hell, even Pokèmon has moved away from its simplistic roots with the advent of EV training and other factors.
                  It’s fine to say that Nintendo’s games aren’t your thing, but let’s not try to lie by devaluing Nintendo’s lineup like that.

                  1. Hey, I have an opinion and it should be respected. You never saw me trying to convince someone to change the sides here. I just come over and express my opinion — is there a problem with that? Do I have to agree with everyone here?

                    And I don’t want to admit there isn’t a line? Of course I don’t — and I won’t — as there is a line segregating both experiences. If you and other people cannot see that, it’s not my business convince you guys the contrary.

                    1. The reason no one sees it is because it does not exist unless you’re cherry-picking, which is not giving fair credit to either side of that imaginary line of yours.

                      And no, you don’t have to agree with anyone’s opinion.
                      But that’s contingent upon what others are saying actually BEING an opinion.
                      Which the lists of games prove they are not.
                      There is no line.
                      You’re just too set in your own idea of what’s real to accept the fact that the line has been blurred for at least two gens of handhelds now, and that handhelds do indeed offer up console-grade experiences.
                      What you’re doing is literally nothing more than arguing facts with opinions, which puts you in a losing position.

                      A better way to phrase your stance is that you just don’t like playing on handhelds, regardless of the grade of game being talked about.
                      At least then you’d have some solid ground upon which to form an opinion.

                    2. # 1 Again, the line has been blurred for a couple of generations now, and there are many console-grade games on handhelds regardless of how Iwata feels about it which prove it.
                      Also, Stylus aim and Gyroscope ait aren’t worse than sticks, but if you’re so bad at both that you cannot deal with it or git gud, the 3DS also has a circle pad pro, while the N3DS has a nub that works just fine for the task too.
                      Again, you’re over-exaggerating the importance of this imaginary line of yours.
                      If one even exists, it’s purely due to specs, which at this point still doesn’t stop a system like the N3DS from getting a game like Xenoblade Chronicles.
                      Which, I should remind you, is BIGGER THAN SKYRIM, when all areas are added up together, and totally counts as one console-grade experience out of MANY.

                    3. It does matter as XC was intended to be a home console experience. It ended up being released on the 3DS because Nintendo wanted to take advantage of the 3DS user base to make some cash. Games intended to be released exclusively on the 3DS do not have that degree of complexity.

                    4. Kid Icarus Uprising says you’re wrong, as des Fire Emblem and dozens more.
                      Again; it’s all in your head.
                      There are PLENTY of deep and complex games on 3DS that are on par with console experiences, whether you want to admit it or not.

                    5. You accused me of cherry picking but you do the same. Kid Icarus Uprising is a 3DS release title. 99% of everything that came out after that is comprised of easy-to-beat, casual games.

                    6. Also, you having an opinion doesn’t automatically qualify it as something worth respecting!
                      We don’t HAVE to respect your opinion simply because you THINK you deserve it.
                      If you want your opinion respected, then do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (which, btw, is the sole reason I’ve even used ANY sass towards you in my replies thus far; I’ve observed your behavior towards others and acted accordingly. If that offends you, then I apologize, but I treat others the way they treat those around them.)
                      A lot of what I’ve seen you do so far is dismiss any post too long for your liking as a thesis, while calling out others as avengers, elitists, and lord knows what else that I haven’t even seen simply because they’re saying they don’t agree with your opinion, and have logical evidence that displays how wrong you are.
                      Respect is EARNED. Not given.
                      And so far, any point you’ve had that COULD have been called respectable, has been marred by your utter dismissal of any post that you don’t have the patience to read through.

                    7. “Also, you having an opinion doesn’t automatically qualify it as something worth respecting!”


                    8. See, you’re doing it again; ignoring or dismissing anything you can’t handle.
                      If you want respect for your opinions, you have to EARN IT.
                      We don’t OWE YOU jack.

                    9. If you believe that other’s opinions do not deserve respect a priori, we can’t keep talking.

                    10. If you believe you deserve to have respect after having done so much to lose it, then it’s no wonder you can’t get anyone to listen to you.

                    11. Who said that I am here to proselytize? I’m not. I just expressed an opinion and you guys started to act like inquisitors.

                    12. ||You can have respect for expressing your opinion, but an opinion cannot be respected when you’re wrong or outclassed by facts and reality…||

                  1. Exactly. It’s very kind of you to impose what *you* understands by “truth”, coercing anyone who disagrees with your opinion — actually, this is the typical behavior of those who suffer from the avenger syndrome.

                    1. I’ve just posted factual info, as others have pointed out. There’s nothing ambiguous about my post. I even agree with what you mention about portable gaming being more fit for shorter, quick bursts of gameplay. That’s how things used to be, in the days of the Game Boy line, for example. Not anymore.

                      The point, which is hardly arguable, is that there has been an approximation between what’s considered more traditional console gaming and portable gaming. In recent years, the design philosophies separating both types of platforms has become much more blurry. That doesn’t mean it’s something new, even for Nintendo.

                      I mentioned that console games going portable is a sign of technology moving forward, and history sides with me on that. Remember Super Mario Bros. DX? The whole Classic NES Mini line? The Final Fantasy Advance series? Games that used to be tied to consoles due to portable technology not being quite there yet go mobile all the time, and the 3DS is a prime example of that.

                      You could have made the argument that Nintendo’s console games seem to be more simple because of the weaker hardware supporting them, and that would have given your opinion a leg to stand on as an argument. Nevertheless, history would eventually prove you wrong when the games you consider “deep, immersing experiences” now started to appear on the portable devices of the future.

                      Wouldn’t it be fun if you could play Breath of the Wild on the go with the NX? Because if it turns out to be what’s rumored, then you can definitely kiss that separation goodbye. What you mention about deep experiences has more to do with the power of each system than with the current (keyword there) nature of portable and home console gaming.

                      And again, I would like to have more gameplay-focused experiences on the go while leaving the +100 hours RPGs to the home console. That is what you can consider my opinion on the matter, and not what’s based on simple logic and the history of videogames.

                    2. And you seemed to missed the point again. I never mentioned my line of defense as 100% based on facts, nor asked your stance on it. *I* feel the handheld experience shallow myself, and that’s it. Period. End. Over. I presented some clues and even a Iwata Asks to support *my* opinion. What annoys me from your end is the way you behave with people who are not in line the way you understand the world would be. I never, ever, tried to convert anyone here to my beliefs. I just post my opinion and leave others alone, and if I need to jump in any threads, I always do it in a way people don’t feel threatened or whatever is the word. But, again, that’s me. You can keep living the way you understand is the best for you, but be aware that not everyone is OK with it.

                    3. This is going to sound incredibly patronizing, but it needs to be asked: do you know what “intrinsic” means? The moment you used that word, you went from expressing an opinion to making a statement about the nature of portable gaming on a factual level. People aren’t misinterpreting what you typed, it’s up there clear as day.

                      And this should go without saying, but opinions are not exempt of criticism just because they’re subjective. If anything, opinions are precisely the type of declarations that get criticized the most, especially when they’re not grounded in logical thinking. Just ask reviewers.

                      And about that Iwata asks: what does that prove?

                      Yes, SM3DL is a more pick-up-and-play type of game (not necessarily less deep, mind you) than Galaxy.

                      No, it doesn’t mean that it’s simple just because it’s a portable game. SM3DW is proof of that.

                      Yes, portable games are usually simpler than their home console counterparts.

                      Yes, there is a current trend with Nintendo games being simpler that they used to.

                      No, that doesn’t mean they are favoring “handheld gaming design conventions”. That’s a very anachronistic way of thinking. It just means they want to do simple games. If it has been demonstrated that complex games can work on a portable, then Nintendo is just making up excuses. That’s all there is to it.

                      And about my posts: if you feel that my tone (which, if you read my post again, is serious but not argumentative at all) “threatens” your opinion, I don’t know what to say. If factual info makes you jumpy, then maybe you should try rebuilding your opinion taking into consideration reality as it is.

                    4. Marce, I have more important things to do than read the thesis you just wrote. Maybe someday I’ll give it a chance, okay? I just don’t get your avenger behaviour towards me. Please, spend your time talking to civilized, literate people who knows what “intrinsic” means.

                    5. It became personal when you started to be extra-picky with me, i.e., since your second or third reply.

                    6. ||Except this has nothing to do with your beliefs, Sylux’s beliefs nor any other individual or group with their beliefs about Nintendo, Nintendo’s world is all that matters and the world they create…||

                      ||The truth is just like Sylux said, the differences between qualitity and content between our main machines and our secondary protocol, the extended reach of our power, the handhelds are on a very thin line today…||

                      ||And there is a difference between catering to the civilian filth and making the weapons easier to use regardless of target…||

                      ||Then there is also the matter of individualism going by preferable weaponry, a group of so called Nintendo fans, which they aren’t really see the Wii U as a civilian center of garbage when in reality it has many quality weapons despite their outcry…||

                      ||What we see within the realm of Nintendo today is a combination of several factors, namely a certain degree of justifiable criticism, media/group pressure brainwashing and our own pure justifications…||

            2. Ever heard of a game called xenoblade chronicles 3D? How about Ocarina of Time 3D, or Majora’s Mask 3D? Those were originally console experiences, that no one in their right mind would argue were designed with handheld in mind. Well they have made their way to handhelds, and sold gangbusters. Your reasoning doesnt hold up. Console and handheld are only different because of the gap in hardware capabilities , which is getting smaller and smaller. Soon you wont be able to distinguish the difference. That is what these rumors (and hopefully Nintendo) are trying to address with the NX

              1. They are found on the 3DS only because Nintendo wanted to (i) make consumers double dip, and (ii) fill the gaps. Games of such complexity are no longer in Nintendo’s radar and will become more and more sparse since they want to cater casuals, whose taste is totally different from long time Nintendo fans. Period. SM3DW, Federation Force and Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival are some examples that Nintendo has definitely lowered its bar.

                1. Who cares why they ported the games? The argument was over handheld experiences being shorter and less complex by design. Why did those games sell so well if people dont care or want complexity in handheld gaming, and why would Nintendo publish them if they didnt want to address that need? And Seriously? “Games like that are no longer on Nintendo’s Radar” ….Did you see E3? Can you remind me who the undisputed winner was? Pretty sure the concensus was that it was Nintendo, with Breath of the Wild, the most complex and immersive Zelda title to date, probably the most ambitious Nintendo game of all time, and you are gonna sit there and say they dont have complexity on their minds? Do you read what you type before you post? Its not earning you any credit with this crowd.

                  1. I’m not here to earn any credit. First and foremost, I only want to people respect my opinions like it should be. You guys are bashing me for days for one opinion you don’t agree and which I keep defending. I also provided enough arguments for which, if are not clear enough for you, I apologize. But civilized people would act with bona fide, and would say “okay, I don’t agree, but let’s have a coffee and a doughnut, and life goes on.” Your guys attitude towrds me has crossed all lines already.

                    Second: Zelda is, in fact, an exception and I will be glad when I have it on my hands. This is the game I’ve dreaming of for years, and I’m sure you also is looking forward to it.

                    Third: let’s take some Nintendo franchises as examples. 1. Mario: both 2D and 3D Mario games are a pale picture of what they used to be. The New series is overly simplistic when compared to SMW. Super Mario 3D World is a copy of Super Mario 3D Land, which cannot be comparable to SM64, Sunshine and Galaxy any day. 2. Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival and even New Leaf is nowhere near from Animal Crossing for N64, GCN and City Folk. 3. Chibi Robo: An amazing 3D franchise was killed by the idea of having it as a simplistic 2D platform on the 3DS. 4. Metroid: After the acclaimed Prime trilogy, we got an insult like FF — this makes me so emotional, then I can’t go further on this particular topic. 5. Star Fox: after a 10-year hiatus, we got a game which is light-years away of what Assault is.

                    It no secret that Nintendo owns the handheld market, and that the Wii U was written off in detriment of the 3DS,which shows how Nintendo is migrating to the handheld-centre of the gaming market. Plus, Nintendo games are getting simpler and simpler over the years, being ideologically handheld-focused and as shallow as they could be to cater the handheld demography. Plus, rumors indicate a strong influence of the handheld conception with regard the NX architecture. So, I came to the conclusion that those experiences with the NES, SNES, N64 and GCN will be hardly find the future due to the path Ninendo opted to pave.

                  2. I forgot to mention Paper Mario, Mario Party and Yoshi games. I won’t get into details here because I know you got my idea: All of them are much more simplistic today.

          2. “There’s no line of complexity separating handheld games and console games, that’s always blown away by technological advancements.”

            While I’ve not experienced PSP & Vita’s thumbsticks, the circle pads on the 3DS are poor substitutes for console thumbsticks, in my experience anyway. The circle pads are still more like D-pads, albeit smoother than a D-pad (although Fighters, 2D Platformers, & menu navigation work better w/ a D-pad IMO). 3D games on 3DS seem to suffer from the lack of a true Y-axis (especially for those who invert theirs; yo). Thumbsticks offer tilting (the camera stick moves like, well, a camera on a tripod). It also offers a wider range than a circle pad; Nintendo did eventually replace the circle pads on the Gamepad’s prototype, opting instead for thumbsticks (just for clickable?). Also, motion controls are an even worse substitue since the screen moves during that control method, not to mention the floaty mechanics regardless of screen motion. Perhaps the scroll wheels featured in a Nintendo patent will be implemented in NX & will address the thumbstick issue. Again, I’ve not experienced PSP & Vita’s thumbsticks, yet making thumbsticks portable w/ out sacrificing movement while preventing pocket-snagging seems sacrifices (or adequite compinsation) are inevitible.

            & I certainly hope devs will have incentives to create variants of their games. Since handhelds typically had far less power than their console kin, devs either created full exclusives for handhelds, or they fitted a handheld variant of a multiplat w/ a different genre & perhaps differenr artstyle. Like devs did in the past w/ Sonic Colors DS, PoP: The Fallen King on DS, 2D Zeldas on GB, GBA, DS, & 3DS, I hope devs will do the same for NX, despite the temptation to focus on graphics & only see it as a single platform to multiplat console games; or in the case of an NX exclusive, just release 1 title. Would those games have existed if their respective platform were on par w/ their console-counterpart’s hardware? I guess indies can help fill the gap, but they take longer, are typically not as polished, few if any reach the sweetspot of AA, & are already filling the gap left by 3rd-party offerings.

            But if NX is simply getting home-console games on the go, much like PSP & Vita did, then at least 1 of my reasons for owning a handheld, possibly NX’s hook, is gone. I rarely played my handhelds on the go, the last example was GBA, which wasn’t much. I always buy a handheld for its exclusives, & of course its unique features, & the way they incentavized devs into making more games w/ an old-school vibe, & making variants of multiplats which can sometimes be better than their console counterparts. But when I’m out & about, I don’t have time to be gaming, & it just feels inappropriate w/ the sights, sounds, smells, people… Even on the rare instance I’m twiddling my thumbs, I’m unable to engage in a time-waster game.

            I despise mobile gaming. While NX can alleviate some of my disdain by offering physical controls, will their be optimization? Will there be physical releases or just companion apps? Will there be microtransactions? Will it feel cheap? Of course, that all depends on how exactly NX handles such things; it could be something different. But for me, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi that handheld & home-console games have, a magic that neither PC or especially mobile can recreate.

            As long as NX can offer a solid thumbstick experience & plenty of console-gaming exclusives (hopefully analog shoulder buttons & rumble, too), then I’ll be excited for it. But if it’s geared too much toward mobile, & its hook is too much like Mirror Cast, then I’m definitely out.

            Here’s hoping NX offers new ways to play, & new but familiar F-Zero, Wave Race, Shadow of the Eternals, Sin & Punishment, Metroid (Prime 4), old-school Fire Emblem (the kind that nearly killed the franchise; but they were so balanced & challenging), Baten Kaitos, a 2D Zelda, an exclusive 3D Zelda, a really new Star Fox, Sakura Samurai, WarioWorld…
            New Buck Bumble, Prince of Persia, Red Steel 3, both 2D & 3D Raymans (Raymen? Mm…ramen), BG&E 2, Child of Light…
            A good Sonic, new KNiGHTS, Skies of Arcadia, Virtua Fighter (1-on-1, plenty of unlocks & modes, no online parity or DLC characters), Phantasy Star Online, Shinobi…
            New Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre…
            New Okami, Viewtiful Joe…
            New MadWorld, Bayo 3…
            New No More Heroes, Killer7…
            New Brave Fencer Musashi, console-size 4 Heroes/Bravely, Bushido Blade 3, The World Ends W/ You, Valkyrie Profile, FF: Crystal Chronicals, FF Tactics (PSX tone)…
            New Silent Hill (Survival Horror, non-Hollywood), Symphony of the Night on the eShop (long overdue, but Konami went bad)…
            Sphinx & the Cursed Mummy 2…
            New Tales, Ridge Race, Soul Calibur, Klonoa…
            Mushroom Men…
            Of course, new IP is also welcome.

        2. ||The only reason to why you’ve seen all of these civilian weapons on the Wii U is because we abandoned the Wii U after 2013 and then completed the departure from it in the 2014 holiday season…||

          ||And the 3DS library has quality before quantity despite mobile garbage…||

      3. As long as it keeps the clamshell design. Anything else would be a step backwards. Being able to close the device and have it go into sleep mode is a must for every Nintendo handheld device from here on out… If not, fail.

        1. I’m very tired of the clamshell design, personally. Sleep mode was a thing before it (PSP has it, GBA had it on a game-by-game case), so the clamshell design is not a requirement for its incursion. I’d take a sleeker, less bulky handheld any day if that’s all it takes.

          1. ||A protective shell of some kind is a requirement for the screen though, anything less is unacceptable…||

                  1. ||I was right about recruiting you into the higher ranks of the elite’s, there are not many that can counter you when it comes to facts in most topics regarding Nintendo…||

                    ||Probably why that dreaded hunter never managed to fully destroy you…||

                    1. I find it incredibly weird that people can enter full denial mode just to sustain an opinion, in spite all of the evidence and logic you throw their way. When it comes to that, it’s really easy to find examples and arguments to support what you say.

                    2. ||Humans like to keep some sort of control over the world they know, regardless of how wrong, outdated and irrelevant it is…||

                      ||They need some anchor to hold them on a steady delusional world they created in order to survive with themselves, something my human puppet doesn’t even care about which is why I took control over him…||

      1. That’s true. But the concept itself — a controller harboring a screen — send shivers down my spine.

        1. A controller with a screen isn’t a threat to traditional gameplay; most of Wii U’s games used all the same buttons any other game did. The screen was a convenient extra that SOMETIMES showed some creativity from devs that were too usd to traditional set-ups.

            1. Cherry-picking the worst example only shows that you’re unreasonably biased.
              The majority of the Wii U’s games either made light and unobtrusive-yet-convenient use of the pad (Deus Ex, Assassin’s Creed, etc) , good use of it in a slighty heavier manner (Mass Effect, WWHD, etc), or barely used it at all, in which case it wasn’t a bother to use the pad regardless.
              Examples like Star Fox, which btw is entirely enjoyable for those with decent multitasking skill and a driver’s mentality of keeping your eye on several important areas at once, are in the distinct minority, and are therefore an exceedingly weak argument.

              1. “Decent multitasking skills”… What is this? A speech from a Nintendo elitist?

                Also, Deus Ex, Mass Effect, Wind Waker and AC are fully playable on other platforms, showing that the gamepad use is totally dispensable. So, what is your point? Who’s biased here?

                1. ||The gamepad made all of these weapons even better gameplay wise and you must be weak if you think the gamepad is heavy and bulky…||

                2. “Elitist”?
                  Don’t make me laugh.
                  Also, the uses of the game pad in those games add improvements beyond normal buttons.
                  Yes, they play well without the pad, but the pad makes them BETTER.

                  1. That depends on who’s using it. But anyways, for Deus Ex, I can’t comment on that one. But I’ve heard it made good use of it. The gamepad in Assassin’s Creed is unnecessary for me. It didn’t add anything I cared about and I went through that mostly not paying attention to any gamepad features. Mass Effect, can’t comment on that either. Wind Waker definitely made great use of it! I always looked down from time to time at the map and it got me to where I needed to be. The Miiverse features were alright, and off TV play was very convenient. But, it’s too bad that the majority of games, even Nintendo’s own games, don’t make good use of it. The gamepad went from what could have been a very good device that’s great for every game, to something I did not really care to use most of the time. Whatever the special feature will be for the Nintendo NX, just please, please let it utilized in a much better way than the gamepad was…

                  2. Better? Did you play them in other consoles to know they play better on the Wii U?

                    And yes, your speech qualifies as an elitist one.

                    1. Yes, I did play them elsewhere before. I’ve been a multiplatform owner, between Sega, Sony, and Nintendo, from the very start.
                      And no, it does not. Being honest is not the same as being elitist.

                    2. By your logic I can disregard any of your arguments as they are not worth of respect. So I can’t belirve you aren’t elitist. You have even said that I’m not able to aim using tje stylus. What is that if not an elitist argument?

                    3. No, by MY logic, you lost respect the moment you starting dismissing clear evidence of fact simply because it ran contrary to your opinion, and started relying upon insults and dismissals instead whenever something didn’t fit within the limits of your reading patience.

                      Also, it was YOU that insinuated you couldn’t use the stylus for aiming by saying it was an inferior option. I gave you not just one, but TWO clear alternatives, yet you’re still of the opinion that a handheld can’t match up to a console, when clearly the userbases of such games disagree with your assessment.

                    4. I insinuated nothing. Read my post again and realize what I really meant.

                      For me, a handheld experience is definitely different from a home-console one, period. I provided enough explanation in this thread already. Is that difficult to accept some people does not think the way you do?

      1. You missed the point. The fact I was discussing has nothing to do the pro controller, but with the fact that asymmetric gameplay is horrid, and the fact that gamepad is bulky. Simple as that.

    2. While I love the second screen experience the Gamepad & 2 screens on a handheld have, I do agree this crap needs to be OPTIONAL. Otherwise, I’ll stick with my PS4 because I refuse to have something forced on me when I sometimes just want to focus on one single screen.

      As for the issues with the others, don’t let it bother you TOO much. Some people are just very attached to facts that they think an opinion is 100% wrong if it goes against said facts. Sure the sky is factually blue but that doesn’t mean I have to, in my personal opinion, like the color! Personally, the shade of blue our sky uses most of the time is pretty fucking bland & boring! The fact the sky is that shade of blue most of the time shouldn’t change my opinion!

  7. I was hoping the games would be more or less the same on the go as at home except for things like graphics, resolution, etc.

  8. This is the first guy that I actually believe. But I’ll never understand how YouTubers have so much pull and connections in the game industry? It’s almost as if they’re actually working for Nintendo/other game companies. Like, just because you get so many views on YouTube, you get the VIP treatment. And just like celebrities, these people rarely (if EVER) reply to any of their fans comments. That part I’ll never understand. If I was popular on YouTube, I could never ignore my fans. No matter how overwhelming my comments was.

    But back to what I originally said before ranting, I trust Boogie more than anyone else who has previously spread rumors about the NX.

    1. Execs are desperate to understand their markets in an era in which fads change in a matter of days, so they invite in anyone who they believe is “In the know”.
      YouTubers are a bunch of parasitic morons, they have no talent nor education, but they’re valued by old people for being meme-savvy.

    2. I think it’s mostly due to the over 9000 comments ane them being “popular” is what gets them the death threats and doxxinging online!

      It’s not about who can comment the most words on YouTubers or be thanking them or anything?

      It’s about staying alive and making a good impression so that future kids don’t join isis or kill themselves online.

      Real life is a bitch!

  9. The idea of a hybrid console is so simple yet so brilliant I just don’t know how nobody else thought about it before.
    Meanwhile Sony and Microsoft are wasting a ton of time and money on the worthless gimmick that is “VR”.
    I’m calling it, hybrids will become the standard for the 9th generation.

  10. So we are now going to youtubers…
    I won’t believe any rumors until Nintendo says anything official.
    Sure, most rumors sound very awesome, but remember Nintendo likes to keep things unexpensive (mind you the 3ds was expensive).
    There is a rumor flying around about Nintendo revealing the NX this month, but then again it has been said for the past months….
    Dammit Nintendo, i love you but i hate you when you do this to us….

    1. There’s another Rumour swirling around saying it’s coming end of this year!!!!!! 😳 Nintendo “XDS”

      1. HAHA I remember the rumored XDS, it was a nice concept but the flipping screen told me it was fake…. sadly cause it looked nice. It would have been something i would have bought.

      1. Lol I meant to say that I won’t believe any of the rumors unless nintendo says anything official as in, i am just waiting on some info from them… 😐

    1. This vid looks believable. I mean, sure why not? It’s got everything I’d want out of Nintendo.

  11. Boogie is trustful, but I still don’t buy that hybrid theory. The source is saying that you have a handheld AND a console. But that makes it Wii U 2.0 with an expensive gamepad. Nintendo said, they’re not going to repeat their mistakes.

    1. Perhaps by mistake they meant a bulky fisher price looking gamepad with 3,1/2 HRS battery life if your lucky and can’t play more than 25ft from the TV. Maybe this is the XDS like a super 3DS with 2 thumb sticks 720P HD display and streams to your TV to play 3DS games on TV and play console games. When connected to the TV dock. That sounds like they would have fixed their mistakes to me.

  12. Is this the NX?

    If this is the NX. I mean. I got giddy watching this video. It looks real. Im buying it. Maybe cuz I want something like this? What do you think? This is crazy! His might very well be it!

    1. as sexy as that is… and I hope that is part of what we get to some degree… they may have scrapped this for something “better” or that has more of that home console element as opposed to just playing WiiU games on the go… although i do hope that the wiiU library is incorporated into the NX or whatever it is… good find!

    2. ||It’s not, even the “event” in the video itself gives you a clue to why it’s not the truth, I’ll be impressed if you can find out why…||

    3. ||If you can find several points I’ll be impressed for real…||

  13. Sounds like Cross Play to me. Just that you directly connect to transfer. Much like Nintendo did before with Pokemon games & their transfer pack. Only the whole game, not a Pokemon.

  14. I don’t trust Ubisoft but I know Boogie through YouTube and he’s a guy I trust a lot.
    At this point, I’ll be surprised if it turns out to be something different than the Handheld & Console Hybrid.

    That’s a point, if it does turn out to be true, what would we even call this thing? It’s a console and a handheld so….Handsole? Conheld? I dunno…

  15. So what it sounds like is that you can bring around the handheld part, but you can only play a “mini” version of the game with the handheld alone, rather than the full game? I’m interested to know how this would work… So if you were to play Breath of the Wild, then detach the handheld, would you just get a different Zelda game to play? Or some type of minigame?

  16. What I get from this is that the dock is some kind of processor box that gives it the power of a legitimate console. If so then I’m actually pretty stoked on the whole handheld console thing.

    But if thats actually not the case and all this thing has is that outdated tegra chip to work with(or the new one which still isn’t up to par with current gen), then I could care less.

  17. I just want raw ps4 power. Third party ports secured. Nintendo with that power creates awesome experiences. It doesn’t matter for me if there’s a gimmick, or something else.
    PS4 PRo/XScorpio/4K games would be a luxury; nobody can afford that right now, maybe in 2/3 years.
    NX price at $300-350 no more. Perfect Console for Mario, F-Zero, Metroid, Pikmin, and some RPG.
    my 2 cents,

    1. now my comment appears after refreshing -_-. Something happening in the site? It’s kinda slow..

      1. I make a post & send it through but when the page refreshes, it doesn’t skip to my comment but stays at the top of the article. I then have to open another tab, click on history, then click on the top most link in history. If it takes too long to load & is still at the top of the page, I have to repeat the process of opening a brand new tab til I eventually do get the page to jump to my comment. Unless I’m mistaken, you seem to only have to right click to refresh the page to get your comment to eventually show as I have to go through a bunch of hoops. :/ And this has been happening to me for a month now & even after being gone nearly 2 weeks from here, it’s still bloody doing it! So I’m inclined to say it’s WordPress being stupid.

          1. Yeah something like that.
            In fact i wrote another big comment but when i press “post” i didn’t appear even if i did Refresh(F5), i close the page and the comment wasn’t there, i went to my wordpress account and it doesn’t appear there either.
            But.. i guess it’s like you say, WordPress stupid thing. :/

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