Activision CEO Talks About His First Time Playing The Wii

Motion control is obviously less impressive than it was ten years ago. However, we all remember our first time trying out the Wii. Activision’s CEO Bobby Kotick recently discussed his first impressions of Nintendo’s revolutionary console on the Corner Office podcast. Before the Wii was officially unveiled, Kotick had the amazing opportunity to get hands on time with the console. Here’s what he remembers:

“You see lots of experiences and have lots of experiences where you see something that is something beautiful or extraordinary or has great potential. This one, I was in Kyoto, and Mr. Iwata and Mr. Miyamoto – the two heads of Nintendo – said we want to show you something. And I went in this room, and this little table, and there was an old TV, a tube TV, and then there was a cardboard box and it had a little black box on it, and they had these two wands. He gave me one, he took one. And all I saw on the TV was a pond, just like a little pond with water. And he gave me the wand and said, ‘Go fishing’.

And it didn’t take any thought, I just went like this, and all the sudden I saw the kurplop of the lure and the water splash, and I held the wand, and as I was holding it, the force feedback started, and I could feel the fish, and I pulled the fish out, and I thought this is going to completely transform video games because the idea that you have a physical experience. You know, it’s a very visceral experience. And the controller is something that you do have this unusual visceral relationship to, but this was something really different. I remember walking away thinking, this is gonna open up whole new opportunities for games and who they are going to be appealing to.”

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  1. I bought a few games before I even had the Wii. Twilight princess. I was that excited. I didn’t even have a game in yet, I wanted to make Mii’s. But my first Wii experiences were the Rayman Raving rabbids mini games. That and Wario Ware smoother moves . There was a very specific magic that I’ve not experienced anywhere else.

    1. Super Mario Galaxy a one of my favorite Mario games as well but even though it takes place in space it feels smaller and more linear than say Mario 64. I hope the next game is mind blowing and brings back the feather item for a cape. And the whole mushroom kingdom is open wide from the castle to over the hill to s desert land and ice land and under water land and they call it Super Mario Bros. Mushroom kingdom

  2. I remember my first wii game was Twilight Princess, i loved the way you used the wii mote. Then i got Medal of Honor for the wii, and i totally loved the wii. It was the first time i actually loved a shooter game.
    But then… Metroid Prime 3 came along and after that the Metroid Prime Collection… i felt i was in heaven.
    Yeah i did buy lots of wii games, but those are the ones i am more fond of.

  3. My first experience was Wii Sports. I spent a good amount of time playing that. Other early games were Mario Galaxy and CoD World at War. Twilight Princess came a little later followed by Metroid Prime Trilogy. That was when I really began to appreciate the motion controls. The precision and mobility in Prime was amazing. That was the first Wii game that I spent 3-5 hours on per session.

  4. “Motion control is obviously less impressive than it was ten years ago” – It’s less surprising. “Less impressive” makes it sound irrelevant. But motion controls are an absolute standard now. Every system has it. Even smart phones have it.

  5. It just isn’t as mind blowing. You are right about it becoming “an absolute standard”, but that kinda proves my point.

  6. Unless you were playing shooters, motion controls didn’t really get good til Wii Motion Plus. But by then, the novelty had ran it’s course for many & most just wanted to return to traditional controls. In fact, not many games ended up using Wii Motion Plus to it’s fullest, best extent except Red Steel 2 & Skyward Sword. But like I said, by then, it was too late for most gamers.

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