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Travel To The Hoenn Region In The Latest Pokémon Generations

We seem to be progressing chronologically through the history of Pokemon in Generations. This latest episode focuses on the Hoenn region and the dastardly deeds of its various evil organisations. Last week we oddly received two episodes but it seems we are back down to one a week. Check it out below. 


    1. After Team Rocket vanished completely after Gen II, future Team groups have been more like cults than actual organizations.

      1. Yeah, cults that come close to rebuilding or destroying the world.

        All Team Rocket wanted to do was capture the strongest Pokemon in the world. Team Aqua wanted to recreate the story of Noah’s Ark, Team Magma wanted to recreate the eruption of Vesuvius that smothered Pompeii, Team Galactic wanted to recreate the world from scratch to their leader’s vision, Team Plasma’s leader wanted to be the only person who had Pokemon, and Lysandre of Team Flare wanted to just destroy the world outright. It’s like the villains’ ambitions evolved with every installment.

  1. Awww! Just when it was about to get better with a Pokemon battle between Courtney & Ruby! These videos are becoming more like teaser trailers by the week! @.@

    1. ||They all are, I fail to see what anyone likes about these, they are even worse than the worst episodes of Ash’s quests…||

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