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Two More Episodes Of Pokémon Generations Now On YouTube

Our weekly journey to the Pokémon World is here again. Continuing last week’s Gold and Silver themed episode, two more Johto based episodes have been uploaded on YouTube. These weekly episodes have become a highlight of a Pokémon fan’s week so keep ’em coming.


  1. Even though I’m retired from Poke-Gay-Man. This series is good as there’s No Ass ketchup personally if they made this a full series longer than 4 mins i’d return to the franchise but only if they ditch ass ketchup!

  2. Great episodes with the second episode having the best story. Too bad the story for those 4 Pokemon wasn’t as great in the actual games they debuted in.

    1. I wonder if they’ll ever have Giovanni return with a more successful Team Rocket. Maybe they are saving it for the 25th Anniversary of the franchise?

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