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Pokémon Generations Episode 4 Released

The next episode of Pokémon Generations is now available on YouTube. This marks the first time an episode has been based around the second generation of Pokémon games. Following the Pokémon Champion Lance, the episode depicts the epic events at the Lake of Rage. Check it out below.

6 thoughts on “Pokémon Generations Episode 4 Released”

  1. Yay! Gold was in this! Or was it Silver? We need this turned into a full fledged anime, so we can see people OTHER than Ash have the spotlight! In fact, it’d be nice if that loser was non-existent altogether.

    I’m gonna assume Lance has a change of heart after Blue, Red, and others defeated him & the rest of the Elite Four of Kanto. That or he’s still a bad guy but just less evil than Team Rocket. *shrug*

    1. I agree, they need to expand on this even further. I’m sure Pokemon has pooled enough money to have two animes, one for the younger audience and another for older fans. I haven’t watched the anime in over 10 years and I really want one that feels closer to the spirit of the games.

      1. Yeah. If we’re in an age where older fans of Power Rangers can get a more serious, mature version of Power Rangers as a movie franchise while the more family friendly/kid version is still on the air on television, why can’t we have two separate Pokemon anime for different age groups co-exist!?

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