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Brand-New Pokémon Generations Animated Series Launching On YouTube

The Pokémon Company International is excited to announce Pokémon Generations, an all-new Pokémon animated series of shorts is launching on the official Pokémon YouTube channel this Friday, September 16 at 9:00am Pacific Time. A first-look trailer revealing the series and giving a sneak peek at the animation has just gone live below:

Pokémon Generations looks back at each generation of the Pokémon video game series, diving into the stories of the games more deeply and getting to know characters and Pokémon better. Visit each region, from Kanto to Kalos, to relive the world of Pokémon like never before! Pokémon Generations consists of 18 episodes each running between 3 and 5 minutes in length, with the first two episodes launching September 16.



  1. Great, they’ve made the same stupid-ass mistake and kept Red as the protagonist for the whole thing.
    Why can’t they take a page from Adventures and just give Ethan, Brendan, Lucas, Hilbert, Nate and Calem their time in the spotlight? Why does it always have to be Ash or one of his damn alternate selves?

        1. No it’s not!

          Because he’s talking about Origins Red and NOT Ash!

          Honestly 2016 is the worse year for Terrorism and crybabies talking about their “safe place” not knowing that the reason why we are in this shit is because of our own politics and behind the scenes bullshit of not giving a damn!

          One day you will understand why nobody can ever trust the mainstream media and prefer users like Pews and Pappa Frank.

          Still young and sad?

    1. Actually, Ash is a clone of Red. A clone that is a loser & never wins a single Pokemon League but still just a clone. This anime seems to be based on the Pokemon manga called Pokemon Adventures where Red is only the main protagonist for one season & is absolutely NOTHING like Ash. Each season is based on each generation of Pokemon which is based on the games which has nothing to do with the Pokemon anime featuring Ash. Ash doesn’t even exist in Pokemon Adventures.

  2. I really enjoyed Pokémon Origins. I’m glad that this series is more serious and closer based on the games; glad to get away from Ash and all Pokémon saying their names. I hope that this becomes a mainstream series.

  3. I think that it will switch the protagonist between episodes and that red appears in like 3/10 of them. because in the trailer you can see blue’s battles to reach the top of the league.Cheryl the tag partner from platinum also appears to have appeared as a protagonist in at least one episode.

  4. Yay! Finally an anime based on Pokemon Adventures, a manga in Japan, known lovingly as Pokemon Special everywhere else! Get the fuck out of the way, Ash and Pikachu! Your replacements are finally here!

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