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BBC iPlayer Closing On Nintendo Wii U

Despite only being released last year, BBC iPlayer is closing on the Wii U. The application was removed from the eShop on August 31st. However, users who already installed the app have still been able to use the service. BBC iPlayer will continue to operate until January 2017, but after that it will fully discontinued.


9 thoughts on “BBC iPlayer Closing On Nintendo Wii U”

    1. nah, real life shows and documentaries are much better than hearing over exaggerated teens yelling Weeb shit and girls with over sized breasts

      nothing beats a good history documentary

      fucking weebs

  1. what a fucking big mistake. Honestly!!!!! More than anything BBC iplayer needs an update and now we learn they closing it. The bloody shit NX won’t be out until MARCH 2017 and is still unknown if NX shit will have it. For crying out loud the PS3 still has BBC iplayer and now just the fact I mentioned, I really pissed off. That’s just means and unnecessary.

    Well that another Nintendo’s mistake from a long list of cock up… unfortunately it won’t be the last….

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