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Grab The Mythical Pokémon Keldeo 

Continuing Pokémon’s twentieth anniversary celebrations, players can now grab the mythical Keldeo on their 3DS. Originally a fifth generation monster, Keldeo has two distinct forms. It is currently only available in the PAL version of the game, but should be out worldwide in the next few days. Make sure to grab it before the end of October.

9 thoughts on “Grab The Mythical Pokémon Keldeo ”

  1. MOTHERFUCKER!!! Not available here yet! What the hell is NoA or whoever the fuck is in charge of this doing!? Probably too busy throwing feces at each other like the dumb fucking monkeys they are.

    1. Ugh… This pisses me off more than it really should since we’ll still be getting Keldeo eventually this month… I probably just feel lied to… “Keldeo will be available through Nintendo Network in October from Oct 1 to Oct 24.” I bet if it was a fucking card at Gamestop, they’d be giving them out the day BEFORE October 1st! Fuck you, NoA, Pokemon Company, & GameFreak!

  2. You guys live in the future!!! It’s September 30th right now in my time…-GASP- D:
    Anyways, i hope they release him in a code just like they did with Darkrai, i missed the other pokemons since i hadn’t bought one since the DS ones…

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