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Miyamoto Reveals Mario’s Age

In a recently unearthed interview with Miyamoto, Nintendo’s Creative Fellow revealed some interesting facts about their mascot. According to Miyamoto, Mario is only 24 years old. Apparently, this is one of the only defined elements of Mario’s character. While Mario’s facial hair may suggest otherwise, the plumber is yet to enter his thirties. What do you think of Mario’s age? Tell us below.

“Aside from the fact that he’s about 24-25 years old, we didn’t define anything else”.


72 thoughts on “Miyamoto Reveals Mario’s Age”

  1. Haha wow I always assumed he would’ve had to be in his early to mid 30’s. Welp, i’m gonna feel awkward when i’m older than Mario. I’m sure I’ll still be playing his games though 😂

  2. If Mario’s that old and Wario is probably the same age, then I guess all the Mona x Wario ships doesn’t fall into the category of severe ephebophilia (the underaged sexual interest in teenagers).

    1. Except for a the fact that Mona is canonically a high schooler. No localization changes involved, that was done to Ashley (not like it stops the lolicons from having their fun).

      Wario is more of a “riches over bitches” type of guy. So he wouldn’t pay any mind to Mona’s advances if she think she can get jiggy with the fat man. Which raises the question, how the fuck does a high schooler own a pizza restaurant?

  3. I’m older than him but, at the same time, I’m younger than him! *causes a rift in the space time continuum as the universe is destroyed by this paradox* @.@

  4. I call “no way.” His physiology suggests he is in his late thirties at best, late forties at worst.

    Not to mention that in order to become Dr. Mario, he would need to take at least seven years of medical school and intern for one, making the youngest age he could possibly be at 26, which works out considering he debuted in 1981 under the alias of Jumpman and worked as a carpenter and then plumber in order to put himself through med school, allowing his earliest debut into the medical field at 1989, which, if I am not mistaken, was the year Dr. Mario hit the NES.


    1. Right, because Dr. Mario was SUCH a pivotal cornerstone in Mario/Nintendo history……

      It’s actual name is Mario Tetris.

      When has that sub series ever had major story, especially one that credits Mario as a licensed official doctor?

      Nintendo makes one sub-series, and if it gets decent sales, they won’t let go of it (even if it doesn’t).

      Why the hell does he even have his own character slot in SSB in the first place.

  5. I feel like Miyamoto should have given Mario’s age a little more thought. Making him 33 or 35 would have been far more realistic and acceptable to the fans… 24 just sounds wrong. Either way, I feel old as dirt now, thanks Miyamoto.

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  7. This whole fact is now making me wonder the age of the other characters in the Mario universe. Is Luigi a valedictorian of his college class? Is Peach a cougar? So many unanswered questions!

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  9. I would say that 30-35 would be a fair age. But 24? He was older than that even when he first appeared in Donkey Kong. Back when he looked more like Waluigi (in the artwork). It would be interesting to see Mario and Luigi appear in a game without a mustache. Nintendo should do that some time. Even if it’s only during one particular part of the game.

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