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Video: NES Classic VS Wii U Virtual Console Emulation Comparison

The NES Classic provides Nintendo fans with access to their favourite games from the NES’s massive library. However, the Wii U’s Virtual Console basically does the same thing. The folks at GameXplain have put this to the test by comparing the two systems against one another. Interestingly, it seems the cheaper NES Classic beats the Wii U Virtual Console graphically. Check out the video below.

16 thoughts on “Video: NES Classic VS Wii U Virtual Console Emulation Comparison”

  1. We’ve been had! The Wii U VC is a sham! Jokes aside, the NES Classic does look brighter and seems to sound slightly better too. Also, Luigi looks different when you compare the versions I noticed.

  2. Good lord Nintendo, why not just higher the guys working on this to create the emulation for your VC?
    I think they do a far better job.
    The VC has some pretty bleh emulation.
    My PC emulators run better than the VC.

  3. Seriously!? Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. You fuckers need to step up your game with virtual console! ESPECIALLY if you motherfuckers are going to continue to charge us multiple times for roughly the same game. A universal account system with cross buy & cross save can’t come to Nintendo systems soon enough! Then again, they’d probably rather continue milking us *cough*ripoffmotherfuckers*cough* with this bullshit while also giving us low quality. It’s a damn shame Nintendo’s Seal of Quality has been given the middle finger by Nintendo for the last few years, if not longer.

  4. The reason they can’t run these games on Wii U virtual console is because the Wii U actually sucks. Sorry. The truth is out. The NES Classic edition is running code directly from the NX our Savior is here praise goomy

    1. Actually, the reason the Wii U VC version is so bad is that the emulator they used is bad. People have hacked other emulators on that work perfectly. Also, there is no proof that this is the emulator that the NX will use, but it’s possible.

  5. Im reading lots of negative things about the Wii U, and yes i realize it was a flop. Im still happy i got one. It has good exclusives, and indies that you cant find anywhere else. Pertaining the VC, I love playing the old school games but Im wondering how many people actually beat VC games. Adding to that. I was wondering if you guys can go and check out my site, i just created it. Its called
    You can make anonymous posts about anything and get comments and reply back or actually create your own blog. Im open to opinions, insight, and critiques. Thanks!

  6. Yeah the virtual console has been pretty meh since the beginning. Wii, 3ds, Wii U, the Virtual Console has always been more for easily-accessible nostalgia than playing the best version of the game.

  7. I noticed the NES’s difference in sound quality with the Wii U’s emulation from the very start, practically had my speakers blaring. Very disappointed in the Wii U, can’t even get something as simple as NES emulation right.

  8. Wow, that is… honestly sad. I didn’t even realize how bad Wii U’s VC emulation was for NES games, though to be fair, I haven’t played much NES VC (my most-played Virtual Console game is probably Metroid Fusion).

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