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Video: GameXplain Takes A Closer Look At Pikmin 3DS

GameXplain is famous for their indepth analysis of game trailers. While their recent Zelda analysis came in at a whopping 2 hours, their recent look at Pikmin 3DS still manages to reach 20 minutes. The video is sure to feature an indepth and interesting look at the upcoming game. Check it out below.


  1. Personally, it doesn’t have the depth I would look for in the Pikmin game’s. But given it’s for the 3ds, I guess it would be hard to achieve that level of detail.

  2. Pikmin 3 was visually beautiful but it was my first time playing it and I didn’t get it.
    But this looks more like my speed. I like it. It got me interested in Pikmin again.

  3. Was looking forward to it but the product placement and in-game advertising totally kills it for me. Chibi Robo was unacceptable in that regard as well.

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