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Eight New Pokémon And Two New Characters Revealed For Upcoming Pokémon Games

The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo showcased new information for the latest games in the Pokémon franchise, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, coming to North America on November 18 and available exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

The following new Pokémon have been unveiled:

Type: Normal
The Synthetic Pokémon Silvally is the evolution of Type: Null. This Pokémon changes its type when exclusive items are inserted into the drive on its head, and its somatic cells mutate and glow with different colors of light depending on its type. Silvally has the new Ability RKS System, which causes this Pokémon to change type when holding specific type-related items. It also has the exclusive move Multi-Attack, an attack which changes depending on which type-related item it is holding.


Type: Dragon-Fighting
Hakamo-o is the Evolution of Jangmo-o. Hakamo-o dance before battle to show their strength, clanging their scales together. A solitary Pokémon that enjoys training alone, its scales are often torn off, but they grow back nearly immediately. Hakamo-o view the number of lost scales as proof of how ferociously they have fought in battle.

Type: Dragon-Fighting
Kommo-o is the Evolution of Hakamo-o. There is a legend that says Kommo-o are covered in glittering scales in order to drive away a great darkness covering the world. This Pokémon can learn the new move Clanging Scales. When using this attack, Kommo-o scrapes the scales covering its body against one another, attacking with a loud clamor. After using this move, Kommo-o’s Defense is lowered.

Type: Grass
The Fruit Pokémon Steenee is the Evolution of Bounsweet. The calyx on this Pokémon’s head is very hard, and Steenee attacks by smacking its opponent with it, combined with kicks from its tough legs. This Pokémon’s fragrance is even more delectable than that of Bounsweet.


Type: Grass
Only the strongest of Steenee are able to evolve into Tsareena. A very noble Pokémon, Tsareena use their strength to protect and rule over Bounsweet as their queen. This Pokémon attacks with very powerful, majestic kicks and uses its powerful fragrance to mesmerize its opponents. Some Tsareena have the exclusive new ability Queenly Majesty, which prevents opponents from using priority moves.


Type: Bug-Fairy
Ribombee is the Evolution of Cutiefly. This Pokémon collects flower nectar and pollen to make into balls, known as Pollen Puffs, which it can then launch at its opponent in battle. Some of the Pollen Puffs that Ribombee make also have relaxing effects or can relieve tiredness. These Pollen Puffs are distributed all over the Alola region.

Alolan Grimer
Type: Poison-Dark
As the population of the Alola region increased, dealing with garbage became a serious problem. As a solution, Grimer were imported from other regions and fed primarily on garbage, so their body composition changed—as did their form. What appear to be teeth in this Pokémon’s mouth are in fact residual toxins from the garbage it eats, which have hardened and crystallized. There are more than a hundred Alolan Grimer in Alola’s garbage-processing plants.

Alolan Muk
Type: Poison-Dark
Alolan Muk evolves from Alolan Grimer. The Muk in the Alola region produce and store their toxins within their bodies so, unlike Muk in other regions, you won’t detect any unpleasant aromas when you draw near one. Alolan Muk has the same poisonous crystals as Alolan Grimer, but they are all over the surface of its body. Alolan Muk uses them to attack, just like other Pokémon use their fangs or claws.

Two new characters who will appear in the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games were also announced. Introducing Olivia and Ilima:


Olivia is the kahuna of Akala Island, the second island you visit across your island challenge. She is extraordinarily skilled and has served as a kahuna since a young age. Although highly skilled, she insists that she is just a normal girl.

A graduate of the Trainers’ school and an expert in Normal-type Pokémon, Captain Ilima is considered a hero by the students of his former school.


  1. Now I’m not the biggest Pokemon fan, but wouldn’t you want to discover this stuff while your actually playing the game vs reading about it before release? Not sure why Pokemon company would release this type of info.

    1. it keeps fans occupied rather than letting them sit in the dark hunting for rumors (*cough* NX *cough*)

    2. It seems to be a recurring theme with Nintendo games over the last few years: reveal EVERYTHING about a game’s roster of new characters, stages, & modes. They did it with Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Brothers 4 Wii U/3DS, Hyrule Warriors, & Pokken Tournament, too. :/

    1. I think it’s clear that it’s a man-made pokemon, but I doubt it’d be Legendary at all. At the very most it might be a one-off like Volcarona or Rotom.

      1. Maybe not legendary, but maybe like porygon. Like its not legendary, but is probably only has one per game.

        But (and its just a theory) it could be a clone of arceus. It already looks akin to mewtwo is to mew.

        Now we find out its part robot, and can change its typing. Very interesting.

  2. I like Kommo-o, the final evolution of Jangmo-o.

    Muk’s Alolan form looks awesome! Sorry, regular Muk, but I’m gonna have to replace you. So colorful in his 3D model.

    Anyone else starting to get an Orange Islands vibe from Alola? :o Only 4 “gym leaders” in the entire game & you have to beat a bunch of trials before you even get to face them in a Pokemon battle. Yeah. They are definitely taking cues from the Orange Islands filler season from many years ago.

  3. Also, they sure are giving us a lot more spoilers than we had for other gens, it does make me worry I won’t have much left to discover when actually playing the game

    1. Considering the number of other games they revealed the entire freaking roster of this generation, don’t be surprised if they do show us every single Pokemon & character in the game before it’s even out. :/

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