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More Footage Of The Upcoming Pokémon Anime Redesign

With the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon next month, it won’t be long until Ash Ketchum also makes his way to the Alola region. However, as we saw in the previous preview, the Sun and Moon anime will be receiving a major redesign from the X and Y series. These newest previews show off Ash interacting with various characters and Pokémon native to the Alola region. What do you think of the new designs? Tell us below.

11 thoughts on “More Footage Of The Upcoming Pokémon Anime Redesign”

    1. I’m a grown ass man and I think this is not only appropriate for the times but lookin good as hell. I hope that this is how good the animation would be for each episode.

    1. That’s what I thought when they revealed that watch bracelet thing for the Z-moves. This is the first generation that I truly feel is a step in the wrong direction. The pokemon designs are also reminiscent of yokai watch’s character designs.

        1. Well Pokemon now has a watch, just like Yokai Watch. And the designs of the Pokemon have a more kid friendly look them, similar to that of Yokai Watch. For example, the new dragon with 3 evolutions lacks the ferociousness that Salamence, Garchomp, and Haxorus have. You can tell those are a force to be reckoned with, where as this new dragon looks kinda whimpy.

        2. Oh and also they’re riding that Gen 1 nostalgia wave caused by Pokemon Go. All of these Gen 1 pokemon getting alolan forms, it feels like a cheap way to add to the new pokemon count. Why do we need a dark Meowth? Or a surfing Raichu? I know it’s from a different region, but then why wouldn’t they make a sinnoh pidgey or a hoenn pidgey? Because that’s unoriginal, so they made Starly and Tailow. The whole idea of these new pokemon variants being discovered after all this time doesn’t really make sense. It’s an obvious cash grab for all those people who’ve been playing pokemon go.

          1. You DO realize that everything you just said is only based on pure conjecture and opinion, right? I can agree that there are a LOT of similarities between Yokai Watch and Pokémon, and even MORE with the Z-Ring. But you wanna know MY opinion? Pokémon has always been this way. Personally, I don’t give a crap about how similar they are or how the Alolan variants may be a just an easy excuse to get money or ratings or whatever. I honestly don’t feel like complaining. Call me biased but I just don’t give a damn, I’m sure I speak for a good amount when I say I will always love Pokémon no matter how subtle their changes get throughout the years it never feels too different. If you wish to argue any further about this matter, I hope you like talking to yourself.

  1. It’d be funny if they were changing the artstyle of the original Pokemon anime because they really are planning to turn Pokemon Generations into a full fledged anime and they don’t want people to get the two mixed up because of the similar artstyle. Which would be stupid, really, since I don’t hear people getting the multiple different Gundam shows, which all mostly have roughly the same artstyle, confused with each other. *shrug* Oh well…

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