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Major Art Style Change For The Pokémon Anime

The Pokémon anime has been running for nearly two decades. However, the latest season seems to be introducing a radical new art style. Earlier today, TV Tokyo aired a preview of the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon anime. Unlike the X and Y anime, which is slowly coming to a close, the character designs seem to be massively simplified. It is certainly reminiscent of the popular Yokai Watch anime. What do you think of the new designs? Tell us below.

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107 thoughts on “Major Art Style Change For The Pokémon Anime”

    1. Too bad its only 18 episodes and they are only 3-5 minutes in length
      Still Red is a far better protagonist because he’s not OP yet he actually knows his shit and gets the job of catching them all done, unlike Ash

  1. While it sucks that it’s only 4 episode’s long, I highly recommend Pokemon Origins (season one).

    It’s detailed and fluently animated.

    Other than that, I just stick to everything before the Orange Islands.

      1. I’m lucky enough to be one of the people who got to experience Pokemon at its start, peak and prime and even now in it’s later year’s.

        And I’m not sure what that is, so no.

      1. I’m mostly going off of what last I actually watched on television. Honestly I want to start the season’s that cover Gold/Silver.

        I’m a water type :). I would have fit in well around those Islands. Haha.

      1. Yes. Yes it is. And that doesn’t even count since it wasn’t an actual Pokemon League. That & I think that season was mostly filler since it didn’t focus on a major region from the games. Oh & when he finally was very close to winning a Pokemon League which was the Black & White seasons, some guy with nothing but legendary Pokemon on his team came & wiped the floor with Ash’s team with only 2 of his legendaries after he went through the tournament winning most of his match ups with just one of his legendary Pokemon. Yeah. I know. Dick move to screw Ash over at the last minute. The Pokemon anime is nothing more than a fucking kick to the nuts these days.

    1. That’s because it’s done by a different studio.

      I can tell due to the different art style and normally no company outside of OLM, Inc. (Aka, Oriental Light, and Magic)

      They are the ones who have done the Pokemon anime since the beginning back in 97.

      Nintendo and The Pokémon Company would NEVER switch animation studios unless it’s for a special request or OLM, Inc is too busy with other animation projects. (Like Yo-Kai Watch.)

      The artice didn’t explain much? But it’s most likely that a new studio will handle the animation of the series for the first time since……… Never!

      This is the fist time Pokémon had switched studios.

      More info will be shown in the upcoming weeks.

      1. so thats the real reason why the art style is so different from the other one right?. i think the pokemon company does not have nothing to do with this new art style of this new anime version, i think they been thinking about changing this series a new art style maybe since the beginning of X & Y from another studio. plus, i figure that other studios have been working on other animation shows that have nothing to do with the pokemon company. plus, i think your right about this sort of thing. i think this new art style is base off pokemon origins.

  2. Chill out. I know alot of you want ash to grow up, but for what? He’ll eventually get grown and end up like Tai, gohan, and naruto, done. Then you’ll be asking for him to be young again LMAO.

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  3. Can we still even call him ash? Lol he just doesn’t look right. I have never seen an anime switch art styles so radically but I guess with a show running as long as Pokémon it’s inevitable. But of course I only watch mainstream anime so I admit I don’t know much lol

        1. Ikr? You would think that Sickr would get rid of every user that’s under 10 years old. I guess only a few are on this website. Also, you’re cool in my book. It’s that trolling is becoming more and more rare when it comes to subjects and easy bait in the framewars! XD

          I don’t do it on this website. That’s what YouTube is for? ^_^

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  4. How did they manage to make the anime look even worse? And before you all tell me to watch Generations instead, that looks nearly as bad. I only saw one episode of the XY anime and I don’t intend to watch any of this one.

  5. Parachan isn’t a troll . That and does Ash have to be back? He’s been the star for way too long give somebodyelse a shot! And this is why i jumped to Yo-kai Watch As Ass Ketchup shows no sign of leaving to give somebody else a go in the limelight.

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        1. Parachan is my Pokémon OC who’s a female.

          I just changed my avatar to Mako from Soul Eater because of her trolling face meme. lol

          I may change my name as well. ;)

    1. I would say that’s he’s a 12 year old trying to act cool on the internet, but the picture of himself says otherwise. If he isn’t a troll, then he’s mentally handicapped. Either one or the other.

        1. Yaaaaawn! That yellow CUNT is milked more than Mario’s Italian Dick so grow up man Pokemon is for kids not Adults that never grew up!

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  6. It looks worse…but if they had gotten rid of Ash I would have welcome whatever hell art style they want with open arms. Come on, it’s been a couple of decades now, can we get an anime with actually good plot and characters?

    1. Even if they had gotten rid of Ash, I still wouldn’t be interested. That new artstyle they got is too American for my liking. Better plot & characters would be nice, though. Maybe if Ash wasn’t stuck as a regular Pokemon Trainer, I could have gotten back into it. But with this artstyle change, meh. Not interested even if they did do better with Ash & stuff.

      Maybe they chose this more simple artstyle because the ratings aren’t as good as they use to be so they can’t afford to do the old artstyle as it’s more expensive to do than this one.

          1. NO SHIT!

            Not every show has to be Disney levels of animation.

            It’s not about who has the best animation after 9/11?

            It’s about Character development, world building, and who has the most laughs to piss people off online!

            Like TTG! XD

            I watched my anime like One Piece and junk.

            But wouldn’t that be considered a Cartoon Network show as well?

            Last time I remember this….


            Does not look like THIS!!!!


            Rip. Pepperoni

    2. i like the art style but getting rid of Ass ketchup and pukaque for somebody who is actually good and not staged like every wrestling match

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  8. If the constant use of Ash being a total loser at every single Pokemon League wasn’t bad enough to keep me away from this show, this artstyle will keep me even further away. I was expecting a more Japanese cartoon artstyle but instead it looks like it’s closer to American cartoon artstyle which isn’t nearly as impressive. That Pokemon Generations thing couldn’t have come soon enough. Now if they’ll just convert it into a full fledged anime, us older fans can finally have something good to watch as a Pokemon anime.

    In either case, once again, the video games are going to be better than the anime.

    1. He just looks more Hawaiian than most of the fanbase on this website.

      Plus, at least he’s still a kid unlike half the people who wanted to beat my ass just because I post memes and videos and little kids now wanna beat me up!


      I pissed off the wrong people online? ;P

  9. Honestly, I love the new art style. It looks much more soft and playful, which fits pretty well for a hawaii-inspired region. Also it reminds me a bit of Tsuritama.

  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! You completely ruined ash’s image! He looks like a cartoon character in an anime setting!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW HORRIBLE THIS SOUNDS. Worst of all, you are killing amour shipping, the main reason any fan came back to the show! Getting rid of gym badges? Fine. No gyms? Fine. Making Ash go back to school? Well, fine. BUT RUINING ONLY HIS ART, and then REMOVING SERENA is LITERALLY the worst decision you have ever made. What are you doing. I would even accept the new art style, if it wasn’t Ash, and he wasn’t freaking amazing in the last 10 seasons. z

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  12. I’m sooooo mad! The new animation style isn’t nearly as good as before it doesn’t even look like Pokémon anymore I think they should leave it how it was

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