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Yokai Watch Anime Will Debut On Disney XD In The United States

We found out during the Nintendo E3 Digital Event that the Yokai Watch video game series for Nintendo 3DS will be coming to the United States later this year and will come to Europe sometime in 2016. The Yokai Watch video game is also accompanied by an immensely popular anime series which will debut in the United States on Disney XD later this year. It is certainly going to be interesting to see how well the anime and the video games do over here in the west.

40 thoughts on “Yokai Watch Anime Will Debut On Disney XD In The United States”

  1. Why Disney XD? I hated that channel ever since it became overflowed with shows about kids. They show more of those than actual cartoons now.

    1. Actually, Disney XD is more about cartoons than live-action these days. You have Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yander, Start Vs. The Forces of Evil, Star Wars Rebels, Marvel cartoons, Doremon and upcoming ones like a Ducktales reboot. It even has Doctor Who. Yokai Watch will fit in just fine

      1. A Ducktales reboot is coming soon? And now I have a real fucking reason to watch that channel every week.

    1. You’re kidding right? Kids watch cartoons on Disney XD all the time. Doesn’t matter what a Yokai is. They’ll learn and love it.

      The show is going to be a success. Any bonehead could see that.

  2. Thats a mistake. They want to recreate the Pokemon phenomena but that isnt a big enough channel. Cartoon Network would have been better or even the main Disney Channel.

    1. Cartoon Network?
      come on, that channel hasn’t been that relevant since they decided to spam Ben10 all the time

      1. Or what about the time they had non-cartoon shows going on? The Othersiders? Destroy-Build-Destroy?

        Yeah those didn’t belong on CN.

      2. Its the best animation on TV. Steven Universe and Adventure Time are the most thoughtful and high quality cartoons out there. Toonami is there with an even better selection of dubs then when toonami was mainstream. Sonic Boom as a franchise is seeing success and sequels because of the success of the TV show; sucess that Yokai is looking for. And lastly if you were the right age when Ben 10 started it was the perfect show. Ben was young and the show was goofy when I was little and as I got older the show evolved; Ben got older, the stories bigger, and the animation went closer to anime. It was a show that grew WITH the generation.

  3. PrayStation RidgeRace

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  4. Remember when they tried airing Naruto Shippuden? I know this is a kids show but their track record with license material hasn’t been as great as Cartoon Network. They cancelled Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for more “comedic” Marvel cartoons

  5. There use to be a time in history Disney channel had ACTUAL cartoons. Now it’s overflown with crappy sitcoms, each staring at least 2 generic blonde white girls, in uninteligent, unrealistic plots.

    Disney XD is the only channel with Disney’s name on it that decently does cartoons right. 2nd best kids channel next to CN (Steven Universe leads the pack).

  6. Omg lame. Should be on Cartoon Network. Also should be available on Netflix. Also the game should be on Steam.

  7. Are they competing with Sonic Boom now, or something?
    NOT that Nintendo NEEDS to compete with Sonic Boom, I don’t mean that!
    You know, I just thought that this will be great publicity. If they handle it right.

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