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Harvest Moon Nintendo 3DS Themes Coming To North America

In celebration of Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley for the Nintendo 3DS coming to Europe this week, Rising Star Games have released a bunch of Harvest Moon Nintendo 3DS themes available now in Europe. But, even though the game released in North America way back in November, they will also– at some point– be getting the Nintendo 3DS themes too! You can pick from either, ‘Cow’, ‘Horse’, ‘Dog’ or ‘Chicken’. Which will be your choice?



      1. Get Ps4, its a cash cow! Join now, greatness awaits. PlayStation fighted against WiiU/XboxOne and it won!#PlayStation4Evar!


      2. What bait? Are you questioning the greatness? Ps4 won, just deal with it! Shenmue3 only on Ps4!


  1. i don’t like to pay anything for themes and haven’t yet. If they’re free, for sure, otherwise maybe if one of them is really good with music as I love harvest moon games.


  2. I like themes. I got a free sonic one. I only paid for one. It was Slowbro. It’s awesome. I kinda want this one. I wonder if it’s a good game? Are there reviews?


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