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GoNintendo Refuses To Cover Any Further Michael Pachter News

GoNintendo has announced it will no longer share any of Michael Pachter’s commentary on the industry. In response to his harsh comments regarding the late Satoru Iwata, the popular news source has said the analyst will no longer feature on their site. This is certainly a strong stance to take, Pachter being one of the best known video games analysts around. However, his comments were certainly unnecessarily harsh, referring to Nintendo’s former CEO as “the late and not so great Satoru Iwata”. What do you think of GoNintendo’s decision? Tell us below.

In the most recent episode of Pachter Factor, analyst Michael Pachter mentions Satoru Iwata in passing. During his statement, Pachter says (3:30 mark), “the late and not so great Satoru Iwata.” Whether or not Pachter believes Iwata’s contributions to the industry were important is one thing. To take a jab at a man no longer with us just disgusts me, especially when most of us recognize how kind-hearted Mr. Iwata was.

Again, I take no issue if Pachter doesn’t feel Iwata’s works merit and positive commentary. There are plenty of business decisions the man made that many analysts disagree with. That said, I take issue with how his remark is nothing but a petty jab at a man that we lost due to illness.

From here on out, we will not be covering anything else Michael Pachter shares in his analysis or commentary.


88 thoughts on “GoNintendo Refuses To Cover Any Further Michael Pachter News”

      1. Not a problem at all. People have every right to comment their opinion on this site. If people don’t want articles on him, that’s fine. Aside from giving people something to comment on, his articles don’t serve much of a purpose anyway, since he makes incorrect predictions all the time. And taking shots at a dead person is low class, so I’m certainly not going too defend him.

    1. Well, it’s not like this guy’s much news anyways. All of the stuff he says are either terrible predictions or insults to really great people or great consoles. The dude is an ignorant jerk and his ignorance doesn’t deserve to be posted about in blogs or news sites. I hope MNN makes the same decision because this guy’s more of a bad influence than a good game analyst…

      1. I think they should keep reporting on him so we can all see more examples of his ignorance; the more we know about an opposing force, the greater chance we have to not be affected by their attacks

            1. It’s alright, lol. I try to not judge people based on my first impression, the only people I really seem to get annoyed at are those who continually harass, then it becomes more of a personal issue.

    2. Pachter is generally hit and miss. On the odd occasion he does have something informative and valid to say, but his recent comments about Satoru Iwata were below the belt so to speak.

        1. Sickr – “looks at money” sorry bitches the money is too good, this guys easy money, cry on and click away fools, its payday. ‘Continues playing xbox one thats sitting on top of dusty wii u’, haha crrry on bitches, im getting paayed by the tears.

            1. Hey, i thought i remembered your name come up when talking to this guy with a username lord zedd i think. Is he your twin brother, if not i got things really messed up lol

                1. Oh haha, good name, i think i may have ran into him lol but i didnt no that was him. i remember the good old days of fanboy destroying, back when this page wasnt a bore fest, and before nintendo commit suicide with wii u and put fanboys in submission themselves generally intresting place of goof off. Good time waster lol. ….
                  Guess its good though theres no annoying spamming atleast.

                  1. Yeah. This site is pretty dead compared to what it used to be. There’s almost no real news from Nintendo, so the traffic has decreased significantly. There used to be over 100 comments on almost every article. Now, there’s like 20-30. A few blips here and there from a Patcher or NX rumor article. But for the most part, it’s pretty slow. Kinda boring. Most people have gone into hiding until the NX reveal. Not sure that will even bring anyone back. There aren’t even many arguments about Nintendo’s decisions either. It’s like everyone just don’t care anymore one way or the other. Pretty dull some days.

                    1. Can’t blame anyone I mean when it becomes to nintendo, all there is is a few crickets and even the crickets got tired and stopped lol. Nintendo has been completely dead.

        2. sickr, I can’t remember a single time I have been informed by anything Panther has said. His analysis of anything wouldn’t be missed or even noticed that it was gone if it wasn’t part of mynintendonews.

    3. Great move fromantic the site. That jab really was unnecessary. Iwata made a great job pushing Nintendo and the industry forward.

    4. Sounds like a great decision on his part, and definitely justified.

      To be perfectly honest, I find any news regarding Pachter is fairly irrelevant anyway. I get that he tries to predict Nintendo-related things, but that’s just it. A prediction. Or an analysis. Not really the most noteworthy news.

      I get reporting rumors, as they can sometimes be accurate, but not some guy saying “I think this might happen, maybe..idk”.

      That’s just my opinion though. Doesn’t really bother me if it’s reported on here or not haha. I never cared for the guy so I usually ignore it.

    5. My Nintendo News should do the same. I hate seeing his name or his face, every time with a hate speech message from him. He’s an idiot and he’s alive because of people who care about his harsh comments.


    7. …. Mynintendonews, you guys need to stop making articles about pachter, this article is about how another blog is going to do exactly that…

      You guys should follow too!

    8. Yeah, and MyNintendoNews should stop ‘reporting’ on him too. Michael Pachter is just a worthless attention seeking flame-war fanner who clearly timed his insult in coincidence with the DidYouKnowGaming.

      Regardless of the scenario – he is a troll and shouldn’t be reported on. We’re talking NEWS here MyNintendo, not opinions. News.

      No more Michael Pachter reports. They always make me fucking sick.

    9. Can we hear from other analysts then? We all bitch about Pachter but never actually show other analysts, unless you count a random twitter post here and there

    10. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Good, now you see, this will start a chain reaction against this foul abomination and its Xbot friends, good riddance…||

    11. A vote for a fight against zombie iwata and pachter.

      Disrepect me, please understand that, im goimg to eat you live this sunday…. on PAPER VIEW!

    12. Can MyNintendoNews now do the same as well?

      I think it is clear than the vast majority of the readership here do not respect or value his opinion at all, and “Patcher says something discouraging about Nintendo … again” is not, and never will be ‘NEWS’.

      The guy, at this point, is just an overpaid troll in a business suit who makes controversial statements about popular businesses just to remain socially relevant.

      Stop Feeding the Trolls.

      Anything that man says ‘Is. Not. News.’

      1. If you guys would stop clicking on the articles and writing baby comments, sickr wouldn’t post the articles. Your just getting him payed lol, id keep on posting them too.

        Its that easy to understand and that easy of a solution.

        1. I’m not clicking on HIS webpages, or HIS articles … I’m posting to MyNintendoNews, asking to have news relating to him not posted any more.

          Because you know what would be even more effective to make his presence be treated as irrelevant as it deserves than having articles posted about them with zero comments? Having NO articles about him posted at all.

          I see no issue, and fail to see how it makes me a “Baby” to express my preferences on the matter.

          If expressing opinions and prefferences is wrong, why have comment sections at all?

          And why is it okay for YOU to use the comment section to complain about MY comments and opinions, but If “I” do it, then its “baby comments”?

          … I don’t think you even know what you are complaining about.

    13. His career seems to be based on attention drawn from saying negative things about Nintendo. This latest publicity stunt of his speaks volumes about his character (or lack there of) and made me lose whatever little respect I may have had for him. You can absolutely hate a person’s work and/or refuse to acknowledge the value of anything they did in life but to decide to snarkily say bad things about them after they’ve passed is disrespectful to them, their family, friends and everyone at a still active company that you know cared very much for that person. The only point in saying something like that would be to get attention in some form or another and anybody willing to stoop that low to get attention doesn’t deserve mine.

    14. Dude it’s blogs like you that give that idiot fame, he is always wrong, doesn’t know what the fuck he is talking about just like any ANALyst in other industries. Don’t give him his exposure, let him die in obscurity.

      1. Best known. Not best. Big difference. Patcher is the only analyst I even know about. Certainly doesn’t make him the best. Only reason I even know bout him is because this site and the other Nintendo sites I visit always write articles on him. Name recognition. Clickbait. All part of the game.

    15. “What do you think of GoNintendo’s decision? ” – GoNintendo is smarter than mynintendonews. You’re welcome.

    16. Pachter is just an asshole, RMC did the best by choosing to not post “news” about that inhuman anymore. Sickr should follow RMC’s example.

    17. “Good. Fire a warning shot across his nose.”

      Whether you were a fan of Iwata or not, you don’t go around saying he wasn’t a great person.

      Props to these guys for their decision, and I hope we follow suit, thus giving Shadowvegeta a higher correct prediction rate than this moron.

        1. Don’t worry. If Pachter still having a job as an analyst is anything to go by, it doesn’t take much skill to be an analyst. Just don’t say half of the shit Pachter says & you’ll be just fine. xD

      1. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t sound like a genuine apology. It sounds more like he fears his job status and will do anything to prevent further backlash. He lashed out on Iwata numerous times when he was still alive, and it seems evident that’s how he still feels right now.

    18. Now if only My(not so) NintendoNews will follow suit. And actually report on Nintendo News not other news not Nintendo related.

    19. Unfortunately the financial industry in the west take seriously what patcher say and this despite being wrong. So patcher in himself represent the thought behing those analysts (right or wrong) and I do understand sickr when he says he is informative (to a point).

      No having Patcher’s news…. I am split on that one and giving the fact Iwat-san is well respected in the video game industry and more than one company and person will express their disgust.

      Now I don’t know if that will be good for Nintendo not to have Patcher “instructing” mindless financial analysts in the west.

    20. I saw the episode much before everyone started raging about it in news, i admit it did leave a bad taste in my mouth when he said it but he is still a crediable guy in most cases in his predictions, it’s literally his job after all. So while I see why people want to stop reporting on him, I feel sites should still do so, because it’s still part of the gaming industry. At that point people who dislike him can choose not to read the articles centered around him, while others can if they want. I’m all about choices.

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