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Michael Pachter Refers To Satoru Iwata As “The Late And Not So Great”

On the latest episode of Michael Pachter‘s Pachter Factor series on YouTube, he referred to Satoru Iwata as “the late and not so great.” Throughout the episode, the famed research analyst discusses Super Mario Run and if mobile success could lead Nintendo away from consoles. You can check out the new episode below and hear his controversial remark about Iwata around the 3:30 mark.

131 thoughts on “Michael Pachter Refers To Satoru Iwata As “The Late And Not So Great””

          1. It kind of is when you’re being disrespectful towards everyone here. I’ve got nothing against you and you can have whatever opinion you like. But back off and watch your mouth. I’m done with you.

                1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                  ||Attack this thing as much as you want, you don’t even know one percent about how disgusting it is…||

              1. Nostalgia: Your a true piece of shit. Truthfully, you should be banned. This is a Nintendo news site, you are surrounded on all sides by people who have nothing but respect for Iwata. He was a visionary, he was a good developer, a better executive, and a wonderful human being, and you have no right to even speak his name. Not only did he single handedly save smash bros from development hell, he worked on Kirby, pokemon, and countless other games you have no right to enjoy as you sit there disrespecting a gaming icon. Go stick your dick in a PS4. Your human garbage

                1. I already said my piece on Facebook already. However, it ceases to stagger me when certain replies turn to name calling and suck your dick crap. Granted some people don’t know any better, but giving that the country they live in and the internet allows them freedom…so guess what, to some people’s dismay and so forth, he has the right to express his opinions regardless of the nature of it. I’m sorry to be blunt about it, but it’s never going to be like how you ask them to. Go s**k a d**k or stick a d**k. Never gonna happen, so asking them that is pointless. It’s just a way to express yourself, another way to tell them to shut up…which they probably won’t. Either way that won’t change some facts that Iwata did do excellent things for him. They least most of us can do is remember him and continue to hope our favorite VG company do better. It sucks losing Iwata and anyone we do care about for some reason, but…that’s life. Endure and move on.

          1. Hey fuckhead: Get off this site and dont come back, your not welcome. Normally I wouldnt speaknfor the rest of the users on here, but I feel pretty confident they agree with me. Get the fuck out, and dont come back


    1. its true that iwata had made some bad business dicisions but he is still great, its not like the smash bros or kirby series is a flop which they are not, what he said was just plain disrespectful, i bet he sucks on steve jobs d*ck so hard that he thinks she can do no wrong, well pachter, even jobs has made bad business decisions, is he great? yes even though i am not a fan of apple products but like iwata he has made bad decisions and yes i know im repeating.

    1. I’m on trumps side but I agree Patcher is a Self centered Cunt that deserved a crowbar to the back of his head the one in bedded in his spinal cord then we will see how much he talks smack about our lost but never forgotten Iwata-san

      Fuck you pachter I hope you die of testicular cancer and nobody will mourn your death!

  1. Absolutely unfathomable. Does this man know absolutely nothing of Iwata’s achievements in the gaming industry? Or more likely, did he decide he needed to generate some controversy and therefore some publicity. Nobody likes him, so might as well generate some more hate. And by God has he succeeded if that’s his goal.

    1. How’s he not wrong? He led Nintendo to their greatest era in generations. You don’t have to like the vision, but it happened under his guidance. Not only that, but he was notoriously a phenomenal developer. He was great; just because you don’t like everything he did or envisioned for Nintendo, doesn’t me you and Pachter are right. Iwata was great for the game industry. Whether you think he was going in the right direction is a different story, but it doesn’t take away from his immense accomplishments.


    1. I noticed you’re one of those people who likes their own comments, so pathetic.. and you liked most of them too, is this to cope for the fact that no one likes you?

      1. I never understood that either, i always saw it as embarrassing, but this is a nintendo webpage, not facebook or anything.

        Maybe he has ocd, and has to do it everytime. I like your therory though, i cant see how that helps though if that were the case, kinda funny perhaps.

      1. Why thank you, always cool to be recognized by another fan of the BEST band around :P
        Your avatar is really cool too…. I love Metroid! :)

      1. Bet you didn’t care and jumped onto your ugly Xbox one, or as I call it, a cheap knock off of the greastest console that’ll soon hit, the Nintendo NX! SO SHUT UP YOU LOUSY TROLL, AND GO DIE BESIDE YOUR STINKBOX ONE!

      2. Yeah actually nobody on here watched the video because they didnt want to give a single view to that piece of shit who you obviously are in love with. To watch the video is to give him ad revenue, and since we hate him and disagree with his comment, the last thing we want to do is support him financially. Use your brain you twat.

  2. Ok first of all: this guy is a damn loser and always have been. Second: most of the things that comes out of his pathetic mouth is grade a BS. Third: he needs to just disappear and do something else because what he does now is just piss people off with his nonsense!

    1. That’s the thing. It is not just what he says here. It is everything he ever said mixed in with this. I am sick and tired of this guy and when you add this in with all of the other crap he pulls out his ass it pisses me and other people off!

      1. All these “he’s being disrespectful” comments are still ridiculous, though.
        It’s OK if you hate Pachter, just hate him for the things he actually says or does.

        1. I can agree with that one. He is that guy that can run into the room screeming “the building is on fire” and you will be like “dude shut the hell up!” then you realize what he just said and you jump up and run. It is just natural to tell him to bleep off!

  3. Woah, that crosses the line!

    Whether or not you thought Iwata made a good president or not, he was one of the best game designers of our time. Purely from that standpoint, he’s right up there with Miyamoto in my book.

    Also, I doubt mobile success will lead Nintendo away from consoles. It’s brand expansion and they’re going to use it to attract more people to their systems. It’s that simple.

  4. This idiot clearly doesn’t know all of Iwata’s contributions to the gaming industry- he did so much more besides preside over the company for over a decade. Without him, we may never have gotten Pokemon or Earthbound here in the US, and Smash Bros. Melee would not have come out during the Gamecube’s launch window.

    Even though Iwata didn’t always make the best decisions, his pros still far outweighed his cons. Pachter deserves all the hate he gets for that remark.

    1. Continuing on with Smash, without Iwata, Brawl probably would have been the last instalment (Sakurai probably wasn’t up to it until Iwata asked).

      … which means that chances of a new instalment of Smash on the NX or getting lower and lower by the minute.

      1. unless sakurai says he will develop another smash bros even without nintendo suggesting which i doubt, as much as i don’t want smash bros to end, if it ends then it ends and besides, sakurai earned a long break from smash bros.

        1. Oh, I’m not saying that Sakurai HAS to make another Smash game, but seeing he’s been suggesting in recent interviews that he’s probably not going to direct another one (or more accurately, he doesn’t know if there’s going to be another Smash Bros. game after the Wii U/3DS versions) makes me worry that there truly won’t be another one; I mean, I don’t think Nintendo is really comfortable with letting anyone else handle something as large as this game unless it’s him and Iwata was a major factor as to why Sakurai even developed Brawl and the Wii U/3DS instalments in the first place. Iwata knew how important Smash is to Nintendo and he knew that the one who pretty much made it all possible (Sakurai) would post likely be able to pull it off. Now that Iwata’s gone, there’s no one else that’s so high up in management (and close to Sakurai) to convince him to do another one.

          But yes, I agree: he deserves a very, very, VERY long break after making (basically) two instalments of Smash at the same time. I’d suggest at least 2 years (and he needs to heal that wrist, too).

          1. I’m not worried. I bet many said the same about Zelda & how it’d die if Miyamoto ever left it’s development team as head developer yet here we are today with possibly the best Zelda game ever on the horizon.

            1. The difference with Zelda is that Miyamoto deliberately put Aonuma under his wing in order to eventually replace him as the one to spear head the series.

              Has Sakurai done anything of the sort? Credits from all five Smash games, the interviews with Sakurai, and the publicity that he gets point to an absolute emphatic no.

              I don’t think Smash Bros. is a series that’s simple to implement: you’re dealing with a game that has characters which come from potentially 20+ universes and you have to respect ALL of them. You’re bringing in several people that worked on different series, both owned by Nintendo or owned by someone else. Whether they’re companies, artists, musicians, designers, or whatever else, they’re going to be there. Then you have to deal with, what could be potentially the most toxic community that’s been formed within Nintendo’s circle, complaining about who makes it in the games, their style of play, how powerful they are, statements saying that they’re better at making a Smash game, hacking the game, and saying that nothing will be better than Melee (ESPECIALLY that last shit comment: I hate that sub-community). Finally, you have to deal with the pressure that leans on your shoulders from literally everyone: from the community, to Nintendo’s higher-ups, to the critics, that this game somehow has to be better than the previous one. Looking at the Wii U/3DS versions as well as the past games before it, that’s a pretty steep line to cross.

              Whoever leads the next games are going to have as thick of a skin as Sakurai, since I’m sure that he deals with that shit nearly everyday whenever he’s working in Smash Bros. He’s going to need to train someone for at least one game to learn the ropes of how to manage a game as large as this. They’re going to need to be exposed while being taken under Sakurai’s wing. Why? Because the series is very important to Nintendo, a series that rivals virtually every other Nintendo series to date, and they know it, so I’m sure that they don’t want to fuck it up. They can fuck up pretty much every other franchise that they have, but screwing with Smash isn’t going to go well for them. You may think this is an over-exaggeration. Well, I assure you that it isn’t. The fanbase and its presence in fighting tournaments and community alone proves it.

              Right now, Sakurai is the best one to handle that responsibility. There’s a reason why Iwata kept convincing him (I mean, he DID help him out with programming the final bits of Melee so it can get to the GameCube launch on time, among other things). And honestly, I’m convinced that Iwata was the only one who knew that properly; I’m not convinced that Kimishima, Miyamoto, or any of the upper management at Nintendo understands it as clearly. And until he trains a replacement, I don’t think Smash will get any higher then where it is now.

              1. One thing I should point out here:

                At no point did I say that Sakurai is perfect at his job. So if you were hoping to put words in my mouth, I suggest that you kill those thoughts. What I’m saying is that he’s the best qualified person to direct Smash Bros.. And right now, unless Nintendo has found a way to keep that sort of thing secret, there’s no one else that we know that can handle that sort of responsibility. Not to mention the fact that Sakurai is the actual creator of this series. You’re not going to have Nintendo just throw someone in office and say, “make the next instalment of Smash.” That’s not how business works. Training needs to be done (preferably with the current leader or master of the activity) and then, eventually, and slowly, you transfer the responsibilities to the new guy. This is what Miyamoto has done with Mario, Zelda, and most of the franchises that he’s personally headed with ht eexception of maybe Pikmin.

                Are you really going to think that Nintendo is just going to pick someone else and tell them to make another Smash Bros. game? Because if you do, then I’m sorry to say, but your perception of how software is made is wrong.

        2. And with that indefinite break, the latest title released will be remembered as the SSB without the Ice Climbers, Wolf, or an adventure mode. And SSB4 modding isn’t exactly user-friendly (since it just got started this year).

          I just wanted the game to feel complete.

    2. I mean, Pachter is an analyst, so of course he doesn’t care about his development origins, but more about his role as a president, which Pachter had always been critical of… and he has the right to. But using his death as a means to fuel his opinions? Fucking disgusting.

        1. Yeah, do you have idea how dumb his predictions are? His worst one is on his Wikipedia page; check it out if you don’t know what it was.

          1. He has a Wikipedia page? What was his prediction? Nintendo going bankrupt and selling to Sony? Pbhhht, yeah right. Nintendo’s worth $11.8 billion dollars now, even Disney wouldn’t dare to try and buy them! And Disney has massive respect for Nintendo too!

  5. Seriously? can you be more of a duch then he is? Iawta hade alot of hard decisions to make and ofc many of them where not the best.. but he still did what he thought was the best for Nintendo as a company.

  6. Well… when it all comes down to it, Iwata will forever live on throughout the video game community. The Steve Jobs of video games if you will. Michael Pachter on the other hand, sorry who are you???

  7. Says the fucker that literally sits on his ass and analyses shit for a living… wow, such a hard job that gives him the ability to target a man that revolutionized an industry…

  8. I never understood why people hate anybody like this they dont have any history with, patcher is pretty insignificant to have any effect. Hes kinda like air, just see his words and keep scrolling. Thats just me though, the spazing about patcher in the comment section might as well just be amusing at this point.

    He also has it made, gets payed to guess and say things, how effortless. The weather has been sunny but….. its been cold too, its decieving, shame in you mother nature, shame….on…. you!! can i get payed now?


    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Silence boy and go play the Wii U games you still bought despite your contrary beliefs about Nintendo and the Wii U …||

  9. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||This is exactly why the creature Pachter and the mongrel race of inbreeds that are the Xbots must be eliminated at all costs…||

  10. Wow. I didn’t think it was possible to dislike this clown more than I already do. Iwata had countless great accomplishments. But even disregarding that.. it’s just a very disrespectful thing to say, regardless of who it is.

    Disrespectful to him, and to his family and loved ones. Have some class.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||This creature comes from a territory where they have no class, respect or intelligence and currently are going to decide between a corrupt abomination known as Tru-ump and a corrupt witch known as Clin-ton…||

      ||Nothing more to expect from the Xbots as always…||

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||Overall both prefer both the Xboxes and the Wii-line, mostly Xboxes but in the end, they are both useless civilians and are not tolerable within The First Order besides their resources…||

  11. Now there’s no way to keep defending the “impressive” 1% spot-on things that comes out from his mouth. As other people are saying here in the comments section, but not if you don’t like some of Iwata’s business decisions, it does not entitles you to disrespect a man who gave everything to Nintendo and even dared to work from the hospital after having the most pessimistic prognosis possible. My thoughts and prayers are still with Saturn’s family and loved ones.

  12. me I have another theory, Patcher’s youtube video are not successful and therefore he needs an audience to make sure he can then say he is good at his job and he is popular.

    Insulting Iwata-san for no reason except some hidden agenda, is what I believe he purposely insulted Iwata-san in that video. I mean come on, the late and not so great!!! there is no needed for that at all!!!

    I have to say I was frustrate with Iwata-san as he did not do much with the wii U and did no manage to make it a success and always apologise. But to the point of disrespecting the bloke especially after his dead….. He must real hate him.

  13. I would’ve liked for him to explain why he thinks Iwata was not so great. Most analysts regard him as a major contributor to the industry. He brought HAL Laboratories from near bankruptcy to financial stability. Under his direction Nintendo released their most successful handheld and home console. He got Nintendo into mobile gaming. What made him not so great?

  14. What a Dick. There will he many Rats to feast on his Rotting Corpse when he kicks the bucket. Funnily enough, many people will be saying the same thing about him when he dies. He is an Analyst that is only every right, when the prediction is obvious. Just shows no respect for Iwata’s accomplishments his life. Iwata was a kind soul, Pachter is the exact opposite.

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  16. Yeah, still not cool.

    I’m all down for reading his opinions and views on the gaming aspect of that world, but leave the people behind some great memories out of it maan.


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  18. Fuck you Patcher!!!
    Fuck you up your miserable pathetic sorry ass!!!
    You shit kicking muther fucker!!!
    You sanctified cock sucking son of a bitch!!!
    If i ever see you on the streets…….
    i swear to god im gonna beat the living shit outta you!!!!

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