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Video: Did You Know Gaming? Details The Life Of Satoru Iwata

The folks at Did You Know Gaming have just released a video covering the life of former Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata. The video is a very comprehensive look at Iwata’s life and time at Nintendo. Voiced by Furst, this episode of the series is just as detailed as all their previous videos. Check it out below.

13 thoughts on “Video: Did You Know Gaming? Details The Life Of Satoru Iwata”

  1. God, this video just hits me hard. It have been more than year and the man’s death had a severe impact on Nintendo at the time. He definitely will be missed for making some of my childhood favorites like Earthbound, Kirby’s Adventure, and so much more. Just like how I’ll miss my grandmother after her death last week (Already miss her so fucking much and it still hurts).

    1. If only I can just leave the house and give you a hug, but my bloody mother think it’s best for me to stay away from you until the funeral is over (And I’ve missed the Yo-Kai Watch movie as a result). But that’s besides the point.

      I know that it’s hard to accept that both of your closest grandmothers are gone (one who lost her life to breast cancer last year), we all had these moments or fear the idea of losing them in the future. You must have loved her as much as you did anyone else in your family, so losing her must have been pretty difficult for you. The same can be said for both grandfathers since they were married for a long time until they lost that important woman in there lives. Think of this as a opportunity to say that I’m always here for you during our darkest moments. At least there’s a couple days left until you can have your final goodbye with what’s left of her and watch as her body is preserved in a safe place. Just remember, she’ll always be with you in memory (and Heaven) even if she’s no longer there. Hang in there love.

      Now if you excuse me, I’ll wipe the remaining tears off my face from watching Iwata’s tribute.

  2. I’m kind of glad that DYKG did not insert their usual intro and outro. It would honestly be very… Well, bad if they went directly from remembering the life of Satoru Iwata to “Liked hearing about Iwata’s life accomplishments?! Well then I’m sure you’d enjoy our fourth episode of Mario trivia!!!”

    This video is a very well-made tribute.

    1. At the end when I was crying I thought oh no… The ending will now ruin everything. But the left the ending out. Great job guys

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