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Bioware Producer Says Mass Effect Andromeda Won’t Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

One of the biggest games of 2017 is Mass Effect: Andromeda made by acclaimed developer, Bioware. However it would seem as though the┬áscience fiction action title won’t be arriving on the recently announced Nintendo Switch. Michael Gamble, the producer behind Mass Effect Andromeda and the Mass Effect Trilogy, has stated on Twitter in response to a fan’s question that it will only be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Let’s hope they change their minds.

107 thoughts on “Bioware Producer Says Mass Effect Andromeda Won’t Be Coming To Nintendo Switch”

      1. I feel where you’re coming from. But who buys a Nintendo console to play Mass Effect? We buy them to play Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, Kirby, Metroid, Donkey Kong, and other unique games of the sort. If you want the best experience playing ME get a PS Neo and play it in 4K.

        1. I’m getting the Switch and would buy Andromeda on it if it came out. Also your logic doesn’t make sense. People don’t buy a console for the multi-platform games, they buy it for the exclusives. The multi-plats are an added bonus.

          1. I’m confused by your comment. Are the games I mentioned available on Xbox, PS, or PC? Those are all Nintendo exclusives. All of which probably have their own exclusives on Switch. And I would definitely by Andromeda for Switch, but I won’t be devastated if it doesn’t come out.

    1. Mass Effect Andromeda was long in development before the NS was even thought of and they probably only had plans to make it for specific non-Nintendo platforms and besides….they could be trolling… could definitely come at a later but we will see

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||And somehow it’s Nintendo’s fault as always according to the traitors and Xbot filth…||

    1. I understand what you are saying, but every time I can’t get a game on a Nintendo console, I feel like I’m living in the past also. Glad I own an X1 so I can play games in the future.

    2. I was thinking the same, and i hate devs could see the possibilities, at the same time i’m thinking maybe they don’t want to port it because Nintendo Switch CAN’T run that massive game, and if it’s this i’m sorry but the hate it’s because Nintendo, not the devs. That’s why i hope that Custom Tegra it’s at least close enough to a ps4 power, that’s all that devs needs to think about ports or something.

      BUT… only MAYBE Bioware it’s thinking “Let’s create something from the scratch for Switch with the power the console have” .. who knows. Let’s wait they change their minds.

  1. Well that’s a shame :/ could this be a sign that the switch with be another wii u 2.0 in the sense that it gets relatively low amounts of third party support?

      1. You’re probably right. I’m just very salty lately about the uncertain future of metroid and I hope that teaser in fed force means something.

    1. I wouldn’t count it out just yet, this is just one game. Besides, if the Switch is popular, they’ll probably make a port.

  2. I’m not going to be so hasty with that. Nintendo has a super strict NDA, so it doesn’t surprise me that devs cannot say it’s coming to the game. I’d love to see Mass Effect on it! Maybe a Direct could reconfirm it being on the system.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised. His comment didn’t exactly say Mass Effect will never come to Switch. It only listed the current systems you’ll be able to play it on. Nothing really definitive.

  3. Here’s a huge problem with what I believe to be Nintendo’s strategy of asking third parties to keep quiet about their Switch projects for now – besides the things that have already been revealed (e.g. Just Dance). What we’re now seeing happen is constant news about games that WON’T be coming to Switch, and meanwhile zero news about those that are. It sends a really bad message regarding the third party support of the system.

    1. This is exactly what i think is the problem.
      Because no one can say a thing it seems the only news were getting is games not coming to the system

  4. Not really surprised. If it was coming they couldn’t say so until Nintendo was ready but either way I still expect certain devs and franchises to ignore Nintendo unless the Switch sells like crazy.

          1. What he means is that Nintendo has always had to split their focus between their handheld and home console divisions. If the Switch is truly meant to combine the two divisions then Nintendo can have all their teams focus on one system.

      1. Yeah we don’t know enough yet. If it’s powerful then devs might jump on board at first but power and portability mean it’d be a bit pricey, and for some reason people keep saying they don’t wanna pay more than $200-$250 for Nintendo products. So if people won’t buy it then devs will leave and boom.

        Or in an effort to keep the price down it’ll be just a little too weak and devs will avoid it unless people buy it like crazy just for what it is, which is somewhat unlikely.

        Best case scenario would be that it’s powerful enough for devs and people either like it enough to dish out the big bucks or Nintendo is willing to take a decent loss on each one of them and doesn’t charge that much for what it costs to make them.

        Worst case – 3rd parties disappear quick just like Wii U, because it’s too weak. But considering that this is a kind of unified platform, 1st party game droughts should be a lot less likely because aside from a few possible 3DS games Switch is all they’ll be developing for.

        I think it’s gonna be $299-$399, and just a little bit too underpowered but that’ll mean either it or Scorpio will probably take the L being at opposite ends of the power spectrum this gen. All of that junk said I hope i’m wrong about the underpowered part at least and that nVidia worked some magic on that custom chip so that it can easily run all the big mulitplats coming in the next 3-5 or so years without costing like $500+.

        TL;DR: I hope not either. ­čśé

        Them not saying more about it worries me but they might just have cool secrets to keep.

      1. lol good point, I wonder if they even know what the Switch is xD or if they just saw “Nintendo” in it and waved it off

  5. This is exactly what I expect 3rd parties to do. Some of them will release current games to the Switch. Others will wait and see how the system does before supporting it fully. I foresee Nintendo having to pick up the slack for the first year or so. They have to personally ensure that there are no game droughts. Then hopefully the system will sell well and 3rd parties will see the opportunity.

      1. It also came out around the same time as the Trilogy collection on other consoles for the same $60 price. Whether they knew it or not EA sent it out to die.

        1. I’m pretty sure EA knew EXACTLY what the fuck they were doing. After all, they made it pretty clear they were pissed about Nintendo not letting their Origin crap be the Wii U’s online infrastructure since they abandoned it as soon as it released with only one other big game (Most Wanted remake) hitting it a few months later. Let’s just hope they’ve gotten over that in the last 4 years or this won’t be the last EA owned developer saying a game of theirs won’t be coming to Switch. Barring any possibility they are lying because Nintendo has a vice grip on every 3rd party’s balls to keep their mouths shut.

          It makes me wonder, though. Is the rumor that Nintendo is actually money hatting for certain games to be on NX, now Switch, true? It could explain why 3rd parties are being so secretive and are so tied down by Nintendo’s NDA that they can’t even reveal games for Switch. @.@

      2. That’s exactly what I mean. EA wasn’t ready to fully support the Wii U so they released an old game for it to show some “support”. They were pretty much dipping their toe in the water. The problem with the Wii U was that Nintendo didn’t fully support it either. If Nintendo made up for the lack of current games in the beginning by releasing a bunch of their own games, the U could have sold well and they could have convinced 3rd parties to fully support it.

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  7. This is one of my most anticipated games. ME4, Scale bound and a few others. So far, Loving the idea of switch, but not seeing a damn thing to support paying for it day 1!

      1. Hey Mike. I did. I bought an X1 for the following reasons:
        1. I can’t afford all consoles, so I had to pick.
        2. My dad and brother have an X1, so we can coop game together in BO3, Gears, Battlefield, GTA, etc,
        3. Nintendo refuses to support voice chat and social networking. Xbox easily let’s you chat and multitask.
        4. The X1 integrates into my PC and tech eco-system. I can play my X1, use my laptop as a screen, and use my TV separately. It’s amazing at multitasking.
        5. It has the games I want. I really really wanted to play Scale bound, Mass Effect 4 and the rest of the 3rd party libraries. PS4 has some great exclusives, but X1 had more I wanted to play.
        6. Nintendo is only pushing IP’s I don’t care about. Mario, Kirby, DK, Yoshi… I need some mature games.

        I LOVE the Xbox1. It plays Blu-ray, has a ridiculously fun library, and is getting games I want. I only dust off my WiiU to get some X playtime in. I will play Zelda on my WiiU as well.

        I didn’t want to buy an Xbox. Nintendo forced my hand. And I am so happy I finally stopped gaming exclusively with Nintendo… It actually improved my relationship with Nintendo. I’m much less bitter now that I can game again. If Nintendo has no holiday games, it’s cool. I’ll just play with my friends and family with my Xbox. I’m not living day-by-day hoping to get a new game anymore. :)

        Anyway, if you get one, let me know and I’ll send you my gamer tag!

          1. Haha. I am THE Nintendo fan. Since before most people posting here were born. And no matter how much you hate that I own a cursed PC-console (xbox) I will still be one of your biggest fans! ;D

            1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

              ||I couldn’t care less about when the rest were born or what their irrelevant arguments are because like you said, they are far too young and unfit for true loyalty…||

              ||There is no bigger loyalist than me on this base or Northern Europe for that matter…||

              ||The war is coming…Xbot…||

          2. I could give a rat’s ass about Yoshi games (I much prefer to have Yoshi in a Mario game), Kirby, Donkey Kong games that aren’t part of the Country franchise, & half of the Mario subfranchises. Oh & I own a PS4. Does that mean I was never a Nintendo fan, either? :o (Probably another dumb question to ask but meh. I want to be part of this conversation if only briefly! lol)

      1. It’s one thing to not confirm launch titles. It’s another to confirm titles will not be coming. I’m not waiting 6 months to play a Nintendo version of these games. That said, a few people make a good point… Maybe these games are being developed for Switch, and Nintendo do is keeping their mouths shut…
        Of course, then the rest of us won’t pre-order Switch versions if we don’t know they are coming.

        Ugh… I REALLY like everything I’ve seen with the NS, but if Nintendo isn’t partnering with devs, then history will repeated itself. It comes out in MARCH. (Barring a typical Nintendo delay) I think it’s OK to let devs tell us what Q1 games we can hold off on and buy for the Switch… \(-. -) /

  8. Considering how poorly most 3rd party software sold on WiiU, it is not surprising at all that most developers are following the “wait and see” approach with their ports, Unless Nintendo gives them extra support and finacial incentive to minimize the risk.

    If NS (“Switch” still sounds weird) sells well for all of it’s first 90 days, I’m sure a lot of tunes will quickly change.

    1. complete lie this anti nintendo stand goes all the way back to nes

      and wii disrupted the entire industry wii made billions apon billions EA lost billions WAKE UP WITH YOUR BULLSHIT


      1. Uuuuuhhhhhh …

        I am enthusiastic about NS also, but calling the truth “Lies” is not a good way to be a Nintendo supporter.

        I don’t remember if it was Assasins Creed 4, Watch Dogs or Mass Effect 3 that this data was from, but one of those Multi-Platform ports sold only 2% of overall copies sold on the WiiU vs Xbox and Playstation. Two … Percent …
        It is a documented FACT.

        While that may be the most extreme example, it is my understanding that stats were very similar for Most multi-platform ports that appeared on WiiU, and that is a real financial problem for developers and publishers when the WiiU ports cost them just as much money as the others, but completely failed to earn it back.

        The Original Wii sold absurd numbers of hardware units … but in the end, most Wii owners didn’t buy very many games. Wii Sports was packed in, so many just got Mariokart Wii, Just Dance, a party game or two … and thats it. Wii had an overall terrible average attach rate for games. That is not lies. Its sales data Fact.

        DS and 3DS on the other hand … while hardware sales slow year by year, software for the duak-screen portables have been relatively strong. It’s no wonder the “Switch” logos yin-yang looking side-by-side rectangles look so close to the DS’s above-and-below rectangles logo. If Nintendo can manage to get people to buy half as much software for the Switch as they did for the original DS … they’d have a Huge Hit on their hands.

        I do not Argue at all that Nintendo has succeeded in creating some of the highest quality, and critically applauded software every single generation. However, sales data shows that … outside of Pokemon … they have been struggling to get many people to actually BUY IT recently … particularly on WiiU.

        1. What you brought up about Wii is exactly why that console is a joke. A very well sold joke but still a joke. But people want to ignore the horrible attach rate & claim the Wii was this all around success. *cough*suckers*cough*

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  10. These companies say this but when a system sells well they change their mind real quick. Capcom said the same thing about Dragon’s Dogma not coming to PC, but look what happened to that scenario. These devs and publishers are like Hillary Clinton, watch them flipflop like a fish out of water:/

    1. That was swept under the rug.
      They clearly ran out of time and/or money, and their fixing attempts weren’t funny either.

      They should have just let it end in that, now they just going to act like the trilogy didn’t happen?
      I’m not against new Mass Effect games, but they should stick with the story they created, even if there was regrets.

    1. I personally Loved ME3 on WiiU. It was fun, georgous, and I still play online. It was one of WiiU’s best games, just in my opinion of course!

    1. I guess devs and publishers are still under NDA. And they can not share any specifics.
      As for this specific game, I don’t care after the let down that was ME 3

    1. So… I see both sides to this.
      Mass Effect 3 on the WiiU selling for $60 along side the trilogy on the other consoles for less was a horrible, horrible, stupid-as-fuck plan.

      That said, I bought Mass Effect 3for WiiU, and most won’t remember, but it was the definitive version, among ALL consoles. It had the corrected ending, it looked better, it was a perfect game. It was Goddamn beautiful. And I logged hundreds of hours into it. The storyline even brought a rare, single tear to my eye. But, Noone remembers, because the timing and marketing was epically stupid. I bought it during a game drought and have been a huge mass effect fan ever since… I got way, way more than my $60 worth.
      It’s a real shame NS may not get ME4… Or may get it late, because a lot of people who are rightfully pissed about how the 3rd game was handled will never know how amazing the game and series is.

      Sorry, I’m rambling. I don’t even know where I was going with this. X. X

      I am launching a YouTube channel by the end of the year. I hope to see many of you visit. I have tremendous respect for most of the commenter on MNN, this group has evolved over the last 2 years and I’d love to have most of you follow me. Even the unreasonably-loyal Nintendo fans, I would love your comments as well, even and especially if they are negative!! Haha.

      Naturally, I’d be honored for Commander to stop by my channel as well, but I won’t hold my breath. He does as he pleases.

      T-minus 2 months!! I will be heavily promoting this blog, just because I love it and it’s been home for me since I can remember, before the 3DS existed at least.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||I’ll be there, you have my word on it even though we are on completely different sides now…||

        ||I might launch my own in the near future as well…||

        1. Are you serious?? That would be amazing. I work, spend a lot of time with my dog, and have a house to keep up, it’s a lot for one person, but I have finished building my studio. (converted a spare bedroom into a half-collectible, half-greenscreen room.) I just need to sit my ass down and start editing my footage and get a haircut so I don’t look as old as I am. :P

          If you do decide on starting a YouTube channel, I’d be honored to have you as a semi-final. You know, Xavier /Magneto style. So much common ground, yet still rivals. Friends and enemies. You never know, someday we may yet find ourselves on the same side… But this is not that day. ;)

          1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

            ||I can’t be anything but being serious…||

            ||Is Anubis your dog? It’s the only dog I’ve ever seen on this world…||

            ||Data indicates you look right for your age…||

            ||I was right on the Xavier/Magneto rivalry, we do have a lot in common but sometimes we don’t, there is no other worthy opponent in this base indeedor elsewhere for me indeed…||

      2. I’ll try to be there for your channel. I really should pay more attention to Youtube & the channels I already follow like AlphaOmegaSin (he’s fucking awesome from the few vids of his I’ve seen.) I make no promises, though. This site & the PS4 are keeping me so fucking occupied I can barely keep up with Facebook, much less Youtube on top of that. I could listen to it in the background but I like to have my mind focused when listening to people talk. Otherwise, I get distracted & don’t always hear everything that’s said. Not to mention my wife works from around 10 in the morning to around 6 at night, so I have a kid to pay attention to during the week days after around 3 in the afternoon. I really should quit staying up so late so I can at least take advantage of my son having school during the weekdays so I can be less distracted on the internet or when gaming. Probably should make that a priority soon since holiday vacations of no school are upon us all. @.@ At the same time, it probably won’t be long til he’s old enough to not having a parent over watching his every movement. Kids grow up so fast these days that even 5 or 6 year olds can look after themselves to a degree. Mine is 4 yrs old. With the Switch possibly having a chance of adding upon my already thick backlog of video games, my son hitting the age of 5 or 6 is a welcome sight. @.@

  11. Well that is to be expected. But I would definitely have bought it for the portability. No big deal tho I didn’t expect to get it on a Nintendo console anyway. I think many games in development now would probly skip ns but if a year passes and every console is still skipping ns then we have a problem

  12. I’ll pay 4-500$ for a Nintendo product. I don’t own a PS4 or Xbox 1 because they suck. Maybe I’ll consider buying one if they drop the price down to say about $200 bucks or less. I mean really it’s garbage. It’s not like I can play anything good. They don’t have Mario or Zelda or donkey kong so… what’s the point? U think I’m gonna buy a PS4 Pro that can’t play 4K dvds and wait another generation for an ether game like The Last Guardian. Pffft! Sony and microsoft are so behind its embarrassing.
    I stay fly like Marty and Doc brown. In the future with the Switch, Bitch!

  13. Meh, I don’t care.
    I’ve never been a fan of Bioware’s games in general.
    Too much of a focus on talking and cut-scenes for my taste.

    I’m more interested in From Software being on that support list.
    Dark Souls on the Switch? Yes please.

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