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Nintendo Switch Controller Size Comparison With New 3DS XL

It can be difficult to judge the size of a games console just from its initial trailer. I remember being shocked when I finally held the Wii U GamePad for the first time. However, this unofficial size comparison provides a good idea of exactly how big the Nintendo Switch controller really is. When lined up with a New 3DS XL, it is clear that the Switch is actually a bit smaller than it may have seemed. What do you think of the size? Tell us below.


  1. The trailer is still nice. Still would had been better if they put up some minor details even if they didnt want to bring up the NS specs or games. Like is there a unique controller? What does the operating system look like? Is it able to download apps?

  2. that’s smaller than a 2Ds isn’t it? I thought it’d be bigger. Definitely makes it more reasonable as a portable device.

      1. the whole body of a 2Ds – not the screen size – I should have clarified. that said, It was just a guess anyhow, since the 2Ds has a larger surface area than a closed 3Ds XL. Not sure what the dimensions are on it, but they seem to be around the same. If someone has the actual dimensional comparison on that, feel free to say so, I’m just throwing out a guess.

    1. After a bit of MS Painting and using a calculator, it seems that the Switch tablet’s screen is about 1 cm smaller than the Wii U gamepad, but still roughly 2½ cm larger than the 3DS XL. I’m 100% fine with this.

      1. The GamePad and Switch have the same size screen. The Switch + Joycons is 0.75″ (1.9cm) less wide than the Wii GamePad and 3.25″(8.26) wider than the 3DS XL.

      2. I did a bit of MS paint calculations myself (I didn’t read your comment before hand.)

        So, a standard USB port (which is obvious on the side of the Switch controller) is one half inch long. In my MS paint I measured the how tall and wide the Switch is in half inch increments (according to the pixel length first). My math came out to 3.6 inches tall and 4.8 inches wide. Weirdly enough when I did the old Pythagorean theorem for screen size, I got 6 inches exactly. The WiiU game pad’s screen is 6.2 inches.

        In conclusion, I concur with GerikDT’s assessment. The screen is just barely smaller than the WiiU gamepad’s and most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

  3. I really hope it all goes well for the Switch. It has the potential to turn out really good. You can take it anywhere unlike the Wii U. And this thing is far more powerful than the 3DS and really brings us closer to a console experience on the go. Third party support will probably be a bit of concern again and I don’t see all the big third party devs coming out just yet. But maybe if it sells well, they’ll be willing to work something out.

  4. Whenever I carry around my 3DS XL I still have some room left in my pockets so I’m thinking I won’t have trouble carrying this around. The controllers are also detachable if you need extra space as long as you hove somewhere to put them.

        1. Same here, it’s not a ton of room but it’s enough. If Switch truly is smaller then the nn3ds xl then it would be perfect. Any bigger and it might cramp up my pockets.

  5. Excuse my post way up the top, that was before my image came up top notch.

    I cant believe how this trailer of the Switch was done. Whats wrong Nintendo cat’s got your tounge?

  6. I am some sad :( i need iPad size or free other tablet usable. Plaing new nintendo console on mine 12 iPad is real great idea..

  7. I’m quite sure there will be carrying cases for it seeing as the joy cons come off and stuff just like phones…you may not want to just have it in your pocket naked like that….and the 3ds xl is clamshell so there’s no need to worry about screen getting damaged or side controllers sliding off in your pocket IJS I don’t think this is a “pocket” device frfr

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