GameStop Now Accepting Retro Console Trade-ins At All Stores

Not content with taking your shiny new consoles off your hands, GameStop is now accepting your beloved retro consoles as trade-ins. The scheme was originally launched as a pilot scheme, but has been a success. So naturally the company has expanded the offer to all stores nationwide. The retailer is taking NES, Genesis, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and Dreamcast games as well as the Sega Saturn, Game Boy Color and Advance, GameCube, and Xbox. You can check out their range here.



  1. But I bet they’ll give you pennies for them and will sell them at full price again. Wouldn’t put it past them to do this.

    1. You can already buy them for reasonable market value on Ebay and such. If it’s expensive on eBay, you can be damned sure games top will screw you also.

  2. Haha, what fool’s. Trying to take back the retro market. I remember when they had sales just to get rid of that crap. Now they want to snake business from places like GameOver Videogames.

  3. You’re almost always better off selling your games yourself on eBay, craigslist, amazon, etc…. I haven’t stepped foot inside a Game Stop in years. Haven’t missed it at all.

      1. Ha, yeah. Glad I kept every Nintendo console! Except the Wii, I dropped that piece of shit the second I got my WiiU. I kept all my N64 and GameCube games. So glad I did.

  4. If I had old consoles in relatively good condition, I wouldn’t sell them at GameStop but eBay. Why bother keeping old consoles as collectibles to sell later on in life if you are just gonna sell them for chump change? If it was a Wii, on the other hand, I’d definitely part with that for chump change because it’s not nearly as old as the other consoles like Gamecube, N64, SNES, etc. That & there are over at least 70m Wii’s floating about so it’s not like you’d get much anyway for selling one.

    1. I kept my old games and systems to hook up and binge on retro gaming from time to time. Rather than pay for the games over and over and over.

      1. Hopefully Switch will change that as they hopefully have a permanent account system in place. So as long as you have that account, you can get any VC games you already bought for free on future Nintendo consoles. But considering how they charged you a small fee for Wii U VC of VC games you had on Wii, I sadly won’t hold my breath for it being free. :/ Either Nintendo is cheap or they are greedy.

  5. The prices the games are selling for are actually pretty good $20 for Tales of symphonia, $60 for Melee (it’s about $100 online) $10 for Metroid Prime and $10 for MP2

  6. I sure wish Gamestop stores would get retro GAMES again. I’d love to be able to walk in and find retro games on their shelves. Even though they’d probably be overpriced (like on ebay). I want to build my SNES collection and catch up to my massive NES collection. Though I’ll probably never be able to do that, since SNES games are more expensive.

  7. Possibility I guess they want to include this with the NES Classic in some form or fashion with marketing. Example, come in and get the NES class, why not add a N64 today?! Etc.

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