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Laura Dale: No Handheld-Only Nintendo Switch At Launch

Journalist Laura Dale is reporting that she has heard from her source that all Nintendo Switch systems will come with a dock meaning that there won’t be a standalone handheld version. However, this might come down the line eventually. For the moment Nintendo doesn’t want to confuse consumers which seems like an extremely good idea.

According to our source, Nintendo wants to launch the Switch with a clear focus on the hybrid nature of the device core to marketing. While a handheld-only package may come down the line, at launch all bundles of the system will include a dock as to not confuse branding around the name. Nintendo considered internally the idea of selling the handheld portion separately, but had concerns that consumers who purchased the handheld without the dock may still think they could connect it to the TV.



        1. shit man, i own a WiiU ( i like it) but when they first showed it they only showed the tablet controller. i said the same thing a lot of people probably did… “im not buying a 300 dollar controller so i can play games not on my TV”. it was only after i continued to try and stay up to date with nintendo that i learned that was only the controller and that there was a whole console behind it. point being its not up to the consumers to know whats going on, consumers dont know dick. its up to the companies and their marketing team to convey the correct information to move units. i think nintendo had the means for makin the WiiU somewhat successful, but with out initial sales and third party support it kinda left it dead in the water

          inb4 old news is old news ;)

    1. When I use to work for the gaming department at a Best Buy in New York, the sales reps didn’t understand that the Wii U was a new system at the time of release. They kept thinking the system wasn’t a system, and thought the Gamepad was an add-on for the original Wii. It proves your point 100%

      1. I remember going into Gamestop and seeing mothers ask for Wii games for their kids, and they ended up picking up Wii U games. I know it had a lot to do with the name as well, but that marketing team shouldve done a better job with it. I love my Wii U, but that thing was a disaster from the start.

        1. I mean, the Wii U just was bad period. Weak system; bad gamepad battery life forced you to a plug; no games to use the gamepad for the first year and a half; confusion with the Wii u and the gamepad as an add-on for the wii. What else? No games for the first year and a half. No Zelda at all. Delays for most games that were launch titles (Rayman I think was one), no third party at all, no Metroid or earthbound… Good first party titles took forever. The point being, the Wii u was a failure and Nintendo made a gamepad they failed to push right. Star fox was even a poor excuse and example to why two screens aren’t. The brain isn’t made to do different task all at once like that

        1. Yes but once it’s docked it is a home console. The idea of the Nintendo Switch is that the whole entire interface of the system is detachable. The handheld portion of the device is detachable from the dock while the controller portions are detachable as well. Making a handheld only option at this point would defeat the purpose of what Nintendo is trying to accomplish by establishing the NS as a ” hybrid “

          1. No, the dock boosts power, can add 4K support, HDR, possibly VR.
            Also much like scorpio and pro the dock could be updated cheaper with added ram, and processing for a bigger power boost. Literally Nintendo filed like 3 patents for that.

            1. Sadly, Nintendo of America says the dock does no such thing & is simply there to stream it to the TV. Then again, I don’t trust NoA so their words mean fuck all to me.

              1. According to Laura Kate Dale who accurately leaked out everything about the Switch, NOA’s statement about the dock could’ve been taken out of context. The never outright said that the NS dock doesn’t add additional power, they only explained it’s general purposes and that the dock was not the console

              2. WHAT??? Did you just say?
                Ugh. I hope that’s not true. Come on Nintendo… Do this right for a change.

                1. It’s NoA who said this, mind you. Since Reggie is in charge of them, they are either lying, they suck at wording their shit, or, as paidenthusiast said, it was taken out of context.

                2. If taken out of context, NoA wasn’t the problem but the media fucks that falsely reported it, so we should go kick their asses instead for trying to screw over the Switch before it’s even fully revealed.

            2. I honestly hope this is true and if the dock did nothing but transfer video to TV then it’s a waste of money as a cord could do that plus it doesn’t make it a hybrid anymore.

              1. Agreed. If anything, it’s just an over-glorified handheld with possibly shitty battery life that you can stream to your television if that’s all the dock can do aside from charging it. Besides, I’m sure a simple bluetooth connection to some little thing you hook up to the back of your TV could stream the stuff on the handheld to the TV which would make the dock an unnecessary accessory for more than just simply charging it. Yeah. That dock has to do more than what NoA would have us believe. If that’s all the dock truly does, what a waste.

        2. I understand why you are saying but why Nintendo call it a console is easily explained. For Nintendo it is no different than NES, Super NES N64, Gamecube, Wii or Wii U. It is those devices in a small package that have portable attributes. They don’t see it as a tablet. They see it as a small home console that you can easily take with you and play it on the go. No matter how they see it, people will see it a certain way since it does function as a home console and portable console.

      1. That would actually make more sense here because it wouldn’t inherit the same compatibility problems and it would be a decent bit cheaper.

          1. Ah ok, I though it was just a tiny box that allowed you to stream your vita games onto your tv and then you can continue playing your vita games on the go. I barely use my Vita anyways, I thought the 3DS was always a lot more fun.

      1. Exactly as Brandon said, the handheld in and of itself cannot connect to a TV. Some people will be estupid enough that, if they can get only the tablet , since it’s cheaper, they might think it will also connect to the TV even without the dock. Don’t understestimate the amount and “quality” of stupid consumers.

        1. That’s the thing though, nintendo needs to explain it’s not a handheld because it looks like one. That doesn’t make the consumer stupid. If nintendo didn’t say it was a home gaming system you’d call it a handheld first.

          1. Exactly why they’re first selling it along with the dock, to explain it is a home console, plugged to the TV through the docking station. and that you can take with you if you need to. As you say, Nintendo has to explain this to the consumers so they know what they’re buying, selling it first along with the docking station is just one way to do it. The trailer did so as well, honestly, I do think that anyone who saw the trailer and didn’t get it is probably pretty dumb to not figure out it’s a home console you can take with you, I mean, the first dude in the trailer did exactly that. But I do see your point, Nintendo didn’t explain the Wii U (the name didn’t help at all) and so many people thought it was just a gamepad to use along with the Wii.

          2. Since the trailer is most likely what most people have seen I think the consensus is that it’s both and a hybrid. No matter what Nintendo says we all know this is the case.

      2. If people are stupid enough to think that the Wii U GamePad is an accessory to the original Wii, then thinking along those lines when it comes to this wouldn’t be too far fetched.

  1. I could see this working like what they did with the 2DS. Release it later maybe a little smaller and with a better battery than the launch unit. A better battery revision for the hybrid version too.

    1. I didn’t see the post or Laura’s information as trying to give away a “problem” with the Switch. I think it was just a comment that Nintendo might sell the console without the dock down the line. Also a comment on how Nintendo now realizes how stupid consumers can be, haha xD

    1. ||Destroy all imbeciles that do not understand such a simple concept…||

      1. A brother and a sister want a Switch just like how siblings will want a handheld of their own. Why buy the full package with tv play when they won’t necessarily need it?

        1. Because two things: One, this is still primarily a console. If two people want to play, they’ll need to do it the usual way. With their own controller.

          And two, if they both want their own Switch, then they can get their own Switch and just like the Wii U does with certain games, you wouldn’t need to use the TV. Except now, “off TV play” should apply to every game. So there should be no problem. Remember, the dock is not completely useless. It recharges it too. So just place it there when done and take it off when ready. Rinse and repeat.

          If that’s too much for them to understand, they should get a 3DS and call it a day. Cause that’s the actual handheld after all.

          1. The dock is pretty lame if all it does is charge and transfer video on the handheld portion of the Switch. A $2 hdmi cord can do that. I don’t believe Nintendo would do something like that so I’m staying optimistic and sticking with the base adding power (memory, hdd, etc.) to the system as well. Nintendo 64 had an expansion pack that did that so I’m sure it isn’t impossible.

        2. This is what people are confused about. You not buying multiple 3DS but you are buying multiple Wii U. Nintendo is treating this as a home console not a portable console.

  2. Why would you want a version without the dock? The dock doesn’t add any graphical power or anything; it literally just charges it (and allows for you took hook the HDMI cable to your tv). A version without the dock would be what, $5 – $10 cheaper and couldn’t connect to anything (and possibly not charge)?

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone at all. Non-story.

  3. That’s great for marketing purposes, as for the price, I think $299 is the most reasonable, cause it will include the tablet, dock, joy-con controllers, and the weird pad in which you can “plug” the joy-cons.

    1. Why are people calling it a tablet? Reminds me when people called gamepad a tablet. It is the console unit, the docking station, and the joycons.

  4. I was really confused with the title and the article at first.

    …but I guess this is just saying that the NS will launch with primarily/only with the dock PLUS the handheld/Tablet. No “Tablet only” package.


    hardcores are just as bad they always DONT GET IT TOO have a wii remote conversation infront of a ps4 fan watch his face go has his tiny mind inplodes

    play pes wii with him watch his melt down at having control of a team not just one dude in that team

    the problem is PEOPLE ARE MORONS

    1. At some point I become that type of consumer. I don’t know anything about materials to sew with even though I can sew well. There are mechanics that can fix a complicated car but can’t do anything on a computer. It’s the same with video games.

  6. Makes sense to me. Afterall…..individuals are intelligent. The masses are foolish.
    But this time NTD:


  7. If it comes with the dock it must also come with the controller attachment (not the pro controller the other one) that you use while playing on the tv.

    I’m honestly hyped for this thing again since super mario switch seems to take inspiration for 64/sunshine which is a VERY good thing.

    I can only hope that pr statement about a 3ds successor is just the usual nintendo pr bullshit and not what they’re going to do regardless of what happens with the switch. Dammit I want another console fire emblem again!

  8. I don’t know what nintendo were thinking with this for people that just want a normal console.

    I wont use the screen on the tablet.
    I won’t use the joy con controller.
    I’d want the pro controller which is prolly sold seperately.

    It just seems like a mess.

    1. Um… Correct me if I’m wrong, but as we’ve already seen, removing it from the dock puts it off of the TV and onto the screen of the tablet. And I’m 100% positive the joy cons are not the main controller. I guarantee it includes that Pro Controller. If it didn’t, that’d be pretty awkward.

        1. That’s part of buying any product. It is possible someone is paying for something they don’t want. The TouchPad on the PS4 is an example. The Gamepad on the Wii U. The free game that comes with some consoles. You may end buying something that has parts that you don’t want.

      1. I doubt the Pro Controller will come included. That’s why they have that controller slider thing that connects to the Joy-Con controllers.

        But, that’s just a guess.

        1. You could be right. I just think it would be really weird not to have that. Especially since that’s what was always used in the trailer when playing on the TV. They only used the Joy Cons when they had friends or when they were using it off the dock. But this is Nintendo we’re talking about. They always make questionable decisions every now and then…

            1. I’d still rather use that other, more traditional controller. ESPECIALLY if it has better battery life than that thing.

              1. I agree but I can play with any controller. They just come naturally to me. Even my most two hated controllers, the original Xbox controller and all playstation controllers.

              2. Yeah, me too. The Joy-Con Grip looks like the main controller. And while it most likely won’t be that bad to use, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is more suited for a traditional console experience. Either way, I’m so, so very glad it’s optional to be portable. My fear of a forced gimmick has been put to rest. Now let’s just hope they don’t screw up with the rest of it. One thing I can say is that even if this fails, it’s still better than the Wii U. XD

      1. And I can’t comment on this comment because I didn’t see your earlier comment, caused by said comment problem in above Ninjadude comment!

        See. As easy as understanding the switch! ;D

    1. *facepalm* Think of the screen as being Wii Sports. It’s 100% free & you aren’t paying anything extra for having it. It comes with every single console because it IS the console. So unless you were making this big of a deal about Wii Sports coming free with every single Wii, this shouldn’t be any more of a problem than that.

  9. Change the title, this made me think we would get no handheld at launch. I don’t care about the standalone thing, either.

  10. Considering the only difference is the dock and an HDMI cable there’s no point to it. The dock is still a safe storage place for it while it’s charging. Considering it’s rumored to only have 3 hour battery life off dock it may not even make a good handheld in the first place. If this is what they want to do instead of having a handheld they need to stick to it being a hybrid and not try to separate it. Why would they even CONSIDER that?

  11. No shit! The damn trailer made that pretty clear! But considering there were idiots that thought the Gamepad was a Wii add-on, this, sadly, has to be pointed out. I guess common sense really HAS taken a nose-dive this generation.

  12. Ok all of you guys are dumb, i can 100% guarantee that the system is going to sell like this, the first package will include the system (the dock, the handheld device), the switch grip controller. Then the bundle package will include the system (the dock, the handheld device), the switch grip controller, and one game (botw or new mario). Again people this is a home console, like nes.

  13. There shouldn’t be a handheld only bundle. That will confuse average consumers and I feel it kind of defeats the purpose of it being a hybrid

  14. handheld only bundle does make sense. as one of you already stated, it makes for a good addition within one household. sister has handheld with dock, brother only busy the handheld. they can sit in the same house playing the games they like without having to buy two docks.
    though im not sure whether the handheld is linked to its dock in a way

    1. The dock will never not be involved… how are you people so confused about this…. this IS the handheld version thats coming out….its a hybrid system lol. What do you think they would sell the whole thing without the dock for? They have already stated that the dock has no computer power whatsoever, and only acts as a charging and hdmi out unit. Even if they sold the dock seperately, it could not cost more than 50$. Arggg

        1. I swear. That dock better be more than just a battery charger, a TV streamer, & a nice, sleek decoration. Otherwise, I’m gonna be pissed & call the damn thing an over-glorified Game Boy Player. *eye twitch*

            1. According to NoA, the biggest idiots of Nintendo. I don’t trust them anymore than I can throw them. Especially that buffoon Reggie.

            1. Increasing power, increasing video quality, & making the console function faster. If it just upscales the 720p of the handheld to 1080p, it might just get left in the dust if 4K actually takes off the next year or so.

        2. What are you tsk tsking you stupid arggghh, thats not even from a nintendo website, not an official image, and has nothing to do with what I was saying. Lol this website is sooo stupid

  15. This article has no use what soever and I dont understand how people are so stupid. The handheld needs a source of power…the dock is for charging the handheld. This is the package for the handheld… im very confused as to why you would write it this way. you should be on top of this

  16. Dude its a HYBRID CONSOLE. Think about words and stuff and their meanings. This is nintendo finishing what they started with 3ds… make games that truly are console and truly are portable. No reason to sell it without the dock. The dock will be cheap anyways. Dang people use your brains

    1. What Nintendo was trying to push with the 3DS was it’s stereoscopic 3D gameplay along with its dual screens. That’s nothing like what the Switch is trying to do.

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