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Pokémon Creators Explain Why Pokémon Sun & Moon Has Some Crazy Pokémon Designs

The big new release on the Nintendo 3DS this Christmas is Pokémon Sun & Moon. We’ve seen plenty of footage of the game in action as well as some of the bizarre new Pokémon which inhabit the world. Kotaku recently spoke to the creators behind the game about some of the strange designs they have chosen and to find out if they’re just trolling at this point or trying to be funny. The answer is that all of the designs are intentional.

“When the designers first came up with the idea, the background is that the sun in Alola is so strong, that [Exeggutor] just keeps growing and growing,” Ohmori said.

“I asked the developers if they designed creatures like Alolan Exeggutor just to mess or troll with people, and Game Freak collectively laughed. I was told that they felt it was important to have some fun with the designs because it was a special occasion.”

“For the 20th anniversary, we wanted to have a lot of special surprises… we wanted a funny element,” Ohmori explained. “At the same time, we had to find a balance of cool ones, serious ones. We looked at the Alola region as a whole and thought about that ecosystem.”



  1. I hope they keep doing this, new games could have different forms just based on where in the region you found them.

    They should fix mega evolve so 1) you can mega evolve more then one at a time 2) auto mega evolve at the beginning of battle if holding a stone 3) dont make pokemon hold the stone, just have the trainer hold up to 6 stones at a time.

    1. That would make Mega Evolution, say it correctly, too OP. That’s why they, thank goodness, nerfed Mega Kangaskhan some, too OP. Anyway, it’s pronounced Mega Evolution.

    2. I will never accept the idea of having more than one at once. Megas are already destroying the competitive metagame. Pokemon like Mega Charizard Y and Mega Salamence are capable of killing almost any pokemon in 2 shots.

    3. As stated many times before, to have more than one Mega Evolution at one time during battles would make your team way too powerful, aka OP. It’s fine as is. As for the Pokemon holding the stone for the mega-evolution, that also keeps the feature from being too OP. Imagine a Pokemon being able to mega-evolve while also holding an item that boots it’s attacks or defense? In a competitive sense, that’s way too powerful & would force every gamer to rely on the same strategy to winning battles which would be very, very boring. The fun thing about being competitive is everyone can find their own unique way of pummeling people.

  2. Unrelated to Pokemon, but… Nintendo really has handled this post-Switch reveal kind of badly. You can’t just showcase a video and basically assume that everyone should think that everything they saw was just tech demos for a system that’s coming out in less than five months. Suddenly dropping big news about something and then going hush about it yet again for at least the next month could really hurt the hype from the Switch trailer.

    1. ||The hype never dies until it’s released regardless of what anyone says or thinks, we have proven that over and over and over again…||

      1. Yeah, I apologize for that. Looking back on it, I’d probably remove my comment if I could, but I’m sure a mod will if they read this.

        I honestly got a bit excited and wanted this comment to be on a newer post, but hey, that’s just a comment… a not very well thought out or placed comment.

    1. The explanation is Pele’s Hair, Diglet and Dugtrio are always under ground where in alola lava flows. Basically they keep getting covered in lava and coming out of the ground as fast as they can creating this long flowing golden hair which is actually just cooled lava strings

  3. I think this is a neat tidbit. It’s good to know they’re having fun with their design work. Their creatures are weird, but they still have that pokemon charm that inspired me to draw and I love them!

    1. Even though it is technically scheduled for November, It still falls under the category of “holiday 2016,” as many people will buy it during the holiday rush.

    2. Games typically launch in late November so that people will have time to purchase them in time for Christmas. It’s always been this way; it’s still a holiday release. No need to be so hostile.

  4. Kotaku had an oppurtunity to speak to Gamefreak so they asked the dev team if they were ‘Trolling.’ How fucking useless are they? Gamefreak have already spoken about the eccentric qualities of new designs. So good waste of an interview question Kotaku.

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