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Rumour: Retro Studios Not Working On Donkey Kong Or Metroid, 2017 Release

One thing we are all wondering is what an earth Retro Studios have been working on. Their last game was the magnificent Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and since then we’ve heard next to nothing. Investigative sleuth Emily Rogers has spoken to one of her sources who say that Retro Studios next game won’t be a Metroid or Donkey Kong Country game but something else and will be released sometime next year.




  1. If they’re not working on metroid I’m going to be very disappointed. Dammit I want SOMETHING metroid (though things like fed force can go screw themselves) so I don’t care who does it. Except sakamoto of course after the terrible other m.

    1. Other M isn’t THAT bad ! I for one actually liked it, Sure samus talks now and is restricted to her awesome stuff but if that’s the problem stop being little whiny babies and just think there have been games alot worse than other M

      1. I thought it was obvious I was expressing my opinion of the game not stating as a fact that it was terrible. Do I really have to say “in my humble opinion) every single time I want to state my opinion? No that’s dumb!

        And if you want to argue as a fact that metroid other m wasn’t bad…well, good luck against videos like this!


          Pretty sure this’ll go unnoticed. But for the sake of argument, this was made a few years after the initial release, Games feel different after the tabloid storms surrounding them have subsided.

        2. YES! YES YOU DO!
          You HAVE to say it’s your opinion, otherwise you sound like a pompous ass who is trying to make something that is ONLY an opinion INTO a FACT!
          It’s SUBJECTIVE!
          And no, it’s not dumb!
          It makes you sound like less of a douche!

        3. I like third person style games just because its not fucking japanese so you can jerk off over hearing chin, ching chon ching! is autism to the max!

      2. My main issue with the game was that it was very short (if i remember correct) and the game stopped in the middle of the story.

        It fell like a step back compared to Metroid prime on the WII wich was amazing with the wii motion, i never really liked the motion stuff but this game was great cause you really shoot where you aim.

        I love Super Metroid so the style in this game was nice but the world could have been done way better like super metroid.

        The Graphics looked poor and for the people who say gameplay before graphics : Nintendo games deserve both so they can be a 10/10

      3. OtherM, Samus needed to end the game as a competent, cool bounty hunter, Like Boba fett, she didn’t. I do take issue with that. Besides that, I agree, it was still fun.

        1. only metroid games i played were fusion, zero mission prime 1 prime hunters and other M which a friend got me before i never saw her again so that game has a sentimental value as i play it

  2. Is it Kid Icarus? Is it a new Startropics? Is it a new IP? Retro Studios please tell us what you’re doing during the Switch presentation. I think I speak for all Nintendo fans when I say we are really looking forward to this ” secret ” project that you guys have been working so hard on

    1. I cannot tell you how happy another Kid Icarus would make me. Uprising was my baby I love the series more than just about any other

  3. I’m pretty sure they might be working on another kid Icarus game because we need another kid Icarus game pronto in the future of the switch, if Nintendo might be able to make a profit out of the switch for consumers.

    1. Pikmin franchise is really cool way better than that guy with wings he’s a fool.

      If you want to fight against Olimar my guy,
      pick Kid Icarus the loser buys.

      1. the controls is not bad so does the story but the gameplay is a little off at the moment besides, if we get a new kid icarus game then maybe pit will be able to join smash bros again for the next title.

      2. It’s why I played the game once, beat it, then got rid of it. I hated the fact it was yet another game forcing you to use the stylus, like Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks. If Sakurai had given us an option to not use the stylus & use the second circle pad for the camera instead, I’d probably still own Uprising today. :/

          1. Not for me. If the controls are bad or terrible for me, it’s a bad or terrible game for me. (I hate stressing the “for me” part but some people here will flip & get upset and accuse me of stating a fact if I don’t.) I sadly had to do the same with Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks. Played them once then got rid of them. Haven’t regretted it one bit.

  4. Too bad its not Grunty RACING , how swell that would be, to get over that copyright I’ll need a Nintendo Key. You know how Microsoft can be. Refusing to share games with Nintendo still angry I see. I wonder if Retro could be working on a new IP? I will have to wait and see.

  5. ||This is our time, our age, we are the future of the gaming world…||

    1. You’re VERY lucky that you don’t care because, if you did, you’d feel like utter shit after other m and fed force pissed all over the once amazing franchise.

  6. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze has become one of my all time favourite videogames. It’s almost perfect in my book. So, as much as I want a new Metroid or an exciting new IP from Retro, if it’s not a new DK, I’ll shed a tear or two.

    1. Donkey kong fans will probably sadly suffer the same fate as metroid fans as the franchise is on life support and retro is the machine keeping them alive. Once the machine is used for another product, DK will die a horrible death like metroid did. Coming from a metroid fan, it’s best to accept that there is no hope so that you can….start to heal.

  7. I know that man Kirk Granthope can be found, but it is questionable how long he will stick around. He made one of my favorite sounds. A stage with a ship that made 3 noises with each pound.

  8. This is not news to me, but I’m glad it was posted. I have been saying this since Federation Force. Even if another developer is making a console Metroid, don’t expect it anytime soon. I hope this pulls some of the fan boys heads out of the clouds. (not to be confused with Nintendo fans)

    1. No. If it’s as bad as we believe they’ll be, I doubt Nintendo will want to reveal that info to us. They’ll keep that info hidden away for as long as they can.

    2. That’s a good question, I wish I knew Brandon. (that’s my middle name, haha) – I don’t think it’s very big, but I’m not sure.

  9. Oh boy if this is true the fans will be outraged unless this game is amazing… people were already disappointed that they didn’t do a Metroid last time, people will be even more so seeing as how they have been outright ignored yet again…

    Personally I would love a new Metroid game (and have been waiting forever… Federation Force was a joke), but seeing as how Retro is a fantastic developer, anything from them is bound to be good…

  10. There seems to be a pattern forming for when Metroid games can be expected on home consoles.

    Platform – # Metroid Games

    NES – 1
    SNES – 1
    N64 – 0
    GameCube – 2
    Wii – 2
    Wii U – 0
    Switch – ?

    The Switch will either get 3 Metroid titles or 0. Either one of those numbers can logically continue the sequence.

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