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SurveyMonkey Data: Pokemon GO Is Losing Revenue, But Still Making More Money Per Player Than Most Other Mobile Games.

New data from SurveyMonkey has been released in regards to Pokemon GO. The team says “we believe Pokémon GO daily revenue on smartphones in the U.S has generally been declining since the game’s peak in July. We estimate that the game hit its October, 2016, daily revenue high of around $1.78 million on the 3rd of the month. Yet only three weeks later, Pokémon GO hit a 30-day low, pulling in only ~$527 thousand on October 24, a 70% drop from the month’s peak. For a couple of months after its launch, when looking at combined revenue across both iOS and Android U.S. smartphones, Pokémon GO was the top-grossing mobile game by a clear margin. But as Pokémon GO steadily loses players after a record-setting launch, its daily revenues have fallen to (and below) levels frequently visited by other top-performing games. In fact, October saw Pokémon GO’s daily revenues fall below those of Game of War, Mobile Strike, and Clash Royale, who are now vying for the top grossing game spot. Pokémon GO’s revenue stats on U.S. smartphones have put it essentially on par with Candy Crush Saga… for the moment. (We expect Pokémon GO revenues will keep falling to some degree.) While Pokémon GO revenue is in decline, the game’s current take of ~$500 thousand per day on U.S. smartphones keeps it among the top five grossing games across iOS and Android. Meanwhile, the Pokémon GO’s revenue per daily active user rate of $0.21 is above the average ARPDAU rate of all but two mobile game genres (strategy and role-playing). But without any other AR search-and-capture mobile games in the market to provide benchmark metrics, we can’t know if there’s notable room for improvement in Pokémon GO’s monetization rates. If there is, then Niantic could prop up or increase revenue even as the game’s player base shrinks.”


Thanks, Mike Sonders


  1. It’s almost as if Niantic is trying to kill off the game with the lack of features and slow updates. They had something going.

  2. Can someone please explain to me from a practical standpoint (cash in the bank account), HOW exactly does this game make revenue from players playing it? Isn’t it free?

    1. In app purchases. I don’t have the Game, but based on what I have seen, it’s Lures that I think bring more Pokemon closer to you, and Double XP that are what people would spend on in this game.

  3. Like world of warcraft. The game also has been losing revenue but still is the most popular mmo ever.

  4. What is Ninatic up to anyway…boring people enough to stop playing the game+ How about not forcing people to travel half across the country to find some rare pokemons? In my neighbourhood for instance we have like ONE single pokestop…wtf is that?

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