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Ubisoft Says They Have A Nintendo Switch Game In Development That Will Surprise Many

Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot is unsurprisingly very excited about the Nintendo Switch and the system’s possibilities. We know the company is working on Just Dance 2017 for the platform, but Guillemot has teased that there’s at least one game in the works over at Ubisoft that will “definitely surprise you.” Could that title be Beyond Good & Evil 2 or something entirely different and new?

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    1. Probably Just Dance 2018, or something along those lines… Bottom line, with Ubisoft I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

  1. Oh, look, it’s the backstabbers….
    Can’t wait to see Slightly Mad Studios announcing Project Cars 2 for Switch or something, oh boy….

    1. I don’t really see how they are backstabbers. They had strong support for he Wii U with some solid games. To no fault of their own, It just wasn’t enough.

        1. Not only did WiiU owners not buy, but worse, there weren’t enough WiiU owners to buy their games. After being abandoned by Nintendo for 1 & 1/2 years, throwing stones at Ubisoft for not throwing their money away seems a bit silly.

          Rayman fans have a score to settle, but everyone else needs to let it go.

          1. Don’t forget those really wanting to use their Gamepad for hacking things in Watch Dogs but got a stupid map instead. :/ I can forgive them for everything but that & the Rayman Legends fiasco. If you were gonna release Watch Dogs on Wii U anyway, might as well try to give Wii U owners a possible definitive edition. Maybe, just maybe, it would have gotten some people to give Ubisoft games on the console a chance. We’ll never really know now, though. Damage was done.

            1. Right! (although we won’t get into wasted game pad use a LA Nintendo. But just because Nintendo was lazy most of the time the first few years, doesn’t make it OK for Ubisoft!)

              I will say, the best use of the game pad was implemented by Ubisoft. ZombiU and BlackList were the most creative uses of the game pad the WiiU ever had IMO

              1. I enjoyed their use of it for Assassin’s Creed III. A shame they didn’t do it for Black Flag & even try to improve on it.

      1. While not “backstabbing,” they did get rid of Rayman Legends’ exclusivity with months to go until launch, then delayed the Wii U version of Watch Dogs and released it six months after every other version with no changes other than the gamepad acting as a map and then had the gall to wonder why it sold poorly (not to mention they released it the same weekend as Smash Wii U so of course it was gonna be overshadowed). I don’t blame Wii U owners for feeling burned by that.

        1. I do agree that the Rayman delay was a bad move on their part and rightly disappointed their fans. But as far as Watch Dogs goes, I’m sure they had to do some extra work to make it run smooth on Wii U that justifies the delay. Plus, lets be honest here, it would have sold poorly even if it was launched simultaneously with its counterparts. The install base just was there.

          1. Pretty sure their excuse for delaying Watch Dogs was, in their words, so they could give us a version with a unique use of the Gamepad. They effectively LIED to our faces when all we got was a map 6 months later. I honestly believe they were intentionally sabotaging their own game, like with Rayman Legends which we all know backfired since the Wii U version sold the best out of all versions.

            1. Do you have a source on that? I don’t really remember them promising anything special. I could be wrong though. Either way, its pretty silly to believe they would “sabotage” their own game. There is simply no reason for them to do so.

      2. They’re not backstabbers?
        They delayed Rayman Legends 7 months so it could release on other consoles first, but when WatchDogs Wii U wasn’t ready they didn’t mind shipping out every other version months before it.
        And all of this was before they withdrew support from Wii U entirely.

  2. Is it Beyond Good And Evil 2 (which wouldn’t really be a surprise to many)? A brand new Prince Of Persia? For Honor? Far Cry Collection? Red Steel 3? Unannounced Rainbow Six title? New mature IP? So many possibilities….whatever it is I just hope it’s worth the wait

    1. The thing I love about Ubisoft articles, is for that moment as people comment, you guys can truly understand how I feel about Nintendo. :)

      1. That was meant for someone else on another site, so disregard that comment. The comment that was meant for you was:

        “Oh? Really? Wow! I never realized how exactly the same Ubisoft is to Nintendo, seeing that they do exactly the same things with exactly the same parallels in gaming! Now I REALLY hate Nintendo! I will be sure to burn all of my Nintendo gaming collection in a bone fire and celebrate their inevitable DEATH! And then we can go to the Sony, Microsoft, and Steam gods and pray for their forgiveness and worship them until we DIE! YIPPE KI YE! Who wants some weed?

        Have fun with that statement.”

      2. I think we can both agree Nintendo let that Wii money corrupt them into assholes, Jaded. Hopefully the Wii U humbled them again and they learned the error of their ways with the Switch.

    1. i doubt that they will, say its a switch exclusive then it will end up like bayonetta 2 and people crying that it isn’t coming to ps4/pro and x-bone/scorpio and will band together to not buy beyond good and evil and make a change dot org petition. btw to this day i have not regretted buying bayonetta 2.

      1. how about that “operation platinum” fiasco?
        how long took the game to reach one million units???.

  3. Ubisoft releases a Heroes of Might & Magic / Fire Emblem…. Could you imagine!!! By the way, where is our New Mario RPG/slash/FireEmblem?!? Gold Mine unexplored if you ask me “intelligent systems” & “Nintendo. Calling you out. Make this already sheesh. And here’s a great question to debate, would Ubisoft be able to regenerate the Metroid Franchise??!

  4. Ooh I’m so hyped…I’m so excited for Ubisoft to make this an exclusive and then change their minds and delay it…I’m so excited for it to sell well and then hear them say it didn’t even make a profit..I’m so excited for them to finished making it and then not release it. Yeah! You go Ubisoft! ^_^ “Crosses fingers”..I hope it’s another Just Dance…

    1. The Switch is already said to be more powerful than the base Xbox One system so it can handle a graphic intensive game. It could be a mature title that many people didn’t see coming but we will see

      1. “The Switch is already said to be more powerful than the base Xbox One system”
        Any official word about it?. As far as i know, the switch maybe on par with the xbone.
        “so it can handle a graphic intensive game”
        the true sentence is “so it MAY handle a graphic intensive game”

  5. Ubi making a game for the Switch? Who wants to bet if it will be a hit or miss?

    If it isnt Watch Dogs two,
    I’ll make me a pot of stew
    and get me a crew to play games
    on Wii U with my cousin Lou.

  6. Prince of Persia seems like the most likely candidate if it’s supposed to be really surprising. We haven’t seen a title in a few years. I already expect BG&E2 to appear on the Switch.

  7. i kinda hope its a collaboration or a crossover game with a nintendo ip like tokyo mirage sessions #fe though that game is more of a fire emblem with some shin megami tensei aspects. it can be like what tms#fe ended up as as long as its a really good game with nice graphics (not 4k 60fps w/anti-aliasing and any other unrealistic technical bullplop people want).

      1. I just think back to N64 and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, that game was the bomb on that system.

        It wouldn’t hurt to have that type of support for the Switch.

  8. I’d like to see a new IP or a sequel / Spin off of Child of Light. Although a new Child of Light game wouldn’t be a ‘definitely suprise you’ game announcement.

  9. Red Steel 3 or an exclusive Prince of Persia game! If neither of those, I don’t give a fuck about Ubisoft on Nintendo consoles as I got my PS4 for the Assassin’s Creed franchise! Oh & no canceling the exclusivity of the damn games and then delaying the Switch versions so they can port them to all consoles to “give a simultaneous release,” when, in reality, it’s an attempt to sabotage the Switch version in the hopes most will get the games on the other consoles instead of the Nintendo one! *eye twitch*

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