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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Update Pokes Fun At The Wii U’s Failure

It’s no secret that the Wii U hasn’t been the massive success that Nintendo was hoping for. However, it seems the company is still able to poke fun at themselves. The latest Animal Crossing: New Leaf update adds the Wii U as a piece of furniture. Like the other Nintendo themed items in the game, it is accompanied by a fortune. However, the Wii U’s fortune seems to be referencing the console’s low sales, claiming that “Great artists aren’t always appreciated in their own time”. It’s nice to see Nintendo playfully referencing their failures, the Virtual Boy often receiving funny cameo appearances.

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42 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Leaf Update Pokes Fun At The Wii U’s Failure”

  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||There you have your answer, High Command does not want and will not repeat its failure, period…||

    1. I can’t see it ever reaching the Dreamcast’s level of cult appreciation since the DC was Sega’s last and best console next to the Megadrive / Genesis and brought more to the table than most of the other machines of it’s generation, most of which are commonplace in today’s systems.
      The Wii U on the other hand, not so such – it’s got some great games sure but it isn’t a console that you think ‘man, that was gone way before it’s time’. The Wii U didn’t really have a pioneering feature, the GamePad is pretty poorly thought out and cumbersome, the 3rd party support wasn’t great and even the games it got weren’t even really the best versions aside from NFS and debatably Deus Ex.
      Hell, the Wii has more chance of being fondly remembered for being a game changer over the Wii U.

  2. It’s almost kind of sad, considering people still buy games for this system. And unlike the Wii (and possibly the Switch), you can actually browse through the internet and stream videos with ease.

    But in regards to Nintendo rereleasing +1 Wii U games, I better be able to transfer my save data from the Wii U, or else Nintendo is pulling an Activision. I worked hard in those games.

  3. Well Nintendo clearly acknowledges the unfortunate reality. Hope the Switch is more appreciated in its own time

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||That scares you even more doesn’t it Xbot? To not know whether I truly am a part of the official command or not…||

          ||You’ll never know the truth…||

              1. sasori obinna: the puppet master

                your the one who has to prove being a robot and an employee, show me a pic of your true self in real life and am will leave this website.

                1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                  ||You will see my proof the moment you Xbots are exiled from Japan forever in the near future…||

                    1. Says the loser that has to use someone else’s name & everything negative tied to said name to get attention.

                1. *You’re *You’re *I’m. To answer your question, no, i am not strangablog. I have had many an argument with that guy in the past, and I have no idea what happened to him, and I frankly don’t care. Do yourself a favour, and go back to school and go past 1st Grade. Understand?

  4. So sad that the wii u is basically dead. Love this little guy. First console to be “mine” and not my siblings as they “grew” outta consoles and nintendo games. The Wii u will be remembered throughout time. Im just hoping it makes a bigger dent than the dreamcast did with nostalgia.

    1. I can’t like due to technical issues, but I certainly agree, especially considering I feel no dent from the Dreamcast. Whether this dent is greater is pointless. I love my Wii U and still play it emphatically. I’ve really only had to use the Gamepad for four games (more if you really wanted to) and even then I loved it.

  5. This quote isn’t in the EU (or at least UK) release. I got a Wii U from a fortune cookie earlier, was expecting this quote and got something so boring my memory hasn’t even bothered to log it.

    Me, the great arbiter.

  6. The games were great. But the pad was. ….”an unnecessary gimmick whuch caused this downfall”.

    I mean really Nintendo? A tablet that only worked while in the presence of the system?


  7. The Nintendo Switch could finally be the break we’ve needed. Nintendo tried too hard to put their new control scheme on you with the Wii and Wii U. Sometimes all a guy wants to do is just play the games. Don’t need a fancy controller every time.

  8. For crying out loud, even Nintendo is badmouthing the Wii U. Will everyone give it a rest already? This has gone on long enough. If Nintendo switch has a Smash bros with Megaman, then you have my permission to badmouth the Wii U.

  9. “Great artists aren’t always appreciated in their own time” <— This quote scares me. It feels like Nintendo is not acknowledging the Wii U was a failure but is simply an awesome creation that will be viewed as such many years later. They essentially compared the Wii U to Vincent van Gogh's paintings. Yeah. Sure it's on the same level as Gogh's stuff. Keep telling yourself that, Ninty.

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