Head Of Xbox Gets A NES Mini

Phil Spencer who is the head of the Xbox division is now the proud owner of the NES Classic Edition console which is due to be released this Friday. No doubt he will be enjoying playing through the 30 retro gems that are available for the system. You can check out his tweet, below

Thanks to N-Dub Nation for the tip!


    1. To investigate the tecnical specifications to copy Nintendo just like they copied the Wii with the XBox Kinect.

    2. When Reggie didn’t talk in an interview about the tecnical specification of the NES mini was because he knows some specifications of this are also on the Nintendo Switch.

    1. She’s not as muscular as an Amazon warrior should be but other than that, I enjoyed Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

    2. Philp Spencer must have got it with the help of someone. Do you think it was from an Xbox player acting has a Nintendo gamer?

      1. ||Phile Spencer is a puppet leader at the hands of the Xbot Command and Microsoft Realm, the sickness…||

  1. I wonder who will get a Nintendo Switch before everyone else because of their positions in other companies: Phil Spencer or Shuhei Yoshida.

    1. If Minecraft comes to Switch then maybe Phil? Since some channel of communication clearly exists there. Though probably nobody would get one super early.

  2. RIght, never cordial…… Oh shit, nevermind, we are in the comments section of an article about the head of the Xbox division getting a Nintendo product before it is released to the public. NEVER cordial, so true, so true….

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