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Nintendo Website Says Super Mario Maker For Nintendo 3DS Compatible With Amiibo

One of the big games this holiday season on the Nintendo 3DS is the ultra creative Super Mario Maker. The small screen edition will have amiibo support according to the game’s official website so get ready to put some of those amiibo sitting on your shelves to good use. We have yet to find out which of your favourites are compatible and which aren’t. Super Mario Maker 3DS launches next month for Nintendo’s current handheld.



    1. The game will work perfectly. The Amiibo, no.

      Youll need the nfc reader adapter so the amiibo will work on any 3ds (and 2ds) before the New 3DS systems.

  1. Who would have thought that Nintendo would one day half ass a video game? Yes. Half assed because this version is lacking everything that made the original so awesome: being able to upload your created stages to the internet or download other people’s created stages to your game & play them.

    1. I’m happy Nintendo did this, mostly because I was super mad at how Nintendo handled the wiiu and its fanbase.

      The game was made for wiiu, those who wanted it on 3ds have it so yay for them. It’s funny how they expect every home console games that gets ported to it to play exactly the same. Hyrule warriors (the most unfair), and some dumb enough to ask for: splatoon, pokken, bayonetta, tropical freeze, wonderful 101 and etc.

      But yeah. And sorry kala if I seem rude to you, I still love you, my beautiful earth child.

      1. I’m with you on the bullshit of porting Wii U exclusives to the 3DS. But since they are doing it, the least they could do is not half ass it. Especially considering the Wii U is a bad joke these days & some of those Wii U titles deserve to be on a system that will give them the sales they so rightfully deserve since getting them from Wii U is impossible. Sucks for you guys that enjoyed it but it’s time to face facts: Wii U is dying. It had 3-4 years, short of the usual 5 year life span, to turn itself around & it didn’t. And this was before Nintendo started ruining it by porting it’s exclusives to 3DS. I’ve moved on from Wii U as it’s a failure so it’s time the rest of you did the same. It sucks but that’s life. Things don’t always work out for the best. :/

      2. You remember when you told me the name of that song I liked on that one playlist? Well I just figured out a couple of minutes ago that I could have clicked on the dash next to the pause & skip buttons to get sent to a Youtube video with the name of the song & artist. xD Such a facepalm worthy moment for myself!

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