Pokémon Producer Didn’t Expect Pokémon GO To Be As Successful As It Is

There’s simply no denying that Pokémon GO has been a major success on iOS and Android, However Pokemon producer Junichi Masuda really didn’t expect it to turn into such a phenomenon. Of course he knew it would be popular with fans, but he didn’t expect the kind of success that it has achieved. Here’s what he had to say to Game Informer.

“I personally didn’t expect it to be the big phenomenon it has become,” he said. “When we were first beginning the development of the game, I really just kind of expected that a lot of people would play it, but as a smaller thing, where people would just enjoy going outside and catching some Pokemon. That was really actually where we put the focus of the game. We really wanted to kind of distill the experience of catching Pokemon, make it a simple experience, you can go outdoors specifically, walk around, find Pokemon, and catch them. I really just wanted to kind of express that concept with the Pokemon Go application.”




  1. My younger brother just quit playing, he said it just gets repetitive, no trading, no personal battle and no other trainer tracking make it feel less connected. And I agree completely. I guess the trainer tracking could get out of control, bunch of idiots stampeding each other over a virtual pet.

    Man it’s times like these I miss GigaPets!


    1. thats the point its not full blown pokemon that will be 3ds and switch THERE ADVERT GAMES IP AWARNESS GAMES SMART DEVICE BASED ADVERTIZING want to play real games then buy A NINTENDO FOOL

  2. I bet Game Freak also didn’t expect for Pokémon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow to be phenomenons as well.

  3. LOL DIDNT EXPECT THE OBVIOUS stop the humble act your as bad as leo messi with the fake oscore winning tears and humble shit

    you knew darn well like everyother thinking human being did

  4. Is this going to be the go to excuse from Nintendo, GameFreak, Pokemon Company, & Niantic when something they released either sells so well that their shitty stock can’t keep up or when the product is not as great as it should be? “Oh if we knew it’d be so popular, we’d have done better stock!” “Oh if we knew it’d be so popular, we’d have given you guys a better game!” Whatever the case, you fuckers know now so get your asses in gear & improve the games or send out more fucking stock of amiibo that sold out way too fucking quickly!

  5. I don’t think the Pokemon producer knows understands what people want… He didn’t think Pokemon Go would be a big thing, at it took WAY too long to get a VC Pokemon game. It took way too long, but they still believed that it was the right timing.

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